Why the F*ck Does Every Guy Want to be a DJ?

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Music by Chris Heskett
I have no problem with somebody choosing to be a DJ but it’s hard not to notice the influx of DJs in the community lately.


Данаил Георгиев says:


joe mama says:

fucking leave him alone u fucking weak dog cunts he is hectic as

nick mckenzie says:

You are so Ugly !

Lachie Bourke says:


jordanizman says:

Kid you’re a faggot, DJing has been the best job I’ve had so far and where
the fuck are you? Fucking flipping burgers at hungry jacks and shit

EnzohGhee says:

I wud fuck u

mozes xmoe says:

Whut teh FCK of motha Marias penis is a hungry Jack?!

Alex Reyes says:

He only has 38 friends. 

Euan Whiddon says:

Coz its a sick job

LongyTV says:

Hey Man! This was really good. Awesome writing skills you’ve got. Subbing!

Romany Seemann says:

This is great

Marcus Mifsud says:

Why would you be a dj when you can be a producer?

xPrettyAndPolishedx says:

It’s just like Burger King

Andres Rivera says:

1.play music
2.wear 1 headphone
3.do a little dance

camroon1000 says:

love this :”) 

hop2jump88 says:

Hahaha sooooo true

Andrew Torts says:

…I’m a DJ, but I hate the way Dj’s are portrayed in society today. People
think that they are all stupid with no knowledge but i tell you djing
professionally isn’t an easy task but quite challenging. Also so many
people want this “job” because they want the fame and popularity and now
for the god damn passion for the music! 

jake peterson says:

Whhooo 9th comment haha Audie ur fucking funny 

WhySkaR says:

Not sure if Singer or actor anymore.

Jameson Croft says:

nishsomething says:


Heidi vandenberg says:

I have that speaker

liz perri says:

This is so accurate 

rusal9 says:


karma GTA says:

i want to smack this kid..

vipmd says:

I’d like to do it professionally like everybody else of course but not for
the fame and publicity just to have a good job at home doing what I want

Magma Melon says:

Very funny and true 🙂 lol about the hungry jacks part.

Harvey Beans says:

Audie, man keep up the videos you are the best you tuber im subbed to

audiehillman says:

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