Learn To DJ #14: How To Set Up A Home DJ Area

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


xSparky117x says:


Digital DJ Tips says:

@32Digits not specifically, it’ll come at some point.

PhilipJuliusBrown says:

KRK Rokits

Digital DJ Tips says:

No, you can’t record with Traktor LE.

A Thomas says:

Phil, what’s better to use “DDJ-ERGO” or just regular turntables and mixer.
I wanted to use the ergo because it just looks easier to use, transport and
cheaper so what you think?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Watch the main site – we have a post coming up on this.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheUndercoverfreak Nearly all the above options can be found at or under
that price.

Real DJ Restless says:

what did you end up getting? jw

Digital DJ Tips says:

They’ve never fallen off for me 🙂

Martynas Ročys says:

Thanks, I know that it doesn’t need to be connected to the software. :)I
found 1 video on Youtube Numark Mixtrack Pro+KP3 playing together right
just after I posted this question. And now I have one more question. Is KP3
good effect sampler with Numark Mixtrack Pro(because it doesnt have many
effects) or should I buy something else instead of KP3 which costs 330$ ??

Martynas Ročys says:

Hello,I have a question. Is it possible to connect Numark Mixtrack Pro(USB
MIDI Controller), Kaoss Pad 3(EFFECTS SAMPLER),PC speakers and PC itself to
one DJ area?If yes, will they work together with Virtual DJ ?. I’m planning
to buy all this equipment to learn how to DJ. Please answer . Thank you.

Arjun Sawhney says:

what would you recommend for a set of speakers…??


great videos

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, it’s a great value beginner controller.

MrAlan V says:


wiretransfer says:

For some reason the audio on this is only on the left channel. Also, Phil,
please get a lavalier mic… please? 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks for the tip!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Just checking! I wouldn’t buy it at all just yet, remember you have FX in
software plus sample decks, I have never used external FX or sampler.

Martynas Ročys says:

But I really would like to have an external sampler to make my mixes more
interesting. Do you think Korg Kaoss Pad Mini is better solution ? It has
100 effects and the price is more that 2 times lover than KP3. I’m thinking
about external sampler because I don’t think Mixtrack Pro has many effects
in its self. P.S. Would I be able to record my mixes with Traktor LE(It
comes with Mixtrack PRO in EU and Asia instead of Virtual DJ) ?

DrunkenChannel says:

If the speakers are resting like that, am I right in saying it might not be
stable enough to withstand loud bass. Wouldn’t want your Rokits to fall off
the desk : /

Martynas Ročys says:

Any suggestions for software that I could do that ?

Digital DJ Tips says:

@wiretransfer You’re right, one channel is louder than the other. Weird. We
do have a lav mic, just it’s got a flat battery (poor excuse, I know!)

32Digits says:

Do you guys got a tutorial/lesson/.. where to get DJ effects and which are
the basics and/or musts?? IF you guys already did this, can you give me a
link :p ??! thanks!! keep making these great video’s!

YumanoidPontifex says:

hi phil, just a little off-topic thing: it might be time to switch your
camera from interlaced mode to progressive. interlaced is only good for crt
tv (are there any left these days anyway?). for videos intended for pc lcd
monitors and lcd tv progressive is better.

Digital DJ Tips says:

No, I don’t recommend that controller, the iPod/iPhone part is out of date.

Daniel Delgado Garcia says:

Whats the name of those Black/Yellow speakers?

Arjun Sawhney says:

@DigitalDJTips i was planning to spend around 200 USD……i know it will
be less to get studio quality…but that is all i can spend right now…

BrisbaneGoldCoastDJ says:

Thanks for this – your course looks very interesting. For the past ten
years of mobile DJ work though, I’ve used a proper PC as opposed to a
laptop. The PC enables you to have a higher quality internal sound card,
and a better video card as well. Configured properly, it offers inherently
higher performance than a laptop, without needing external sound cards,
etc. Sure, it’s a bit larger, but no big deal. I always do carry a laptop
though, used as a backup if a problem occurs with the PC.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@BrisbaneGoldCoastDJ Interesting! I’d say you’re probably in the minority
among digital DJs nowadays, though. But good to know there’s variety going
on out there…

Digital DJ Tips says:

Not if you don’t feel limited in any way by them

32Digits says:

just wanted to say this is actually pretty genius :p

officialxprt says:

do the speakers have any way to set them up on a mount or pole?

Victor Alvarez says:


claretsuper says:

Is it bad that i use CDJ’s not a Controller?

Eric N Harris says:


jehan0 says:

thanks for the tips man 🙂 Helped alot !

Digital DJ Tips says:

The Kaoss pad will work but it doesn’t need to be connected to the
software. Apart from that, yes that would work.

DJ ACORN says:

God dammit, i through my polestryine away, because i though id never need

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheUndercoverfreak How much have you got to spend? the Rokits are good
(any size), Reloop ADM-5s are great for a budget, M-Audio AV-40s good if
you have zero room.

Digital DJ Tips says:

We’re a digital site, we’re always going to recommend digital gear over
turntable/mixer 🙂

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