How To DJ – DJ Lessons To Help You Learn How To DJ!

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Learning how to dj can be challenging! Thats why we created these free video DJ lessons. Learning how to dj has never been this easy!


Sparkycoolpikachu says:

I am planning on being a DJ for a hobby because i will be in high school
soon and i want to party hard in this club, plus i don’t want another DJ
playing the wrong song at the Wrong time, I want to live it up in my life.

Odeed says:

1:24 Those songs are “playing together?”

Blake S. says:

dat 1981 do!

Ty Javos says:

You just devalued an art form to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
All this does is inspire simple minded posers to pick up any Wal-Mart brand
controller and play every Animals remix they can muster all for the “DJ

Jahlil Beats says:

Want a full DJ set for CHEAP?!

Daniel G. says:

are this fucking beats?? and you call you Dj??

Rodrigo Falcon says:

thought this was fake or something but its actually free…
suspicious, nothing is free in this world
but well… imma learn how to dj :D

Ambrose Coombs says:

Amazing video. I though I would share a small tip for all aspiring audio
producers: Recording music is my life. I’ve always wanted to work as a DJ.
I have already recorded a couple of songs and finally I am close to
publishing my first recording. After losing my time with inadequate
programs I finally found the #1 program for beat creation for 2014. Want to
learn more? click on my username. I posted a link for this amazing program.

evenios says:

cool. i got the novation twitch and it has a touch strip rather then the
plate thing but im sure can do the same thing ;-).

spongestar squidpants says:

@evenios for edm that’s perfect. I would pair it with a native instruments
kontrol. It’s a nice compact controller. U can mix with the twitch and use
effects with the kontrol. Happy mixing:)

Molnar Christian says:

first beat….auto cue? 😀 :D

Djordje Dvornic says:

This guy is gey?

John Paulsen says:

real djs do real things

Oscar Malisz says:

Learning to dj is piss easy, learning to play a real instrument is the real

Sean Gallagher says:

A fun video I made a while ago… Ahhh the good old days!

dylan shaw says:

loop the ends of a word and u can fade it by 7%ps(if the beats are matched

Brad Staicu says:

Yeh me too

Mateo Coffey-loring says:

if the email dosent work just try it again. worked for me

Julian Lopez says:

What set up are you using? I know its pioneer but what is the mixer?

huntertsl says:

Out of interest…..when did you become a DJ and stop being the internet
startup man?

Jadyn Foulkes says:

what if you are 9

rijadinho0 says:

Thank you sooo much (Y)

Brian Worley says:

i see i am not the only one who ran into a problem with the link posted
with this video and so many people have posted comments asking nicely for
you to fix this problem but you seem to not give a fuck. Your a pathetic
excuse for a DJ

rafaelinio1 says:

Sounds like me just right now XD

Amoun dk says:

wait 2-3 years and it doesnt exist any cheap and good dj equipments

Kat walker says:

Good video but where is the 2hr long vid that your talking about

Michael Monyar Romo Picazo says:

Thanks! It actually worked.

Yassine D says:

Deadmau5 – 1981 <3

jetshaw07 says:

yow dj! your website seems down?? i submitted my e-mail address then it
forward me to a 404-page not found..

Suzi Q says:

I put my email through but there’s an error ; ;

whiteboyjake1 says:

Link dosent work

dou158 says:

track list what do you play? please

faamemess says:

Pioneer cdj 2000

DJ Remy says:

this guys a scam artist lmfaoooo im so high

Squeezee Wurd says:

reading rainbow at 3:34

Dj cor3z says:

well if ur going to dj u need equipment but edjing is a good app

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