Learn To DJ: An Introduction to Digital DJing

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This video is part of the course materials for our Learn To DJ email course. The course is delivered in 50 weekly parts, and you can sign up for it for free right now at http://www.digitaldjtips.com/join


julie boss says:

i am saving to buy a dj system and i hope to get enough soon

Bryce Cade says:

Trying to dj for school so this is gonna help

Justin L. Porter says:

Lookings forward to watching all your videos, as I am new to this and just
downloaded Ableton Live.

Donavon Cavender says:

I love providing good clean music for everyone. Every time someone want me
to provide music from them, it make me happy to do it.

Seb Wynn says:

I started using garage band and I started to do it in my spare time but I
want to get into DJing and I searched youtube and by luck I found this. I
hope to learn a lot 🙂 

rdwdynasty says:

I’ve always been interested. I work at venues across Chicago in the
nightlife so I’m always in a club. I’m a well known promoter and I’m always
in the DJ booth. I really want to learn how to do it myself I love music it
seems hard though

tim feirg says:

at least get a decent mic plz

Shambles1980TRealOne says:

in the 90’s i used to mess about with vinyls. wasnt really any good bearly
got the hang of beat matching when i realized i really couldnt affoard it.
i had some crazy belt driven decs with mixer and pitch controlls all built
in to 1 big suitcase, which generally lived under my bed with no reall room
to set it up. i really like drum and bass but mostly jungle. but any time i
find a really good set with some great tracks on it. they inevitably have
an mc yammering all over it for the entire set, and yelling rewind any time
a really good tune comes in. this to me atleast ruins the music. so i
decided to do my own mixes. im not that good at it yet. and have only just
bought a cheap controller. the instant i got the controller i started using
loops which is something i never thought i would do. but to be able to set
a loop of the beat at the end of a track gives you the extra time you may
need to get your new track at just the right spot and matched up better.
alternetavly it also lets me set a loop of the beats of my new track which
i can play for a while before bringing the new track in properly which
seems to make the tracks blend better as you are used to hearing the tone
or volume or even the extra highs and crashes of the new beat.

i still think vinyl is where djing needs to be on a professional level. but
for being at home or just some friends around or a small house party then
digital has to be the choice for 90% of people who want to mix their own

personally i really dont have the space, also my 2 year old would
inevitably manage to destroy my equipment/vinyls, and if the equipment was
to big for me to be able to have set up constantly on my desk then i would
never find the time to set it up and play.
digital djing for me is the only way i can hope to do it.
i do plan on trying to get a better setup and some time coded vinyls at
some point in the future. but there is no way i could find the space for ll
the vinyls i would inevitably buy. 

will park says:

Hey, I was wondering if I would have to eventually transfer to a macbook to
professionally DJ because I’m thinking of getting a MSI GT-70 just for
general needs and such. I would really like someone to reply to my message.
Here are the stats of the laptop
Screen Size 17.3 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-4700MQ
Memory Speed 1600 MHz
Hard Drive 750 GB SATA
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA Geforce GTX770M
Graphics Card Ram Size 3000 MB
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 3

Bojan Ljukovcanin says:

About two or so years ago i got hooked onto electronic music.Have always
loved music actually,but really got addicted to electronic music about 2
years ago,ever since then i’ve always wanted to get into DJing.About a year
ago i got Virtual DJ and started doing Online DJing a bit but have been
fighting to get more knoeledge and get more and more into the Real World
side of it,finally got my first Midi Controller a numark Mixtrack and by
chance found this,hope to learn lots.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good luck Max!

William Deschamps says:

Thanks for posting this video series, I appreciate anyone who goes out of
their way to teach people interested in learning this. I’ve wanted to learn
how to learn how to DJ for a long time.

Mark Darlington says:

I’m an ex vinyl DJ getting back into it after a break for marriage and
kids. Is the paid for course worth getting if I can already beatmatch?

DJ Musical Host says:

Just started Digital DJ what is the best software to use and why? some DJ’s
have already told me that Virtual DJ is the best, have tried Traktor

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s a bit limited… try and stretch for a Mixtrack Pro

♛FireWorks♛ Music Destroyer says:

but a lot of people like me are limited for the money. i have got a
Hercules 4set, I feel limited D:

RokalusTheWolf says:

Hey, the name’s Joe. Im 19 and back in 2009 I heard my first hardstyle
track End of My Existence by Headhunterz. I’ve had a passion for hardstyle
and other electronic dance style since then. I even wanted to be a DJ when
I was a little kid and thought that DJ’ing was just scratching, ha. I cant
wait to buy my first controller in a few weeks when I get some spending
money and start practicing mixing beats!

supertoyz says:

I’m sort of a half digital DJ. I use Serato with a couple of turntables.
But I love it because of the time and space savings. No more having to sort
through bins and bins of records. And it’s so easy to load a new track if
the one I chose just isn’t working.

Dan Davies says:

Traktor 2 + Novation Twitch > Any other Digital DJ set up

Digital DJ Tips says:

The paid-for course has exactly what you need to play your first live set
from complete beginner in 4 weeks, and nothing else. The free course is
more “background” stuff.

ski2esc says:

I was glad to stumble upon this, as I was surfing for new ways to improve
my DJing as I came from vinyl to digital.I had a long gap in between those
days and now. I have be digital DJing for some time now and want to get
better. Thanks for passing down the knowledge…I would and will do the

rickydlp says:

going to take your course next week, i’m excited! love the free vids so
far. I’m not a beginner but looks like so much more i can learn

Mathews Barrios says:

Hey guys, well ive never thought about this before, but i dont know why a
while ago someone brought up some DJ that they knew and i dont understand
why but at that moment when i heard music it just clicked in my mind
something, i dont understand but now im determined to learn this because i
think its awsome the effect that music makes in our minds

Digital DJ Tips says:

Grab our free guide (digitaldjtips DOT c o m SLASH free)

Max ekim says:

Hello To All My Name is Fernando am 18 and am a Beginner in the Dj world
the first thing that made me want to Learn to Dj is because i love music i
love Dancehall . 1 Year a go i started looking for a dj controller on
internet but i did not have the money as yet so i started to play mixing on
the famous free virtual dj but after 4 month i saw that it did have all the
effects so i decide to buy TraktorPro 2 and now i have buy the 2 new Denon
sc-2900 and the denon 600 mixer .

Dee Perez says:

The iTunes sorter that is mentioned in the middle, is that just Mac or also

Digital DJ Tips says:

I hope you enjoy them!

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