Learn to DJ #6: Two Routes To Your First DJ Gig

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join. The How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course is here: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/how-to-digital-dj-fast/


ItzKR15 says:

I’m only 13, do you think there will be any gigs I can DJ at? or am I
probably too young???

John Kew says:

@TheVelectronic1 Same here man 😀

Josh O'Dear says:

nice to see some aspiring hardstyle dj’s, especialy so young, best of luck
to you!

Nayuta Shoji says:

great video, great channel and great website! you have no idea how much of
a help you are to all the people trying to pick up djing, it is people like
you that are changing the world bit by bit by doing their part in helping

Digital DJ Tips says:

The DJ I/O should have your speakers and your headphones plugged into it,
you shoulnd’t be using your computer’s sound at all.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@moonrecordz Yes, there was an issue recording it – oh well, hope it didn’t
annoy you too much 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

I’m too old and happy to be emo!

SheldonPicklepants says:

Hi I need to know how to get a few gigs BEFORE I (might) play in front of
2000 people….. X 5… 10 000 people. I’m an electro producer (well, me
and my friend). I’m 13, and really cant get any paid gigs (not that I’ve
tried -.-) and we might be preforming… We are gonna try to play at our
school dance, and if we get the album we’re producing finished, we might be
playing at this thing at my church………… HELP?!?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Depends where you play, most clubs still have CDJs.

aaron lee says:

i play at my omas house i enjoy bringing my laptop to omas house

Ryan Titheradge says:

hi, i didnt know which video to post on but yeah. basically, i have a
numark mixtraxk and a numark DJ/iO and im using a desktop. my monitor
doesn’t have any speakers so i use external ones (logitech Z4) now to get
them speakers to work i have an aux cable coming from my headphone jack on
my tower that goes into the aux port or what ever you want to call it on
the logitechs. now i can’t get the djio to work properly, i get sound from
my headphones but not from the speakers, or vice versa, help?:(

Richard Agadjanian says:

Hey Phil, What Controller Do You Use When Playing Live? Also I always
notice the notivation twitch in the backround, is that one of your
favorites? thanks.

LimitedWard says:

nah, too much pressure.

mrSilkie says:

How much does the course cost?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Course it’s not! Go for it.

sk8er2571 says:

Thanks for all your help. You’ve made me a more confident up and comer.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Web radio, podcasting, do your own mashups and post them, start a little
blog. Gather a following online first – it’ll boost your confidence and
nobody needs to know how old you are.

WhatIsBJJ says:

That’s the spit of a champion right there.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:


Digital DJ Tips says:

Please go to howtodigitaldjfast D O T com for current pricing and other

LuqazDJ says:

I have a controller. I use a MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro. I want to play
live for the first time.. I have been recording mixes at home for like 3
months? That´s when i bought the controller+software. I´m only 14.. And i
dont think i will be taken seriously because of my age. And the music i mix
an listen to everyday is called Hardstyle. It´s EDM simular to Hardcore but
slower. And it´s not a very “mainstream” genre so i´m not sure if i even
get a gig can play my favorite music.. What should i do?

Nick Gakis says:

that means you are using itch having never used it how can try it(i use
traktor and vdj nowadays)

Digital DJ Tips says:

You don’t have to wait till you’re really good to do that! 😉

Tom Goodwin says:

I’m hoping to get a Numark Mixtrack Pro for Christmas, your tutorials have
helped me soo much already thanks very much!

redcrs71 says:

I feel that if you want to spend X amount of dollars on equipment just to
be in your bedroom/house, it’s perfectly fine. Some people, like me, are
just into djing because playing and mixing music is our passion. If it’s
going to take my love of music to that next level, and never get one dime
back in return, I am ok with that. And, if that makes me a fake/wannabe
DJ…then so be it. I’m gonna be happy either way 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Xone XD:40s

Digital DJ Tips says:

@FalconPunch139 I’m really glad to help. Stay in touch 🙂

Digital DJ Tips says:

Just get an adaptor cable.

Digital DJ Tips says:

That doesn’t make you a fake DJ at all. But there’s nothing like the thrill
of a real crowd…

turfdoctor11 says:

first comment and good video mate

TheVelectronic1 says:

Looking forward to next week!

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