Steve Aoki On Being The World’s Hardest-Working DJ

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DJ and Producer Steve Aoki can play 300 shows in a year while maintaining entrepreneurial ventures and investments on the side. He talks to FORBES about how he keeps his work life together and still enjoys touring at the height of his career.

Music: “No Beef feat Miss Palmer” by Afrojack & Steve Aoki

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Victor V says:

This guy just proves that any idiot can become a DJ. This guy is
horrendous. It’s this new generation of idiots that like this guys music. 

Timo van Vliet says:

But who’s DJing at his sets?

Mr Jameson says:

everybody wanna hate steve aoki but you’re the ones sitting angrily behind
a monitor while he’s touring 300 times a year

Yikak4 says:

Honestly I’m impressed by the amount of work this guy does but I think he
needs to put more time into producing rather than touring. Some of his
music just sounds a bit empty…

Ben Gordon says:

That ain’t hard work, he probably doesn’t even load in his gear, shout out
to the bands that play warpedtour all summer in a fucking shitty rental

Pedro Teixeira says:

HAHAHAHAHA HARDEST-WORKING DJ?! Yeah, right, fucking pathetic title.
He’s got about the same work as fucking Aiden Jude.
Hardstyle, Hardcore, Trance DJ’s have at least the triple of the work Steve
Aoki has.

Tatiana Acevedo says:

So.. if you’re all saying that “he’s not a dj” and insulting him. So.. why
is he so famous? He goes to all this music festivals like Tomorrowland and
Ultra, and everyone seems to be happy and then, you’re all saying that he’s
not a dj? Well, to all haters, I just wanna hear your music, let’s see
who’s better.

Pick up artist-RS says:

It’s funny how his hair bounces when he dances :P

London-boy says:

bum is only interested in cash..

Calvy Edits says:

he sounds like redfoo

LiveLoveMacaroni says:

hmm he’s left handed also

Ear Candy Specialist says:

DJ Spank Master Boogie x DJ Steve RA (Fall 14 Pre Sales Vinyl
Records/T-Shirt bundles)
“RA Boogie: Detroit 313 Experiment” and also “Cotton Candy Glowsticks”

Jacob Thomsen says:

people who try to defend steve aoki are so pathetic. its true that he can
make a party. i saw him two years ago and it was fun, but he really does
not deserve the success that he has because he does NOTHING behind the DJ
set except touching knobs, drinking, and partying. its even obvious at the
live show. if you dont agree, then you know nothing about DJing. <3 

cowboyzsuk81 says:

He’s truly an inspiration 

Hassan Sheikh says:

I went to a Steve Aoki concert, he wasn’t even DJing he was just throwing
cakes at people and running up and down the stage like a moran, while the
music was playing and auto selecting songs………

SHEM says:

“I’m getting better as a songwriter and as a producer”
*drops the most primitive beat in history*

Master Cesar says:

2:05 ” I actually don’t do drugs.” LOL idk why but that made me laugh.

Noah Schiavo says:

Aoki is the biggest poser in EDM history. He pre records his sets, presses
play, then goes around throwing fucking cakes. Don’t get me wrong, he does
put on a good show, but he is without a doubt a poser. Never will I see him

bookmarkthis says:

Aoki the type of DJ (douche jocky) to crack a mans ribs and laugh about it.

geofferzh79 says:

who is he? Well in to my Edm < hate the term edm... anyway... never heard of this dj/producer at all,sorry 

Amir Aliu says:

1:21 song?

Jack L says:

the title of this video is hilarious

this guy ghost produces his tarcks and spends his time on stage jumping up
and down tossing cakes into the crowd… hes the worlds hardest working and
only cake tosser

Clay Ford says:

So Wunderground is making videos now? This has GOT to be a joke…..right?

KGridd1 says:

Does this read as a SNL digital short to anyone else? Do people *really*
buy music from him????

AloneinFiction says:

Oh yes Steve Aoki… The Gallagher of the EDM scene. All the music he plays
are one note wonders. Learn some music theory please. 

gaspingduck says:

What’s EDM? Nitzer Ebb’s Murderous.

Lance LeFevre says:

That has got to be some of the saddest shit I’ve ever seen. What he is
doing on that board is basically what has to be done before recording; set
eq, set metronome, press record. He basically has a 4 channel sound board
lol. 3 channel eq, fade, gain, and volume mashed between two mp3 players
with tempo selection…. I do not know shit about being a DJ but I bet I
could do everything he just did and teach a monkey to do the same thing in
under an hour.

David Leon says:

like if you love touching knobs :D

TheDeltajaguar says:

men you re not dj…stop to lie…
u are bussiness man behind “disc jokey” mask jaja

The Paulstal Service says:

I can’t believe all those idiots are standing around watching this guy fake
turning knobs.. Pisses me off.

ktfreak4jesus |DJ K-leb| says:

Hardest working “Producer maybe” not a DJ.

Lukasz Kopanski says:

omg, what a crap. why people listen to this crap ? because its trendy ?
this sound is like shit mixed with urine.

Dávid Kisabonyi says:

what an absolute knob.

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