Oldschool Rotterdam Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero

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Oldschool Rotterdam Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero.

The first Dutch Hardcore/Gabber label. Founded in 1992 by Paul Elstak.

The Dream (0:00)

1. Intro (Source; [ROT093] De Klootzakken – Dominee Dimitri (Ja Hoor Boeit Niet))
2. [ROT046] Dj Paul – Rainbow In The Sky (K & A’s Extended Blast)
3. [ROT042] Dj Paul Elstak – Live Is Like A Dance (Forze Dj Team Remix)
4. [ROT045] Dj Paul Elstak – Luv U More (Dj Paul’s Forze Mix)
5. [ROT052] Dj Paul Elstak – The Promised Land (Digidance Extended Mix)
6. [ROT049] Dj Paul – Don’t Leave Me Alone (Album Edit)
7. [ROT057] Dj Paul – Rave On (Extended Mix)
8. [ROT048] The Stunned Guys – Musica Neurotica (Dj Buby Mix)
9. [ROT058] Neophyte Vs. The Stunned Guys – Get This Motherfucker
10. [ROT063] Old School Terrorists – Acieeed!
11. [ROT004] Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing
12. [ROT003] Dj Rob – Boy’s Interface

The Neverending Nightmare (40:05)

13. [ROT015] Holy Noise – The Nightmare (Single Edit)
14. [ROT046] Dj Paul – Paul’s Nightmare
15. [ROT040] Dj Paul – Pump This Party
16. [ROT054] Dj Paul Vs. Lenny Dee – I Like Hardcore
17. [ROT046] Dj Paul – Do Not Go In There
18. [ROT051] Dj Paul – Bass!
19. [ROT024] Salient Odessey – Let’s Go
20. [ROT032] Underground Nation Of Rotterdam – Bitch
21. [ROT037] King Dale – Fuckface (2 Fast 4 Mellow Mix)
22. [ROT041] Roger – Blonde Gabber Beer
23. [ROT050] Neophyte – Technoblast
24. [ROT044] Evil Maniax – Give You More Hardcore
25. [ROT049] Dj Paul – Code Red
26. [ROT050] Neophyte – Rockin’
27. [ROT051] Dj Paul – Go On Three
28. [ROT051] Dj Paul – Die Like A Pig (Rape Remix)
29. [ROT055] Too Hostile – Make ‘m Clap (Dj Paul Remix)
30. [ROT053] Dj Rob & MC Joe – Back To Sound
31. [ROT056] Short Circuit – World of Gabber
32. [ROT056] Short Circuit – Let The Bass Go
33. [ROT059] Oldschool Terrorists – This Is How It All Started
34. [ROT064] Too Hostile – Welcome To Slavery
35. [ROT059] Oldschool Terrorists – Shake That

The Nightmare Continues (1:53:18)

36. [ROT069] Neophyte Vs. The Stunned Guys – Army Of Hardcore
37. [ROT030] Neophyte – Back In My Brain
38. [ROT067] The Stunned Guys Vs. Dj Paul – He Never Lost His Hardcore (Traxtorm Mix)
39. [ROT055] Too Hostile – No Bullshitting
40. [ROT038] Neophyte – Die
41. [ROT060] Dj Paul Elstak – Gabber
42. [ROT055] Too Hostile – Going Out To The Hardcore
43. [ROT040] Dj Paul – Play My Game
44. [ROT038] Neophyte – A Rotterdam Gabber
45. [ROT033] Lenny Dee vs. Dj Paul – Anti-Procastination
46. [ROT030] Neophyte – Last Recall
47. [ROT022] Neophyte – Recession
48. [ROT019] Hard Attack – Bonehead
49. [ROT018] Bald Terror – Drummachine
50. [ROT0PROMO] Dj Paul – Drummachine (Remix)
51. [ROT044] Evil Maniax – Psychopath
52. [ROT045] Dj Paul Elstak – Die Like A Pig
53. [ROT050] Neophyte – Execute
54. [ROT065] Neophyte – Inside of Me
55. [ROT036] Dj Buby – A.E.I.O.U.
56. [ROT061] Euromasters – Alles Naar De Klote (Nog Iets Anders Rmx)
57. Outro (Source; [ROT093] De Klootzakken – Dominee Dimitri (Ja Hoor Boeit Niet),
[ROT001] Euromasters – Rotterdam Ech Wel! (Parkzicht Mix))

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Ismael M. J. says:

Amazing mix! but can you reupload please :(

Richard Hutzezon says:

How far back does house music go?

Les B says:

hardcore leeft en jezus beeft hahaha kut sgp er kale koppen niet te

Richard Hutzezon says:

Email me back, my cousins are big on this in NL.

emmibeee says:


Bednar19951 says:

Epic :,D

Michal Blažek says:

nice! can you upload it somewhere to download? link in description is dead

Damian Ketting says:

snapje Djdjerojr XD 

Tijdelijk13 says:

dat intro is echt heel jij

djdjerojr says:

Nee jij ;d heh

jamie faircloth says:

Loving the classic hardcore cross gabber mixes you do. Rotterdam records
yeah nice.

Damian Ketting says:


djdjerojr says:

Thanks alot mate

hyperjudas says:

What program do you use for your mixes?

djdjerojr says:

Might come as a surprise, but Sony Vegas actually. I have to match the BPMs
by hearing them but I like it this way. It’s actually a video editing
software with hardly any functionalities for Audio mixing but I’ve gotten
used to using it and to be honest I’m pretty good with music so I have a
sort of natural feel for mixing and don’t need advanced software.

djdjerojr says:

I’m working on doing all the oldschool labels, and put in all the good
songs, I mix them front to back sorting them from ‘happy’ to ‘rough’ which
makes them sound very natural

Tijdelijk13 says:

nee jij moet ophangen..

djdjerojr says:

Stellgsrtt,Stell, uhh, Heel stellig zegg,sne,zeggen

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