Learn to DJ #10: Choosing DJ Software

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BeatN3rd says:

It’s a matter of opinion and hardware. Serato only works with Serato
hardware, which can be pricey. Traktor has downloadable maps for MOST

jemamaization says:

i use djuced with my hercules air controll, but its stucked some times. if
i use another dj program, will this work just as good ? if yes, wich dj
program do you recomend? virtual dj or traktor?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yeah, it’s pretty good. Not got all the features of some other software,
but it innovates in its own ways.

Abdiel Arauz says:

Hi, i’ve been DJing with virtual dj since i started (only laptop djing and
was VDJ home free version) i then bought a Numark NS6 and it came with
serato itch…. the thing is i find itch a little bit more difficult to use
and to understand than Virtual Dj… so, “DigitalDJTips” can you please
help me trying to do one of these: 1) trying to make my Numark NS6 work
with virtual dj 2) help me understand itch a little bit more BTW: i find
itch difficult to use because of his syncing method (mainly)

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes it is. You can learn on far cheaper controllers, don’t worry! (The
Mixtrack is fine for instance).

Digital DJ Tips says:

Since we made this video, Traktor has dropped in price considerably. Bear
in mind though, that just because 2.X upgrades are free, that doesn’t mean
all future upgrades will be (for instance, I’d expect a charge to upgrade
to 3.X when it arrives.)

IchBinTaschentuch says:

I want to buy the numark mixtrack pro. But it seems to come only with
serato intro, so how can I get Traktor LE?

Azhar White says:


MegaNalak says:

Check out the Behringer B3030A. Amazing value for money and much better
than Krks imo.

Digital DJ Tips says:

No, definitely not – Serato is fine for those genres. Look at both and see
what you feel most comfortable with.

Muisc headz tv says:

mixvibes cross 🙂 is what i use

Digital DJ Tips says:

No, simply because we don’t DJ with Ableton so unless we did, it wouldn’t
be right to offer advice on it. We may do in the future.

aaron lee says:

I use rekordbox pioneer

Jono Hawkey says:

Hi Paul, I have a Numark iDJ3. It came with Virtual DJ LE, which, although
does what it should, lacks features of something like Traktor. I have the
trial of Traktor Pro 2, with a custom mapping ( user made, as there is no
legitimate iDJ3 mapping, it is quite dodgy and not 100% responsive ). Are
there any other DJ programs that support the iDJ3 that I may not yet know
of? Many thanks

kevo8t6 says:

I’m at abit of a loss, I have a Novation Zero SLMk2 and I want to use it
with some dj software. I tried using it with Traktor but I just can’t get
my head around it to map it. Do you know of any simple dj software that I
can use with this controller?

David Williams says:

That was really insightful Phil and a good explanation of the software and
who uses it. I have the basic Hercules MP3 e2 which comes with Virtual Dj
and it was good that you showed respect for the virtual DJ software because
i’ve seen some Dj’s sneer at it. From what you said i think eventually i
would progress to Traktor because of all the extra geek features. I’ll be
trying to get through the rest of your videos this weekend, keep up the
good work 😉

Originalsoundz says:

Ive noticed my music sounds a lot better when i use traktor, why is this??

Digital DJ Tips says:

If it were me, I’d do the latter, but if you want a hybrid DJ/production
live set, Ableton will be best

Fred Dyan says:

I used FL studio a couple years ago and now i really miss the mixing and
beat creating. Could you please recommend a good software(Windows) for this

Digital DJ Tips says:

As easy as any controller.

Noah Weller says:

Traktor is only as complicated as you want it to be. I have had it for over
a year and its a very simple program and just recently I have been getting
into mapping my controller and stuff like that and there are very simple
ways to map Traktor that I have come across and they are very effective.
Also if you do end up buying a Native Instruments hardware controller like
a Kontrol S2 or S4 they updates for Traktor are free and I believe getting
an NI controller is very worth it.

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s a very old control device, if it suits you great, but there is
infinitely better around nowadays.

TheFreshNstuff says:

Ok thanks 😀

ThePhanatik116 says:

What about Ableton? I’m torn between buying Ableton and learning to DJ and
produce on that or buying Traktor, mixing with that and using FL Studio to
produce. What do you recommend?

Machinesamba says:

Yes! That’s it! Thank you. I noticed you didn’t do a review of Ableton Live
here. I understand it’s not traditional DJing software but is being used
more and more for djing. Any chance of hearing the pros and cons of it?
Thanks for always being there with an answer. You’re the single most
demystifying force in the lives of entry-level DJ’s right now.

DJSwitchMusic says:

I just got two radius 1000’s and i wanna hook them up with pc dj software.
i got the external soundcard and mixer ect. however im having trouble
getting in functional because i dont believe i have the up to date versions
of the pc dj software because i just downloaded the free versions. I cant
afford the like 300 bucks for the pro version..is there any free dj
software that would be easy to map to my turntables?

djlowtek says:

Started with vdj, then ssl, then traktor, then back to serato. I just love
the stability of scratch live (which isnt covered here) because of it’s
stability. I can trade out a ton of features for rock solid performance and
stability. Why I chose SSL. I own SSL, Traktor, and VDJ. Still have my
audio 10 for traktor but I don’t think I will use it anymore.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@Chris161296 Glad you find it easy!

Digital DJ Tips says:

@redneckboy589 Follow this course, follow the blog, also go to the “Free
download” on the Virtual DJ site where you’ll find a link to some videos I
made for those guys to help specifically with Virtual DJ.

TheVelectronic1 says:

I personally use Traktor with the S2 and I love it!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Look at Mixxx

Digital DJ Tips says:

@zentair Thank you very music for your kind words, they’re much appreciated.

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