Introducing Dubspot Kids DJ / Producer Program – Learn to Create and Play Music

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At Dubspot we believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for young people–providing kids with the tools to express themselves creatively, be adventurous with technology, and build confidence.

Our Kids DJ / Producer Program is a fun educational program in which students learn about music by studying DJing and electronic music production. By mixing records with Serato and producing their own beats and sounds with Ableton Live, young students learn the fundamentals of modern performance and composition and are encouraged to express their creativity through music.

In this video, Dubspot instructors DJ Reborn and JP Solis take us through the specific courses that make up the Kids DJ / Producer Program:

Hit the Decks: DJing for Kids is where kids get to learn the basics of DJing, mixing and scratching vinyl records as well as digital DJing with a computer. At the end of this class, students will come away with their own recorded mix and fuller understanding of the fundamentals involved in DJing.

The Beat Generation course exposes kids to the creative art of music production using Ableton Live, one of the most advanced yet most intuitive production tools available. At the conclusion of the course, students will come away with their own original song and one remix, produced in Ableton.


Adrian Alexander says:

this is the best dj school

L30ns... says:

Scratching is like the worst technique in the hole DJ world … I don’t
know much about DJ-ing but i know alot about producing music and even if I
had the opportunity I wouldn’t even think about putting such a stupid sound
into my song 😀

what’s your opinion ?

Márcio Antônio says:

could have this in Brazil also

kenth glore says:

i want to be a dj producer too like skrillex and zedd…. but im in

GLiTcH says:

Wish my school was like this..

SYDD Msic says:

is this for real? 

John Doe says:

Great, now im competing with 8 year olds

Pri yon Joni says:

This beats that hipster girl and her Baby DJ School.

MCilluV says:

You guys NEEEEEED to put a dubspot in Vancouver. My life would be complete.

DJ Aero says:

Most of these people are black

The Unknown Player says:

What that use serato traktor and reason and all I can have is traktor and
not even decks 

Master Gaming says:

Is their anything like this in Australia +Dubspot 

Aboood Murad says:

wish that you can help me ??

Leonidas Draconic says:

This looks like an amazing program so if you’re interested in getting into
this job check this video out ^w^


man I wish they would build a dubspot in Houston tx would love to put my
son in this program keep up the good work dubspot


ok im a 14 year old and i want to be a dj and a producer like martin garrix
hardwell ect would you take me in …pls reply dubspot,

Master Gaming says:

this looks sooooooooo fun

Aaron Rios says:

so how do i get into dubspot as an upcoming senior in high school?

Isaiah Love says:

So Kingdom

Master Gaming says:

i wish they had this in australia :(

MarcEraMusic says:

YES! I love it! Great hobby for children, maybe even a future profession.
depends where they wanna go with it.

Ray music says:


brian shaw says:

Wish there were classes like these in areas more than NYC. I’d have my
daughter in this and she’d love it. She’s 7 now, but even when she was 4
and 5 she would play on my CDJ1000’s and SL-1200’s. I got a little tired of
hearing’s “Butterfly” but she was having a great time. Maybe you
could make a kids video series.

Dubspot says:

Hi – Please contact admissions@dubspot[dot]com for all information
regarding courses. Thanks for tuning in!!

chefMixizm says:

this is the best thing i ever seen on youtube!!!! it’s all about the kids!

Tona Pulido says:

Tito seems like a cool kiddo

Progbrain Music says:

if there was a school like that back in my childhood i wouldn’t have gone
to regular school 🙂


you guys should make one in Australia please

Dubspot says:

Check out Dubspot Online. You can take our courses from anywhere in the
world! dubspot[dot]com/dubspot-online/

Dubspot says:

Check out Dubspot Online. You can take our courses from anywhere in the
world! dubspot[dot]com/dubspot-online/

Sergio Arellano says:

These kids are lucky to have a skool who teaches them some of us just have
a laptop and a turntable not hatin but u need to do it from the heart not
just to experiment new things

TheGreenCow1414 says:

I’m so jealous

Richard Santuriao de Araujo says:

O Brazil tem que ver isso!

Giovanni cuevas says:

Where is this school at …..??

Chris Lee says:

Is dubspot a college? Can I get credits for graduating?


where was this when i was a kid .. haaa nyce

Ziggo1888 says:


ToastinEPIC says:

Thats amazingly awesome

Dubspot says:

We’re located in NYC, but we also have couses online. contact
admissions@dubspot[dot]com for more info.

ali farag says:

My brother gives me dubstep lessons

DJborrow says:

He also learns producing so yea….

Juan Cortez says:

Start’em young for real! I love the pledge in the beginning, DJ Reborn…
You Rock!

TheAwesomerman says:

I’m 10 years old and I’m canadian! I would love to go to dubspot kids if I
could but its in NYC.

sergiodiaz878 says:


Dubspot says:


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