Learn To DJ #3: How To Get Started (Almost) For Free

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join


Brandon Tate says:

sennheiser HD 202’s are some cheap headphones that can be used for DJ’ing,
they’re only $20 but they have fantastic sound quality, believe it or not.
just thought i’d throw that out there.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@maximusmarzy No problem, glad to help.


along with sound cloud i would recomend Bandcamp, it has alot of artist who
give away their music for free, very cheap, and some of them are actually
very renound

g00m0 says:

Very true… very nice… Keep going!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Agreed, at time of writing.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@DeportesdePrimera Please come and join the forum and say hi on Facebook
too, we’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

thanks for the tip

Digital DJ Tips says:

Kontrol S2 would be a good choice.

itswhippy says:

What about Serato beginner? That’s free when you have a controller plugged
in too, however virtual DJ charges if you have a controller plugged in. Am
I right? Thanks

Digital DJ Tips says:

Always happy to help!

DJ Patrick says:

soundcloud, mixcrate and officialfm

TheXavierNogueira says:

@DigitalDJTips thanks, when i use traktor duo 2 the sound quality is horrid
and the latency is bad. I belive it is because i dont have a good interior
soundcard, will the splitter help, or will i need a new interior soundcard.

Ruben Raven says:

the griffin Dj Cable is this the cable you need????

Digital DJ Tips says:

Check Chauvet or America DJ.

deadmanw@lk1ng says:

what is the name of the speakers you use and where can they be bought?
Thanks a lot phil for getting my DJ career started

FrameDude505 says:

I’ve been looking into a lighting setup for djing. however i am on a very
low budget. can anyone suggest some low priced lighting equipment?

azzlify202 says:

For those who need it: I will recommend quite good speakers by numark
called NPM5’s, and these are budget, and I have used these with the Numark
NS7 and it has clear, loud and great playback, only for $80 to $100

Kevin Marsland says:

Top video very use full thanks…

ralle474 says:

Does the splitter cable trick work on traktor?

Digital DJ Tips says:


Digital DJ Tips says:

Google “Digital Dj Tips Controller Guide 2013” 🙂

itswhippy says:

which controller would you recommend which is quite cheap, easy to learn
on, and suitable for transporting? I just want to branch out and learn on a
controller rather than just a laptop. I have also been asked to DJ at some
house parties which is my aim for when i go to College in september and
University in the future. Ps: I’m looking for around £100-£200 Thanks

Digital DJ Tips says:

Serato Intro only works with certain controllers, and doesn’t work at all
with no controller. Virtual DJ Home does not work with controllers at all.

Cody Robinson says:

i used my desktop instead of a laptop and it had a couple different output
for headphones and speakers…all is well…..zero spent

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, you can use the same cable on a laptop.

David Hutchinson says:

nice tips dude, im now looking at soundcloud.. 😀 lol. nice one dude take

sheril sunny says:

hi Just wanted to ask if the splitter cable u mentioned be plugged into a
laptop?! Coz i saw the same one n that is for ipad from grifin on amazon
site…confused now Or this can be used on a laptop as well?!

ShadowProoductionz says:

Thank you for all your great videos. really usefull.

Gavin Dineen says:

could you throw up a couple links of splitters that would be sufficiant i
dont want to buy the wrong type

potyec says:

He is completly true ….. now people they didnt got enough money for the
MK2 For 1500$ each . Maybe there are poor people they will be much more
talented future dj`s than others before Totally agree

Digital DJ Tips says:

@smartymrpl It’s a pleasure, we’re really enjoying putting this course
together and your feedback is shaping the forthcoming videos 🙂

Josh Cagney says:

Hi Phil! Congratulations and thanks for making such a comprehensive guide
available to everyone. I have a question though, which I can’t seem to find
a solid answer for on your site or Youtube channel. Choosing my first
controller. I want something that will last me a year+, won’t break on me,
and has great sound. I’m in the region of 500 euro. The Kontrol S2 appeals
to me, but I’ve never used one – or any controller! Your advice on choosing
my first controller would be so so appreciated. Ty

itswhippy says:

Great help, thanks. Would you be able to tell me if a Reloop Mixage would
work with Serato Intro?

NumptyButtkick says:

I remember going into Hard To Find Records in Birmingham every Saturday
morning and spending £30 or more a time for my vinyl. Was a great time, but
things are much more efficient now with S/Cloud etc (not to mention
cheaper). those 1210s took me back Phil 🙂 Great series of videos.

Easy1Productions says:

i have a sony mini hifi system with two monitors and a 8 inch sub that is
daisy changed to an RCA Hifi system is that good for a decent sized party
or should i go bigger?

DJ Patrick says:

i get my songs for mixing on some sites like soundcloud, mixcrate,
officialfm and promodj you can check that out

Денис Блохнин says:

Thank you for sharing useful info for beginners like me!

Digital DJ Tips says:

No probs, will do!

Deportes de Primera says:

This is great… I know nothing… but I just started learning….I will
take you complete course and will buy the gear… to have fun…and simply
learn. Thank You… most appreciated.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheXavierNogueira Of course, go to djtips DOT co SLASH splitter (YouTube
won’t let me type the URL). The quality is as good as your computer’s
soundcard, and it’s in mono not stereo. For practising & small parties etc
it’s fine, for long-term you still are better off with a proper sound card.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheXavierNogueira No, if you have sound issues the splitter won’t help as
it doesn’t change how Traktor uses your sound card.

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