The Partysquad & Dirtcaps – How Many DJ’s (Original Mix)

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The Partysquad & Dirtcaps present How Many DJ’s. Download on Beatport NOW :

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When The Partysquad collaborates with Dirtcaps you can expect some drum-roll heavy Dutch House power! And that’s exactly what you get! In addition, “How Many DJ’s” boasts some incredibly uplifting vocal work. It will have crowds gastping for air!

Blasterjaxx : ‘Nice’
Swanky Tunes : ‘hahaha, love it!’
Basto : ‘Will play’
Tommie Sunshine : ‘HUGE! SUPPORT 100%’
Benzi : ‘Biiig tune’
Victor Niglio : ‘Great vocal’
Bl3nd : ‘nice’
DJ Flava : ‘Will play!’
DJ Irwan : ‘Another banger!’
Mightyfools : ‘Support for the bro’s
Austin Kramer / Sirius XM : ‘MASSIVE!’


MartineSDesign says:

Massive track !

Rafael Santos says:

I’m afraid to add this song to my mixes

MrAeroHD says:


Shroom says:

Sinterklaas gaat twerken

MrSelu333 says:

Copied of tsunami ¬¬ 1:28

[MBT] SNAKE92FR says:

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh partysquadddddd

good workkkk… go see my chanel pease ,-)

Tinu says:

remove the vocals

Lone Ranger says:

mooi nummer
nice man

SecondhandHolster says:

Hated this song but it’s starting to grow on me! :)

Stedehouder Vlogs says:

Awesome echt cool!

Nelis22 says:

many dj’s will die tonight hearing this….

Eno Games says:


jeffrey burema says:

best part at 1:29

TRenswoude says:

FeestDjRuud Remix is so much better! 

Igor Antic says:
ErazorDJ says:


Святослав Сушко says:

Музичка бомбезна.Для активованих….

RedDotDaanGaming says:


Jose aguilar says:

I kind of like it… Anyway, everyone has their own opinnion!

Auria Amin says:

This is terribly produced

Eric S says:

How many DJs would rather die than play this song?

Nynphierno says:

I really like that vocals it’s something different but that drop is bad

Carlos LOKO says:

1:26 speak what we are trying right now?

Smeer Kaas says:


KseyR44 says:
Nynphierno says:

Give me better drop :/

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