How to make a simple mashup with Virtual DJ Tutorial

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Tutorial on how to make a simple mashup with Virtual DJ, really simple tutorial which is intended as a guide only, fun thing in making mashups is trying out new things and being creative 😀
Sorry for sound quality and low volume, i couldnt record the sound directly from virtual dj so i had to use my microphone, check out my finished version of the mashup from this vid on my channel

Songs used
For intro: Zedd – Clarity (Torro Torro Remix)
For mashup: Tyga – Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg) and TJR – Ode to Oi (Original Mix)

I do not own any of the songs used in this mix and all rights go to their respective owners. The purpose of this video is recreational and not to copyright these songs, but to promote them and their creators.

You can legally buy all of the songs used in this mix on Beatport and/or Itunes.

Fair Use:
“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the
Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use”
for purposes such as criticism, comment, news
reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair
use is a use permitted by copyright statute that
might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit,
educational or personal use tips the balance in favor
of fair use.”

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Cooper Eccles says:

To make even better and perfect sounding mashups just find a studio
acapella (preferably at a standard EDM tempo ranging from 120 – 130, 128BPM
is good) and a random EDM song that are in the same key as each other. If
songs are in the same key as each other you can harmonically mix between
the 2 to make amazing and awesome sounding transitions. Further more with
your acapella and electro song they will sound amazing because they are in
the same key. An example of harmonic mashups would be the studio acapella
of Sun and Moon by Above & Beyond and the original mix of Iris by Audien
(that’s if you’re into Trance and those types of Artists). They will both
sound absolutely amazing together because they are in the key of A Major

EDIT: Looking through your other videos i think you know something about
songs being in the same key and all that. But some of your mashups don’t
sound that great together because they are out of tune (that being said in
a non-hateful or mean way) May i suggest a program that will definitely
improve everything you do with mashups, mixes etc. called Mixed In Key
which analyzes any type of songs you put in the program and shows you the
Key at the start of the song, throughout the song, at the end of the song
and a whole bunch of other useful information displayed on the application.
It really is useful if you’re into harmonic mixing or want to do something
like that and be creative in your live sets or mixes and mashups you post
on the internet.

Zaid Fateh says:

after remixing a song how to put your own name in it ? 

Luké John says:

where you download skin?? 

Chan Henry says:

did you make this video with windows movie maker?

j williams says:

What laptop is this is it Samsung? 

DJ Yung Maddness says:

Where Did You Get That Skin I Need That Skin

Conway Hunter says:

Thanks for the nice video. I enjoyed it. Recording music has always been
the most important part of my life. I’ve always wanted to become a DJ. This
year my dream came true. After losing my time with inadequate software I
finally found the #1 software for music creation for 2014. please visit my
channel and find the link I posted for this program

Giuseppe Villani says:

link please ??????? 

Captured Klica says:

very animals . u upload videos without links ? wtf

Henry McGovern says:

what skin are you using?

Dj Richie says:

how do add sound effects to virtual dj le for ddj wego

Carlos Douglas says:

yoo how do you load sound effect sampler 

Singrasas says:

Are you using a controller? 


but how would you do this say on the fly no pre editing ?

TeoqVLOG says:

What is that skin u using?

Joakim Hemminghyth says:

What kind of turn tables do you use? 


now this was cool man out of all the video’s out lol you did show how it’s

LuiVestaOfficial says:

have the DDJ WeGO I can use the DJ software I want? like Serato or Traktor

DJ Husc says:

i agree, this software is good for beginners :D, i dont see the problem
with using sync when ur not performing in front of a crowd, and sync just
changes the bpm of song lol, all pros use sync while making mashups in the
studio, who is going to notice if u did it manually unless it is out of
time lol and no one wants that 🙂

Rafiks says:

Thanks good tort urial

DJ Husc says:

ty for ur help 😀

DJ Husc says:

true, sometimes putting two songs (that arent acapella/instrumental
versions) can be just as good in my opinion

Ahmed Dz says:

i need dj free sir im tired to buy :(!

DJ Husc says:

hey, this particular version isn’t as it came with the pioneer ddj we-go,
but u can download virtual dj home version for free (that program is very

DJ ERO MashupREMIX says:

yea. true! if you change the key, to fit with your other track, it sounds
like Chimpmunks…^o^. but i thinks theres a way to speed up your tracks
without changing the pitch.. on FL Studio. yea it is useful to edit the
tracks BPM.. ^^.. (though you can break the rules, but make sure to make
your mix sounds better ^^)

Garrick Thrower says:

hey man, i liked your tutorial i have a numark dj mixtrack controller and
wanted to learn how to mash up acapellas and instrumentals…any tips???

DJ ERO MashupREMIX says:

And There’s alot of instumental music and acapella on youtube. 🙂

Nico Alcala says:

thanks man. what key is rack city in?

Nico Alcala says:

do we have to use this skin?

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