Learn to DJ #7: Choosing A Laptop For DJing

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djxspin says:

Do you know if traktor is compatible with Chrome OS?

Niko Savusa says:

great video mate…well done..

Neil Smith says:

Another good tip to go along with not moving the laptop is to use gaff tape
to tape your connections to the computer. This helps them stay connected
should something get bumped. 

Simon Ross says:

Reading other comments have answered question for me……hopefully lol
great videos

Robin Henrioulle says:

I have a Samsung Series 7 gamer laptop i use for everything. Its great
never had problems with it. Its a beast! :)

retrojaxed2 says:

common sense> makes perfect sense. Another good video phil: }

MultiMathieu1998 says:

For windows users, this is a program that you can use to turn off all the
unnecessary programs. http://www.razerzone.com/gamebooster/
Just install it, activate it, select what programs it needs to eliminate
and you’re ready q ; D

Terry Ro says:

what would be a good DJ POOL ?

Simon Ross says:

Any intel? Getting 2.5ghz laptop, with 4g of ram. Will that do the trick?

Martin Dummatzen says:

Hey! I really like the videos her on youtube but I have tried to sign up
for the course but I don´t get the confirm email. What is up is the course
discontinued or what? I would really like to take the full course. Hope i
can be solved.

JuttMC says:

I have a Quadcore PC, 6 GB Ram ,and 888 GB of space. All ruined by the
laptop having an AMD processor :(

Fayek Helmi says:

I have an older laptop (Dec 2009) with a 15.4″ screen but the resolution is
1366×768.. i find that quite low for such a big screen :/

There’s no way to remedy that, is there?

DJ Panik says:

Just get an Apple MacBook Pro, 4 or 8 gig….see, no thought required!

joao paulo pimenta says:

mac book is good

Digital DJ Tips says:

I use Spotify. I also back up to an external drive, but use the internal
drive as my “working” music library.

eric229923 says:

My laptop has a two gb ram is that enough? Or does it has to be higher

Digital DJ Tips says:

2GB of RAM is plenty.

Digital DJ Tips says:

No worries, thanks for watching

britishkid54 says:

Great video soo much good info. but i prefer having more than 2gb of ram

Hercules Mezier says:

question..what about the processor speed how much does it have to be i
thinking of buying a 1.7 ghz and 6g of ram and its itel .is that good or

Victor Alvarez says:

Thank u

DJArDiFy27 says:

Are you happy about the macbook?

yinyang turcios says:

what do u think about buying a think pad helix? for djing

MrAlan V says:

Do you need a laptop if you just plan on making mixes at home and stuff?

1p0rnstar says:

What do you do if the Laptop crashes during the mix? (so u need to reboot)?

KrypticExile666 says:

I was wondering what is the controller called that you can use to affect
the pitch and depth of a flanger or any affect it looked like just a midi
deck but a bit smaller any idea? i saw a video it popped up in and it
couldnt be turn table because he had a Pioneer one. Any feedback would be
appreciated im 16 and want to start DJing

Chris Statho says:

@DJYukiSorrelwood I have several, but only need 1 for djing the portable
ones have the 2 usb cords “usb y cable” but yer now that I think about it I
should put everything onto one =D

Digital DJ Tips says:

Nothing has been designed specifically for iPad 3 yet. Use any iPad
controller with a cable adaptor.

DJMadAbbott says:

@djTLMtv I heard that it basically fries your hard drive though, as the air
can’t get out?

soswifted says:

What controller is that in the stand

Ricky Johal says:

I was wondering,the 13 inch macbook only has 1 audio in and out but 15
inche macbook has two, whats the difference?

Sole says:

Hi Phill nice vid, i use aLenovo IdeaPad z570 CPU: i5-2430M 2.4 GHz RAM:
6GB Windows 64-bit What dou you think?

Lophelpz says:

hi! thanks for sharing videos like this! you have some peruvians fans in
south america 😉 , btw i have a thinkpad, and it went really bad the other
day 🙁 , which brand of laptop should i buy now?? ram, proccesor, etc.
thanks bro!

Nick Gakis says:

an important note buy laptop with spill resistant keyboards and screens

DJYukiSorrelwood says:

@DJCript1 If you need 2 external HDDs then you should really think about
upgrading your externals. I have a 1tb external HDD and a 250gb HDD in my
laptop, combined that is more then you should need for a gig. If you have
to have more then 1 external HDD with you at a gig then you should take at
look at why you have to bring more then 1.

pvpaxehead says:

Sound Quality on this video is shit

Digital DJ Tips says:

Not seen that model, sorry.

Brent Hughldridge Chua says:

Currently have my old Mac which I plan to use solely on music/dj-ing. Are
the specs good? MacBook Black 13 Inch 2008 model 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Intel GMA X3100 144 MB Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

King Leonine Sith Lord says:

Great tips mate!

eric229923 says:

thanks men also your vid helped me a lot keep it up 🙂

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