Learn To DJ #13: Can You Learn To DJ In 4 Weeks?

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


Stuart Barrell says:

Hi Mate, very interested in the “fast” course and was wondering, are the
ten parts all available as soon as I am subscribed/paid or do I have to
wait a certain amount of time between videos?

Andrew Willard says:

I’ve subd ya mate good lookin out on tips

Digital DJ Tips says:

@DJfacilatation Thank! That means a lot.

Digital DJ Tips says:

email support -AT- digitaldjtips -DOT com.

Hanus Jóhanson says:

Hi Phil! I’m interested in buying the 4 week course. I know that you almost
or just use traktor in the course, but is it Serato friendly? Thanks

D.J. JLM says:

i started djing at 11, and got gigs around 13 (friends parties, stuff like
that) im now 15 and play at clubs during teen nights, you can get gigs if
you try hard enough

Digital DJ Tips says:

They’re available instantly.

ify1dike says:

whenever i try to go on the digitialdjtips website i get this error message
and the page doesn’t load “No suitable nodes are available to serve your
request.” i used to be able to go on the site and i had paid to sign up for
one of the courses, i was about half way through the course when suddenly
the website stopped working. can you advise me on how to resolve this

DJfacilatation says:

Phil, you helped me land my first gig! Thanks to your great gear reviews
and amazing website, I was able to compile all of my acquired knowledge and
rock a club like a seasoned pro! Thanks man, I’m only 15 and your content
has made me eons better since my first mix!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, although the course is not a replacement for the software’s
instruction manual.

PixelTrooper says:

I don’t even know where to start with Mixxx so if i follow that course will
i understand it?

Matthew Johnstone says:

how much is the fast dj course? how much does it cost

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s been designed to work perfectly with any DJ software, so no worries
there. We use all software in the course.

johnnyd138 says:

i would love to hear more stories about your past! very interesting…

Digital DJ Tips says:

@britishkid54 If you don’t think you can get any gig for two years, then
maybe not – it’s specifically for people who want to play in public in 4
weeks’ time. The free stuff we give ill be more than enough for you for
now. But on the other hand, the course is our best training and so if you
want to learn fast (whether or not you will actually play a gig at the end
of of it), there’s no better way we offer.

britishkid54 says:

Hey Phil im 15 going on 16. I want to get into djing but im not sure if i
should go for the payed course because i dont want to spend the money and
four weeks later i cant get a gig because im so young. So what would you
do? because i have the time to wait since i have 2 years til im 18 and i
can legally step into a club. So can you help me out?

doomtomb3 says:

About time you uploaded those studio monitors, damn those look nice.

BooshayLIVE says:

awesome story phil!

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