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The first in a series of online Turntable Tutorials aimed at DJs who are interested in Turntablism and want to develop new technical and performance skills on the decks.

In this first tutorial, I advise beginners on how to get started in a step-by-step introduction to Turntablism. Tutorials to follow will cover topics including scratch techniques, beat juggling, and DJ equipment.

I hope you find this video informative and entertaining, and I welcome any feedback.

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Ciliary Flush says:

I dont know if DJ angelo reads and responds to this comments, or anyone
else can help me, but i need some help. I recently started with
turntablism, and im having a hard time finding the right vinyls to use,
what are the best tracks to start with? And can anyone tell me where to get

Kool Ken says:

I’ve been DJ since 2001, the boom of the CD players/Controllers. But really
wanted to get back to the turntables. DJ Angelo and this course is going to
help me. You a beast on them 2’s. Thanks DJ Angelo

wagdee wagdee says:

Valeu dj Angelo muito bommmmm vai me ajudar mesmo.

Sidy Ahmed Seye says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

RetroRumble says:

on behalf of all newbists thank you!

RAAB0601 says:

technic 1200s?

xTRiKzZ99 says:

Heyy I’m a beginner and I don’t know were can I get my hardcore Records.Can
u Plz Help Me!Thankx Message me if u got answer:)

OriginalSin42K says:

best tutorials I have found on youtube

superlonj says:

hey so i have the reloop terminal 4 mix and i know you use it so i just
want to ask if serato dj intro is enough to fully express yourself.. its a
nice controller with really nice joggs.. kinda miss serato itch. what do
you think?? scratching’s still pretty nice n i can do a lot but not
enough.. can u recomend a controller.. i know its off topic but i’m giving
my technics 1200 a rest..


@MrTrevRand numark tt200 or numark ttx

LookatthatSH1T says:

So setting the angle of the cartridge will wear your records down faster.
But does the same go for setting the counter weight and height to 0?

DjMiNuS420 says:

Ha ha, I use wax paper to cut out for under my slipmats like 8 years ago.

freedompeaceandtruth says:

just got the needle thing working at that angle, makes all the difference,
great videos, cheers bro, peace

Austin Changle says:

can any one tell me where i could pick one of these up? and what a low
priced one of these would be

zNazaretu says:

@3AJ12 sure

Theorigionaldjsdot says:

haha. ya know what!! ive been into dj’ing for about 14 yrs now and (as i
know it all) i did not know what the antiskate was for, (duh) plus ive
never thought of setting my carts at an angle either, (again,,,,cos i know
it all) oh well, i learn something new everyday. nice one angelo. cool mate.

JamKV2 says:

Hi Angelo, I love your tutorials, I have learned a lot! what can we do if
the vinyl is a bit concaved? if the concave side is up, the vinyl is too
slippery, the corner of the vinyl is a bit high and when you touch to
scratch the neddle jumps easily… is there a solution for that vinyls? can
I deformate them to put them plane? thanks a lot!

Naki263 says:

thanks for the tutorials man they help out heaps i only just got myself a
numark ns7 .. hopefully get turntables soon but your videos help heaps
cheers man

djchillwill2257 says:

finally someone who can show a bro how to scratch=)

andy maguire says:

we used to use pages from a magazine

Patrick Paredes says:

Hey Angelo I recently bought a new turntable set-up and it was second
hand.. the crossfader looked like it needed to be lubricated, any tips to
keep that slick ?

tubamilk1 says:

Thanks a lot for these videos man!

djr0llag says:

Totaly Agree on the Shure M447 m8. like your idea bout the angle aswel. &
The Mixer lol

hitpoint3 says:

i have Numark Mixtrack Pro and Serato Dj Intro software.. can these
tutorials be usefull for this equipment?

iant88888888 says:

Thank you for your tutorials I have worked through them all, I’ve been
having a lot of fun on my pioneer mp3 decks scratching.

thegreatgonzalaz says:

have you used alot of Traktor Scrach Pro Software? If so do you like it?
what do you think about NI’s Dj controllers?

sean liu says:

I thought he was gonna use the paper for the place mat, so when the paper
ripped, i was like OH SHIT, but then he used the plastic part : )

joe mcgregor says:

the imfamous technic 1200s

Thomas Lilwayne says:

Technics SH-EX1200

Zander Cage says:

thank you my man…..this is helping me on my numark ns6 as well. I
appreciate it very much

Chris Clarke says:

@eddsworldizawsom22 heres a good starter pack, i used it myself when i got
started… it direct drive, ipod compatible, its got slipmats and
headphones, etc. its the Numark iBattlepack its $300 but its got everything
(including the cartriges)

DJPoke2 says:

Is this only for vinyl turntables?

djsandrocosta says:

23 degrees on the record will spend more?. You use the extra weight in the

derrieckgates745 says:

what does the laptop due for the turn tables

Bartbfbb says:

this guy looks like the fusion of dj qbert (asian) and grandmaster flash
(hat). no offence, just a joke 🙂

Gamtal says:

@DJAngeloUK Nice scratching man ! I have a little question and I hope
you’ll understand my bad English. What do you think about Beat Juggling
hamster (Reverse Cross-Fader). Is it possible ? Some people say it’s
faster. Because I’d like to learn scratching hamster but I want to beat
juggle too. Again, sorry for my English.

BrownRiceLightning says:

whats the song in the first 15 sec called

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