Learn to DJ #20: Where To Find DJ Sets Online

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


Robin Henrioulle says:

soundcloud.com is great to!

Francois Robinson says:

Happy haircut! hahaaha

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks, glad they’re helping.

bacithefencer says:

mixcloud(dot)com. Simple and even includes tracklists.

reaperfzr1 says:

the crane stand, I had a stanton uberstand got rid of it a bought A crane
stand it is the best stand I have used.

hotsaucy7 says:

mixes.db.com is awesome too!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks, we do try 🙂

Mateo Diaz says:

i swear every video answers my questions

Max Clark says:

is there currently a video of where to find pa speakers? speakers you would
use at a set?

Digital DJ Tips says:

There is 🙂

Spuddy10 says:

huge ups on all these videos man, couldn’t be more helpful and informative

DJ Patrick says:


David Downey says:

House-Mixes(dot)com is a very good site for uploading mixes. Good quality
and fast upload speed 🙂

Clayten Mechtel says:

hey phil is a hercules dj rmx2 good for starters

Digital DJ Tips says:

Best thing to do is refer to our DJ controller guide for our best advice on
choosing a DJ controller: DJTIPSCOGUIDE

mrSilkie says:

🙁 No #21

bacithefencer says:

what stand do you have behind you there?

Dee J Heft Left Dee J Heft Left says:

Sam Ash Or Guatir Center ebay amazon

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