How to DJ

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A guide to some fantastically useful DJing techniques when playing in clubs that I’ve picked up from observing modern club DJs.


abhishek dandona says:

i wanna be a dj, i has always thought abt making my own beats
i wud love this as a hobby,
can anyone please tell me where to start?

Datfrogaming says:

in all seriousness can someone tell me what controller he is using? or
maybe some good recommended controllers? Your opinion is always helpful!

psychgoth says:

I feel embarrassed because Phasing, filtering, and beat repeat are all I’d
know how to do live. On a tiny controller no less lol.

GalvakzaMusic says:

Wow thank you so much this really helped I can’t wait to be a dj you are my
idol i love these tips fuck the noobs lol i got my mac book who uses
turntables lol and why dont you have beats lmao they are the best you know

PikachuTatoo says:

Fuck, I spent $200,000 on my music degree and this is all their is to it!

Anyone know where i can get the sample

Dominik Gee says:

whats the song by 1:30?

Mr. Hammer says:

Do anyone know what track was played at the end?

Dseamusic says:

the airhorn :’D

Matt Bookbinder says:

Fab piss take

reptile says:

what controller do use 

danii manic says:

Now, I’m no musician, and certainly no dj, but I get the feeling this video
is at least 15% sarcasm…

Ema Simpson says:

This is brilliant

djtavi77 says:

quick question I’m having a ton of problems with tk2 collection giving me
errors on every song I want to play saying is corrupted or missing or can’t
be played, I know my music is all good cause I buy it from promo only so
corrupted? don’t think so… I’m using tk 2.6.8 and didn’t have this
problem before with other versions so i’m thinking in going back to maybe
2.6 or something… any tips on this one? got 2 parties this week and
can’tdj like this… contacting NI is impossible takes for ever any help
would appreciate thanks!

Electrooboo says:

Lol this is a joke

FilipCarGAMESS says:


Wequendi says:

totally true, commercial dj’s would kill to have the skills of say zabiela
or paul van dyk, they all suck

Rory More says:

Got an ad on “the future of DJing” just before this

Solar says:

Check my channel, uploaded a demo!

SnowLeopardHD says:


Zy Belcher says:

LOL Joker! :)

Micah Ford says:

How are you not laughing???

Strobe Light says:

Misread that as ‘How to BJ’ 

Grammar Nazi Party says:

Haha, this is awesome.

TwinsunLunacy says:

That was brilliant !

Nathan Hovey says:

Every time i spin at my local club, i make sure to use these tips.

Michael Anderson says:

sounds legit

CyberCodPro says:

Anybody know the song at 3:09?

Chandler Goewert says:

u cant dj

Fin Infinite says:

I hope that was a joke.

Im Just Me says:


ThatAwkward MondayShow says:

One of the many reasons why I never want to go clubbing…
(I know its a joke, but it’s sad that a lot of DJ’s actually do this)

The ZeppClan says:

For the people who take this serious: it’s a joke, this isn’t real.

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