Learn to DJ #19: Managing Your Digital Music

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


Reginald 'Pandah' Hurtt says:

This is my first step into using digital dj equipment and software. I have
been spinning for about 13-14 years so I am used to vinyl and cd’s. The
advantage I find is that having my files on spot is great! I make my sets
just like I would if I were using vinyl or cd’s. I organize tracks in
“crates” and I’m ready to go without all the fuss. Your tips are great and
I’m glad someone is looking out for the up and comer. I’ve done various
venues,but none digitally yet, and with all of your tips I feel I’m ready!
A lot of people I know look down on the tech but I feel this is the future
of the craft. I used to be on of those ‘purist’ but the fact is if you’ve
got it in you it doesn’t matter what you use, it’s how you use it. Digital
mixing is great, it’s a lot of fun and less fuss. Thankyou Phil!
Humbly,Pandah :)

Samir L says:

Thanks so much for sharing this itunes tip.. I’m used to going to my
downloads folder and handpicking tunes to put into my dj folder.. Now I’m
excited to have all the music I will choose to open with itunes on, as
music all in one place no matter which of many sources.

Rodrigo Segura says:

What t-shirt is that? very nice

Quodge says:

Where do you keep all the rest of the music that you are listening too in
order to sive threw and find those gems? 

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, but you could just delete the original – you’re taking regular
backups, anyway…

Bert De Brabanter says:

Hi do you know if you can store your music on an external hdd and still
control it from itunes wihout having any music in your pc?

David Escamilla says:

I do the same thing on having music (desktop) on ITunes for DJ’ng. The rest
of my request library is on a hard drive. I also make music folders vs
crates/playlists to play quickly on VDJ, Serato, and Traktor. Also helps
when you want to make CDs for CDJ gigs. I use VDJ to make music folders by
copying or moving music around. I only make playlists/crates for non-mixing

MusicFi3nD02487 says:

thanks for the videos they have been a lot of help, quick question about
conversion , i have the traktor z2 and traktor scratch pro but it only lets
me play mp3, and i buy music from beatport, they have selection wav and
aiff which is the most and mp3 which is cheaper, my question is if i buy
the wav verison and itunes converts to mp3 will it damage any audio, or if
i buy mp3 file and convert to wav is there any lossage in data ? i just
prefer wav files cause of all the musical data it holds 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thing with MediaMonkey for me is that your playlists don’t appear in your
DJ software, which in my view is the main reason to do it.

ChasingDogma says:

iTunes also has Match service for $25 a year, which matches all of your
identifiable music in the cloud in high quality format. This is great for
pulling down music on the go if you have Wifi available.

sousasamm says:

hey! that copying songs to itunes folder tip is great! i didnt know that
you could later on recall all your playlists… and sicne its all in one
folder, its the only o ne you have to drag when backing songs up, but the
only and very big sdownside is that you have everysong double!! so when you
should only have 100 gigs, you’d have 200! and with those normal laptops
with just 320 gigs of hard drive, those will get full in no time!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Not sure I understand you.

Bernardo Barros says:

Phil, do you recommend backing up the music files in an exclusive external
drive, or you think there is no problem in sharing the external hd with
other files such as (photos, documents, executable files of softwares, and
this kind of stuff). Thanks!

Hunter Madill says:

Hey there, I just wanted to say your videos are VERY helpful. I just
startedgetting into djing, and im sooooo excited to get my controller and
start practicing to do shows. id say the thing im most nervous of is not
being able to have enouh music, or not knowing what to play next while im
playing. do you have any tips to help settle my nerves? lol

Digital DJ Tips says:

As I say, because iTunes is right there in all major DJ software, I see no
alternative and recommend DJs work to learn with iTunes for the convenience
it brings. You are free to differ, of course, but I wouldn’t use anything

Fooshi Kins says:

Do as me, start with the artist/group name (Example: Pendulum) then
albums/singles/EPs with release year as prefix ((2006) Hold Your Colour)
and then all the tracks numbered (1 Prelude, 2 Slam, 3 Plastic Music).
Works wonders for me. 🙂

sousasamm says:

btw just saw the best smart playlist turorial on dupspot!! im really
organizing everything the right way now!!

Django Flaherty says:

How do you do that? Is there a way to colour things in iTunes, or are you
changing the album art?

Django Flaherty says:

My message was a reply to @lucassvdv where he talks about colouring songs
in iTunes – something I’ve always wished was possible.

Jose Garcia says:

would be great if you could actually show us this on your Macbook

sousasamm says:

true! your videos are great!! specially the last ones from this course, in
my opinion!! thanks a lot!!

TheGemicore says:

yes but i think its the only downside of MediaMonkey , and i do export my
playlists .m3u format then import them into my Dj Software Thx for reply 🙂

Ryan Teixeira says:

I find it is useful to store the root files externally to save space on my

Digital DJ Tips says:

Dubspot is a great site.

Ruben Vander-Elst says:

Hey Phil! whould you make a video with your best Dj memories?

Digital DJ Tips says:

I’m not actually a fan on keeping music on an external drive in any case,
but if I were I wouldn’t think it were any different to using your internal
drive for stuff other than music – at the end of the day a dedicated DJ
laptop is always going to be best, but most people don’t have that luxury
(and don’t have many problems either).

Nick Gakis says:

also i think a music account(no admin of course) with music just for djing
is essential just your software and music no games apps antivirus etc

Digital DJ Tips says:

I wouldn’t recommend doing that, as there are nearly always complications.

Digital DJ Tips says:

I doubt YouTube would allow it 😀

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