Learn to DJ #45: How To Make People Dance

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John Hepi says:

good tips, thank you ….(I’m djing at an engagement party this Sat and
there will be age group)

HjK says:

if you’re doing a live set. would it be best to go straight into banging

K Dust says:

“Play for the girls!” YESSSS PHILLLLL

android1308 says:

I love you Phil, man you are the best! :D

DJ Equipment - Djkit.com says:

http://youtu.be/2XEyBEmnZJE How To Make People Dance?

croswun says:

Great video, thanks!

Ian Lappan says:

Good vid phil

Charles P Ehlert says:

Is it recommended to use bribes like say first 10 people to hit the floor
Ill buy a round for or Jerry’s beads or glow stuff like bracelets or

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks 🙂

Wayne Carroll says:

Love the videos. Cheers

Digital DJ Tips says:

Cheers, feels like we need it right now 😀

Zero Notice says:

Im going to be so sad when you reach 50… I feel like after this long I
should buy your learn to DJ fast course just because I now credit you with
a lot of the things I have learned. Thank you for everything.

Peter Holding says:

Brilliant, thank you for this, great tip about keeping sound and bass low
early on. I was wondering whether that was something to try, will be more
confident about it now, especially at weddings where everyone is catching

jace cowan says:

these videos have helped me so much. thank you Phil. I was also wondering
if anyone would like to listen to my mix and give me some feedback would be
great 🙂

Duilio Cordoba says:

Thank Phil . You are very Nice ..!!!

Cekatiba says:

I was djing last friday for my school project and it was exactly like you
said. People werent dancing and i got more and more nervouse.. But the last
2 hours were just insane. I put on some progressive house and later on
electro house and even though almost nobody knows those two genres in my
place people went nuts. In the last hour i also put on some lasers and in
the end it was perfect!

InYourCircle says:

good points im going to try some of these especially the lowering of bass,
in my next gigs

spinmoney101 says:

great tips!

drumr828 says:

damn i love these real world dj problem videos. Something very humble about
it….. thanks for the great advice!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Glad you’re finding it useful.

Digital DJ Tips says:

I love it when a plan comes together! 🙂

Amir Akta says:

Dear Phil thank you, this video really helped me with my nerves keep on
going like that!

geramartynmgfs says:

Great tutorials! May I ask, what was it like to DJ Privilege in Ibiza? Do
these guidelines you’re taking us through apply to the largest clubs in the
world? Thank you for everything you’re showing us, you’re definitely making
a difference in the EDM community.

smokejc says:

I just point a gun at the dancefloor.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Whatever works!

balot981 says:

that is so true when you said (play for the girls ). it has never failed me
b4 . anyway thanks for the tips man. Ill apply some of your tips that I’ve
never thought of tonight.

WeddingDJBusiness says:

I think you summed it up very nicely. The expectation with clients is that
the dancefloor will be packed all night and while this can happen it is
more usual you get highs and lows in dancing. The only other thing
mentioning to try is hitingt all the bases i.e. People that like 60’s,
Disco, Modern, Rock etc Probably more applicable in a mixed crowd rather
than a nightclub where people are a bit more alligned in music taste. Cheers

anthony lippert says:

always good food for thought, digital dj tips has the best quality info for
our progression in our line of work, cheers guys!

tocvit-1 says:

Tanks for tips=)))

DJ Veaux says:

good stuff as usual!

Luis Bourguetts says:

Greetings from Mexico nice video

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