How to DJ With Traktor

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Paul Waller explains how to DJ with Traktor Pro. This tutorial is designed for beginners & those new to Native Instrument’s Traktor software. DJ Jetsss demonstrates. Follow Paul @audiosnobs on twitter & visit the audiosnobs blog


stalkerlohh says:

so as i understand, TRAKTOR is best to use for dance music (house, dnb,
dubstep) ?? and serato for hip-hop ? or does it actually make no difference
at all ?

Gabriel Dobre says:

Who in the hell uses 4 decks? :D

Sheg Nasa says:

super dope!

LEDBOO says:

Great tutorial. Thanks.

OzBoomBap86 says:

hi Paul thanks for the tutorial. i do have more questions for an advanced
traktor user.
i am new to traktor. my intentions were to dj hip hop. was traktor a bad
choice considering the sync features? that can reall fuck with hip hop.
being very vocal…. also how do i load tracks to decks with out physically
dragging it into the deck? cant i just find a song and hit a load

Stephen Chen says:

does anyone know how to get a 2 deck setup?
i can’t get rid of C & D

joeyheadset says:

Thanks for this. It’s really helpful.

Brooks Duvall says:

Thanks for the clip, very informative.

Casey McConnen says:

wtf towards the end when he starts using 4 decks, that third one keeps
going out of time…. but he doesn’t even address it he just keeps fixing
it. How do I get that to not happen? 

rounddancefan1 says:


DJ Shuffle says:

Great tutorial. I’m just wandering: When I DJ I like to use my Launchpad
with my decks so I can add the odd fill or play samples. Can I store
samples and play them from Traktor or would I need to have Ableton Live
open at the same time? Because at the moment I’m using Mixxx for my mixing
and scratching whilst having Ableton Live open for my Launchpad and because
I have both of these programs open simultaneously the Launchpad crashes and
Mixxx freezes most of the time. 

Goust says:

Can someone help me?
Dragging these orange lines to time it doesnt really work because they are
moving all the time. :o

Leo Salvador says:

Awesome video. Thanks!

ehsan83 says:

Perfect thank you,

Now i need to know if i can connect this application to my pioneer set with
cables? is there any box like Serato?

Thanks in advance 

Michael Henry says:

Awesome tutorial!

Krishna Kris says:

Awesome tutorial Paul,, keep it up,, many thanks for this,

Helena Andrejkova says:

one of the best tutorials. Thank you!

D Huth says:

Hi Paul, can you have a booth monitor and main speakers running at the same
time with the s4?

Jonnybarbs says:

best tutorial I’ve ever seen, well spoken.

Echo Tech says:

Nice tutorial thumbs up ! love the songs that you`ve chosen ^^

Robert Hamann says:

I recently downloaded Traktor but when I drag in a mp3 file it sits in the
deck and when I play it, the music doesn’t play. It says that I’m not using
the right driver. I want it going out my speaking but there is no option.
When I change my driver to the realtek digital output, the mixer says that
the music is coming out but I hear anything. Please Help.

puzz88 says:

this video was awesome!! thank you!

Alpha says:

What is your view on?

dj master says:

best program dj to pc download:

erik schaepers says:

one of the best intro videos i have seen so far . thx mate

Omar Morsy says:

LOL, I been on Serato for like 6+ years and pretty refreshing to see
Traktor Pro in action. Thank you for sharing the basics, I just might make
the switch :)

Axel Taylor says:

Cool, simple and easy to understand. Thx

Leiannah Cayan says:

hello sir!thank you for this very understanding tutorial of yours ,Im a
graduating college student and I want to be a DJ after a graduate its my
dream ,your video tutorial inspires me a lot,i have to start with a
software first and soon i want to have my own mixer 🙂 God bless you sir
this really inspires me a lOT :)

Jorge Medina says:

I don’t have the cue options, HELP!!

Manjaa zubir says:

Yes! Thank you!!

dj master says:

best program dj to pc download:

Eldar Yosipov says:

Who read Paul Walker?

Damien Margo says:

Traktor demo is working with my Korg padKONTROL after I forced Korg driver
to “both” mode (32-bit AND 64-bit), and selected General MIDI. Thanks for
this Paul, now I’m getting a better idea what features are important to me,
for assigning to the padKONTROL. Also using ASIO4ALL and got it all working
with headphone cue and no additional NI hardware. However, the Z1 looks
attractive. Cheers.

Alain Canizares says:

thanks for the basic intro, paul.. i’m looking to learning more as i go..

Jon Barros says:

thanks…great info

DJ Webb says:

is this traktor pro 2.0.3???

Francois Louw says:

Loved this Paul, nice clear spoken and well explained – big ups on that.
I am a DJ that use to mess about with sl1200 mkII decks so had the real
hands on beat matching :D, life happend now wanting to dj again but cant
afford contorllers and cdj;s etc so its gonna be a lot of messing about on
Traktor pro2 so yeah thanks a lot….

themafia69 says:

Nice, thanks! It will take some time to be proficient though!

Conrad Roberts says:

Awesome tutorial, thanks! Would love to see some more advanced Traktor Pro
2 stuff here as well.

Aktivasi Kota says:

thank you !

Felix Wittich says:

Thanks ! Very helpful !

Michael Petersen says:

Very good tutorial, Paul. Been searching for the record-option for a while

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