Learn To DJ #5 – Have You Got What It Takes To Be A DJ?

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join


selby Malone says:

You: first thing is love for music
Me: that’s me all over

mrgamegirl2011 says:

I got 2 and 3! Thank you for making this :D

Tony Themobiledj says:

Mate Great Video. As you may have witnessed me losing myself on the dance
floor at BPM lol, All your point are right i love all types of music Thanks
mate respect T P.s. see you at this years BPM Don’t be a stranger 😉 

Nikheel Patel says:

I was born 4 this

Winter says:

How I knew I loved music: when my friends tell me to stop humming songs and
stop sending song links thru Skype because it was really annoying XD

Garrett Lajoie says:

Fantastic lesson this week, love the pacing of this series. 

Dzung Tran says:

Thanks so much for your videos, you have inspired many people who wanna
become a DJ

Volkan Sahin says:

Hey I have what i need to get started.All I need now are Headphones( I
think of the V-Moda LP1) and a controller( here I am thinking about the
Numark CM 3000).
So I wanna hear your opinion 😀 I doesnt wannt some cheap thinks that break
when i am raving.AND YOU ARE AMAZING.Your Tips are holly :D

Digital DJ Tips says:

@DaveTheTechGuy Sounds like you’ve definitely got what you need then,
especially as you’re called “DaveTheTechGuy” so you have the geek angle…

David Williams says:

2nd and 3rd i’m good to go. Love music and i’m a computer geek!

Digital DJ Tips says:

@JimboPH Google “digital dj tips promote parties part 1” for a whole series
on promoting – putting on your own small night is definitely the way
forward for you.

Thilina Prasad says:

I start DJing before 6 months, I can beatmatch and mix songs without
crashes. And I was a good violin player and also composed songs using my
Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard. So BPM and pitch are the things I know very
well.But the problem is its hard to recognize music styles. ((House tech
house hiphop dubstep R&B)) Please help me. Im Sri Lankan.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Sounds good to me, stay on our website and free email course and keep

The Eturn says:

fruity loops is a powerful program. . and believe it or not. alot of high
scale edm tracks have been produced using only fruity loops. . so learn
that program the best you can. . once you learn what an oscillator does, it
will do the same on any program. . same with effects such as phaser reverb
distortion etc. . . but yeah, learn that program the best you can. and i
guarentee if you still enjoy it. when you do get some money -for birthday
or christmas-thats all you will want to get. .have fun!

Sam Behrouzi says:

thank you for uploading videos but it would be much effective with
subtitles for some people their english is not that strong enough

Dave Rojas says:

totally looked up Kings of the Wild frontier and now i have it in my

SuperDJJERRY says:

Mr…. my name is Deejay Jerry and they call me Remixer cause i only Remix
music which is already remixed.I just cut different beats and paste them in
different songs. I have tried using FL STUDIO 10 but i dont understand a
bit of it. Now a days i am practicing on Magix music maker which is still
kinda confusing to me with the formats of the music can you help me by
letting me know a very user friendly music maker…. Thanks n Regards.. DJ

Digital DJ Tips says:

@IanHimself28 It’s only really for our subscribers, but we’re making it
public to let the rest of the world see a bit of what they’re missing 🙂

David Hutchinson says:

Dude, not very helpful.. but… YOUR A LEGEND! love your video’s and i
think im ready lol at school and my old college i used to be called a
“music phene” for listening to music 24/7 lol so ive got that one down to a
T lol.

XxManzanitaPR says:

looking very much forward for the gig part, i might be having my first gig
in about a month.Love your vids, very big fan 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

I think love of the music comes before whether you choose to dance or onot
🙂 The controller is a Novation Twitch.

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s a pleasure.

Mike Diligent says:

a love getting the music tingles when you hear a track. and av been
practicing for 10 years learning what makes that happen and a found it.

TheVelectronic1 says:

Cool advice.

Alex Calvache says:

you are awesome man! thanks…

Digital DJ Tips says:

But why would you necessarily need to recognise music styles?

SuperMonster62 says:

Always listen to music before bed when I was younger, till one day I went
to a music festival and I realized that’s what I wanted to do 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Ha ha, that’s made my day!

Digital DJ Tips says:

@XxManzanitaPR Thanks 🙂

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