Oliver Heldens DJ Set (Live At Spinnin’ Records HQ)

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Grab Oliver Heldens new release Koala HERE : http://btprt.dj/1qL5Wsb

Oliver Heldens doing a live set in the Spinnin’ Records HQ studio. Subscribe to Spinnin’ TV NOW: http://bit.ly/SPINNINTV
Watch the full version here: http://youtu.be/uOTb-0m5Pqs

Like Oliver on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OliverHeldens
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Spinnin' Records says:

Watch the full version here: http:// youtu.be/ uOTb-0m5Pqs

Devon Harrowfield says:

6:05 someone please?

Eddie M. says:

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but to make really smooth transitions
between songs Heldens likes to lower the low EQ on the current
song AND upcoming song and then slowly release the low EQ on the UPCOMING

Sam Hudson says:

gr8 mix but he really can’t dance

juampi alfonso says:

ya se que quiero para navidad… si, lo adivinaste… una botella con

Delirius TROLLE says:

pq 352 dislikes ? ai algo malo ?

Farkas says:

4:58 song ?

ender g4m3r says:

cual es ,la primera cancion

Andrés Martínez Banda says:

What is name of this type of music?

Jordano Toala says:

1:29 como se llama

Thiago Oliveira says:

7:27 ???????????

Dominic Sem-Mintah says:

whats the name of the track 10:05

Ruben Solano says:

He hasn’t even mixed two song at the same time, that’s not mixing… -.-

thomas hitchen says:

what it the first song called

vicente martinez belloso says:

first song name?

onizuka eikishi says:

The first song its oliver heldens gecko

John Bedell says:

Mp3’s, filters, echoes, flange, delays… – all tricks – where are the
records? Nice mix, but filming a dude pressing buttons and fiddling with
knobs is so boring. Pioneer has made it so easy for folks with no skills to
mix – knowing what and when to mix it is still what makes a good DJ.
Molesting an audio waveform is no substitute for a good mix of records. But
given what passes for “music” – I suppose this is as good as it gets.
It would be nice to see these DJ’s try to mix records with real drummers –
this young pup would sound like a tennis shoe in-da-dryer. Certainly more
interesting to watch though.

Hugo Casañas says:

Que hermoso ritmo tiene Oliver, el House con ritmo a Tech House y bajos de
Deep House es tremendo, espero que siga así, ojalá que nunca se vaya para
el lado del Big Room comercial. 

MrDutchez says:

Spinnin al zeg ik het zelf maar wat een lame booth voor je artiesten..
Zo’n groot label en dan de grootste artiesten aan een houten tafeltje laten
draaien (ookal gaat het om de muziek i know i know)

Onbekendbekende says:

Damn those are some sexy dance moves

TheGaberX says:

dat moves! :D

Dj Bacon says:

he’s a better dancer than i am.

Dario Desaer says:

He has one of the best taste in music

Aurelien Marichy says:

Which is the style of the music please 

XxBlakl3gacyxX says:

9:46??? sickk but name??

Frostey says:

Daaaammnnn! you call this a “DJ Set” ? this guy is a producer and is not a
dj…. he just presses sync a shit load of times

Djyouced youced says:

13:50 ?

Luke Sykes says:

As much as i like Oliver Helden’s music. What the actual fuck is he doing
with his arms and that haha

Johanny Camavilca says:

¿song 4:00 ?

josemi CVP says:

*mas falso que la virginidad de su hermana*

Nish Auluck says:

Joe Jonas 

kaloian stoichev says:

That dance though, made my day.

Anderson WWR says:

vaaai tnc…..top pra caramba…

ezequiel dominguez says:

Tracklist please


witch song 1:26

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