Learn to DJ #12: All About Audio Cables

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


Dan Calandro says:

Can you recommend a decent cheap controller? I’m thinking about the
mixtrack 2 but would love any recommendations for anything under 200

Digital DJ Tips says:

Agreed, first port of call for any pesky buzzing etc.

AWise3000 says:

Do you have any dj controllers that you don’t want anymore? 😀

Django Flaherty says:

In other words, TRS cables with two black rings on the metal part of the
plug will be either balanced mono, or unbalanced stereo, while the ones
with one black ring will be unbalanced mono? Just making sure I understand.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks for watching 🙂

32Digits says:

Learn to DJ #X What does a DJ wears when he’s performing / doing a gig 😀

Digital DJ Tips says:

A mono splitter cable is a “hack” but you need an audio interface or a
controller with one built in in order to cue properly.

neroj95 says:

i have a qeustion i have these cables at home plug 4 polig (google it) i
dont know the name of the cables do you know them if so can you tell me a
bit about them thanks i like your shows realy helps me al lot

FcoManjon says:

Well, the problem are not Volts, the problem are Ampers. If you otuch a
cable that carries 10000V but only carries them with 0.000000001A, there is
no problem. But touching a cable with 1V and 100A, you will hurt yourself.
The usb cable can also carry a high amount of power, USB3: 5V 20A. I hope
this helps you.

Digital DJ Tips says:

No worries.

Sub Led Alibi says:

Hi Phil, what would your advice be for reducing hiss? I have my S2 hooked
up to my Denon AVR amp and its pretty pronounced!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Pretty sure they’re video cables.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yeah, he’s made some great stuff.

Wayne Carroll says:

Your videos are great thanks.

Rui says:

But does the Dj cables do the same job as the audio interface? For ne for
example, starting now, having to buy a 100$ sound interface its impossible.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@SnapAEng Thanks.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@JamesDeaconUK No here’s where it gets a bit complicated. TRS can be
either. Unbalanced TRS is where a two-thread TRS cable (one with one black
ring on the metal part of the plug) is used for each of left and right.
With balanced TRS, a three-thread cable (one with two black rings on the
metal thread part of the plug) is used for each of left and right. This
plug looks exactly the same as the one on your headphones (which is used as
stereo rather than balanced mono). Phew!

Digital DJ Tips says:

@reel9 There’s nothing wrong with revisiting the basics 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

@DaveTheTechGuy Not sure I understand what you’re asking Dave

computersamir says:

Can you get RCA to xlr so you can get balanced audio from your sound card
if it doesn’t originally have an xlr?

David Hutchinson says:

hi, i have a sony home entertainment amp and i lost the cables to it when i
was moving house. and there £30 for the set… which i dont really want to
be paying for crappy cables so i have some nice thick cables but i dont
have any idea which is – and + is there any way i can use a multimeter and
find out which is which?

DaveHolzmann says:

RCA to quarter inch, then run it through a DI (direct in) box this would
convert it to XLR, but it probably be easier to get a better soundcard. or
get a small mixer and run the RCA in/ or quarter inch if you can. then the
mixer should have an XLR or Speakon out.

0M9H4X says:

another great guy on youtube to learn stuff from is “ellaskins”. He’s got a
bit of a different approach to his videos, but I don’t like them any less
than Phills. In fact, you should team up! 😀

dwayne herbert says:

Can anyone answer this how do I convert speaker wire to RCA

ski2esc says:

I am a very big fan of a “Ground Loop Isolator” connected before my amp to
clean up computer fan noise. Just tossing in my 2 cents

afritunez says:

im a upcoming dj’ ive played in a couple of clubs but im still praticing
everyday, the dj’s ive played with and that i asked questions where all
cocky and didnt want to share anny info, and good youtube tutorials on dj’s
arent easy to find, u manage to solve that problem for me thanks sir

Digital DJ Tips says:

We only get lent them they’re not ours to keep or give away 😀

Digital DJ Tips says:

You need a DJ audio interface or a DJ splitter cable – Google both plus
“Digital DJ Tips” for articles

Digital DJ Tips says:

No, it doesn’t work that way.

Pablo Messier says:

hello there i just purchase a Numark Mixtrack Dj Controller and this
particular controller does not have any RCA outputs & inputs so in this
case how can i take the sound of out my pc during a gig ?

32Digits says:

@DigitalDJTips hahaha I really wasn’t 😀 and I’m definately going to read
that one ;o

Digital DJ Tips says:

Try balanced cables? Although really, you shouldn’t be experiencing this
even with unbalanced.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@32Digits You may joke, but there’s a whole thread about that on the
Digital DJ Tips forum!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, exactly.

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