How to mix in Virtual DJ

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Goes over how to mix 2 songs, and how to drop one song to another buildup. Very basic and good for beginners.
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AttackableGamingHD says:

I have one question: i can press p and s to play and stop. But it
plays/stops the selected track, how do i select a specific track?

Jimmy jimelef says:

Do you thing Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE is good for this?

ByPxmz says:

or you can just buy a controller?

Sfiso#10 Mkhumbuzi says:

where can i download virtual dj 8.0? please help

ANeonTiger says:

What kind of program do most bar/club DJs use to DJ live? Or is it all
CDJs/hardware? I don’t really get how it works yet.

Emmanuel lemus says:

i have over 14 cousins and 5 uncles and they use virtual DJ you can also
use karoke

Sumit Mukherjee says:

I have virtual dj pro full

spikejazz says:

Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to moch info ….

Why does every DJ think the can teache …. ahhh ehhh eehhh aaahhh eehhh
aaahh …. and the progrqam doesnt what its suppose to du !!!

WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much info on OVER HIGH music ………

AND YOU CALL THIS BASIC …. get real just another DJ that think he can
teache the world how to mix !!! DING DING DING DING DING !!!

tonyt23 says:

i think if ur onley learning 2 mix edm is by far the easiest music 2 mix
but mixed in key is a great software ya cant go wrong yall sound like a
pro in no time

DeephouseM2 says:

“How to mix in Virtual DJ” @YouTube @VirtualDJ
@rsander4831 #dj #tutorial #musiclproduction #dhmm

honeytos28 says:

which one should I get virtual dj 8 or 7?

Weatherbrony says:

1:51 once he opened up that folder, I knew that he would choose Animals and

Marcellus says:

lol you listen to that wack shit, you little mainstream fag boy 

Jimmy jimelef says:

Nice video!

lilo :) says:

please learn what you’re talking about, the “mixer’ is called a turntable,
the “frequency knobs” are called your equalizers also its called a post
fader level and you use it to mix ahead. I can not believe how green you
are. I appreciate you adding to the industry but please, PLEASE learn how
and what your software MEANS and does!

matth Reid says:

thank you!!! this was really helpfull

Montana '07 says: I don’t have this , can someone tell me the
problem ?

Baked Wood says:

how can i record?

honeytos28 says:

So with the virtual dj I dont need real turn tables or do you still need


hey what’s up man I just want to know if I have virtual DJ home free not 8
but 7
and do I get to keep it as long as I want if not can you give me advice for
some more DJ stations. thanks

Tiago Gumercindo says:

Is this dj vritual the professional version ?

Mr. Ruffles says:

Omg I have searched everywhere, where can I get EDM songs that works good
with your Virtual DJ?

Pablo Souza says:

Been practicing this and it seems like if I do it in real time in a party,
If I lose the start point it’s messed up with no come back. 

kay bey says:

I just tryng to figure out how you can mix without hearing what playing on
the other table before you fade it in 0 im confused by that

Proud To Be A Gamer says:

thanks helped a lot :*

Gerardo Altamia says:

can you play skrillex?

djbrent99 says:

I had a similar problem with songs not loading. You have to change the
setting to preload max song length.even though the song might only be 5
mins, the program sees it much longer. I set my max song length to 45 mins,
that fixed my loading problem. Settings, performances, memory

Sam Herring says:

you my friend are the second god…

yuriydee says:

thanks for the tut it helped a little 

Jørgen Opheim says:

this is a program for kids!!!!!!

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