Learn to DJ #11: Audio Interfaces & Sound Cards

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


fermin paloma says:

why i cannot connect my controler in a virtual software ?error soundcard
directx..i already set it up but still not working.reintal same
probllem..any situation like this?advice pls thnks

Lee Davies says:

am sorry but u can use one headphone jack out to run two channels basicly u
run in mono and u used vdj / traktor and split the single on the programs
left channel on the headphone jack deck a right channel on the headphone
jack deck b u have t use a external mixer to do this and use a mixer to
monitor and u do need a few adapters to do this aka single rca to 2 rca’s
two of those into a rca to 3.5mm jack adapter and ur left with 2 red rca’s
and 2 white rca’s aka left and right channel and run it in mono 🙂 but
sound card do sound better I do this with a single headphone out usb sound
card so no feedback from laptop :)

Shariff S says:

funny guys and very helpful

Soma Rudi says:

I’ve used a usb skype phone as a 2nd soundcard and my pc headphone out as a
primary out. That works good too.

Jamaal Day says:

I recently emailed virtual dj on this issue about my music dragging. I have
to restart the program in order for this to stop. They told me I have
sound card issue with my MacBook pro that I bought in October. Should I buy
an audio interface? Please help

MAlcolm Wallace says:

I would of thought that due to laptop soundcard naff quality that using the
laptops multiple ins and outs like a person said in one of your posts
wouldnt be good enough for serious work and the person would need a dac so
that the usb digital sound would be processed by the external sound cards
better qualiy dac and give you better sound quality to the mixer …. i
currently run a laptop into a mixer without an audio interface as i just
send Karaoke audio into the mixer from the lappy and my sm 58 mics plug
into my mixer . I dont think the quality is brilliant but i think and hope
that if i buy an audio usb interface that the sound quality will be studio
quality .. please give me feedback because i want to know if the latter is
true about quality that i will notice over a standard laptop built in

clottey patrick says:

thanks alot for that now i will like to know if you know how to connect
numark dj io with numark x5 mixer and numark v7 thanks

TkoBallerx says:

My problem I am having is I’m using Virtual Dj and I am getting my sound to
come out of my speakers and the other song playing on my head phones but
when I want to transition to the other song it doesn’t play it? How do I
get it to transition to the next song smoothly without having to switch
which sound comes out of main speakers or headphones help plz!!!!!

Jaime Dias says:

How do i plug in 2 or more microphones to a dj control do i need a externàl
sound card ??

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, it works, although not as good as a proper audio interface.

Mitchel Cramer says:

thank you very much man!!!!!,you have answered all my questions in this
video,i suscribed to your channel,and i will sign for your website,really
helpfull!!! 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, nowadays most do, including the DJC.4

Digital DJ Tips says:

You can use it for anything, including iTunes etc.

SuperJR03 says:

in another video could you cover ground looping in DJTips.. and if
isolators are even worth purchasing got insane buzz from amp when put vol
up to 2 or 3 when i use futuredecks, virtual dj when using novation
launchpad. I use windows 7

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good question. I’d consider this but listen first and decide using your
ears ! 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

If you can make different sound come out of each headphones socket, in
theory, you don’t need an extra soundcard.

baddass32 says:

pls help someone – i wanna buy the traktor x1 to control/or for transport
purposes, but still would like 2 use cdj’s for jogwheel purposes. BUT i
don’t have money to fork out for an expensive soundcard. SO……is there
someway i could use, say Numark DJ io with the X1 and my cdj’s?? Another
option i’m looking at is the Allen&Heath K2 (with intergrated s/card)
hooked up to my mixer and cdj’s – but i dunno how and if that will work –
could u pls help or advise PLS ?!?!?!

kittlesbk01 says:

My laptop has 3 jacks, 2 headphones, 1 says s/p dif… would that work? or
do i still need interface

Digital DJ Tips says:

I am afraid I know nothing about that controller, but it should come with
some type of software.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheUndercoverfreak Numark DJ iO


im going to get the u-mix control 2 by mix vibes cuz its cheap, but im now
unsure about it because money is an issue for me and getting a sound card
is one thing but i wont be able to afford speakers! 🙁 I dont have any
either! has anyone got any tips on what i should do? I REALLY WANT A DJ

The Official Lysergic Dreamer Productions says:

THANK YOU!!!!! First 30 seconds cleared up everything.

Carlos Riojas says:

would you recommend used mix controllers/Turntable(with digital vinyl)?
over all what do you think about used gear.

Arjun Sawhney says:


Dragon Lil says:

Simple but informative I am going to mix my sound track.

baddass32 says:

thks again, bt hold on. even if i get say a K2 or ReLoop Contour Interface
edition – i STILL need an ext. soundcard to pick up the timecodes??? 🙁
This is so confusing and frustrating….isn’t there anyway i could just use
one of these interfaces with traktor and STILL use the cdj’s without an
external soundcard and just get the timecode cd’s?? i really don’t have
anymore money – was a cdj dj bought a pair that got stolen, then got a
mixtrack pro that broke after a year and a bit. atwitsend!!

andy lara says:

great video! quick question, i am treating dj’ing as a hobby, finally
buying an extremely basic controller (numark dj2go) would i need an audio
interface like the one on the video or would a USB sound card work for now.
(i am doing a small gig for some friends in 2 weeks and need a quick fix)

Digital DJ Tips says:

@ThatSexySaxMan Thanks 🙂

DJ B.Y.E.R says:

Split cable is also okay right just like what you’ve said on your other

Digital DJ Tips says:

You’d definitely be best using timecode for the CDJs, and yes, you could
map the controller functions to your Midi controller just the once. But
you’d stil need a timecode-compatible soundcard (ie Audio 6 / Audio 10)

Digital DJ Tips says:

If they can both have independent music coming from them, maybe not.

marco morales says:

I have a Akai EIE , would that work well good for DJ’ing, i’m a producer
that is starting to DJ, Love the videos thank you for all the help 😀

Digital DJ Tips says:

Easiest way is to use an external mixer.

Bud Doward says:

Hi Phil, you’re probably familiar with the Numark Mixtrack Pro which has
Numark’s I/O built in. Is it worth buying a seperate soundcard to increase
the quality? Or do you think the I/O does exactly the same job? Thanks and
nice videos!

carlson197 says:

Great tutorial, can you only configure the audio interface to work with dj
software or can you use it to play music through your iTunes and other
application’s. I have Window’s 7 if that matter’s. Thank’s

Mike Coughlan says:

Phils a legend :L

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, you would if you wanted headphone monitoring. I’d recommend a better
controller (Mixtrack Pro first model is now very cheap),

Digital DJ Tips says:

Just check it carefully

Sean Hames says:

My laptop has 2 but would i still need a soundcard

Digital DJ Tips says:

I am not aware of that interface, but a quick Google showed me that it has
4 x outs, so in that case, yes.

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