Alvaro & Joey Dale – Ready For Action (Original Mix)

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Alvaro & Joey Dale present Ready For Action on Spinnin’ Records. Download on Beatport NOW :

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Alvaro & Joey Dale drop a MONSTER tune on Spinnin’ Records. Electro House of the highest quality grade with some surprises up its sleeve. We are Ready For Action!

Hardwell : ‘Played in my radioshow’
Tiesto : ‘Supporting in my sets!’
David Guetta : ‘Supported in my radioshow’
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : ‘Support’
Afrojack : ‘Support’
W&W : ‘Playing in our sets and supported in our Essential Mix on BBCR1!’
Dada Life : ‘Cool’
Martin Garrix : ‘Support’
Sander van Doorn : ‘Supporting’
R3hab : ‘Played in my radioshow’
Ummet Oczan : ‘Cool’
Heatbeat : ’10/10 BOMB!’
Borgore : ‘Heart’
Joachim Garraud : ‘Support’
Wolfpack : ‘Support’
Swanky Tunes : ‘Cool!’
Bassjackers : ‘Cool’
Quintino : ‘Support’
Cedric Gervais : ‘Nice one’
Sandro Silva : ‘Like the drop!’
Yves V : ‘Support’
Gregori Klosman : ‘Support in my radioshow’
Austin Kramer / Sirius XM : ‘BIGGG!’


Le Sien says:

What a shit song…

BangBang Rookey says:

Vine brought me here lol

Tayfun Erdogan says:

A basketball vine brought me here 

trblackhawk33 says:

anyone else think the beat at 1:45 sounds like the great deku palace from
majoras mask?

codyisland1 says:

How do I describe it, This, and alot of other songs have a emotional or
sweet melody. I dont know… But other songs that make me emotional, Born
To Rage, World in Our Hands, Calling (Lose my mind), Pressure (Alesso
Remix), Reload ext. Its weird.

DreamChaser1366 says:

Loving the build up, but missing the drop

ItsDutchRealLife says:

I swear, this song goes hard in dah club mate.

Brandon Ell says:

That drop doe


First of all its not a beat it called the drop people these days smh ;Joey
nice job on mixing and mastering alvaro nice melody bro love your song 😀
Please go my track in beatport and this is my
new song>>>>
hope you like it thanks for your time :D

Darpan Jain says:

+Trupti Sharma :D

Aneel Tarabeh says:

I’m ready for action

Aditya Nagarajan says:

Best tune In an EDM song!!

SeyeDerit says:

Drop – 1:42

Illusion Brother says:

This wants me to smoke weet and marihuana

Gary LOh says:

a vine brought me here

StealthTiger says:

This and Thunderbolt are the most underrated songs of 2014, they’re

sregi22 says:

Anyone know of any other ‘songs’ like this? With the smooth calming but
dance leadup, then the sick drop? Or just anything similar to this? Or even
just popular dance tracks. I need more of this shit and find it hard to
come by.

lows gm says:

the best song

Anwar Lekki says:

What genre would u say this is???

Tiffany Urena says:

Can’t wait to go to Tomorrowland in 2 years!!!

Diego Sky says:

I don’t understand this song is *E-P-I-C*.

DJ Farrell says:

reminds me of joker inc – smile

TheGearGabber says:

Nice Kanye West sample, big room clowns.

Pilli- Need says:

Me encantaaaaaa :3

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Shits dope and I don’t even listen to dub step… Vine brought me here lol.

Official Klass says:

You’re complaining how bad this song is, and still, you don’t know how to
make a beat…

Robin Visser says:

Een van beste nummers van Alvaro 

sergio roig iglesias says:

La canción esta no esta mal

berni fernandez says:

ready for action

Raphael Lemayr says:

I hate the drop but i buy this song because the intro is amazing!!!

Ritvik Ibn la ahad says:

One of the best

dick cheney says:

nexus plucks OP

Zetsu says:

Found it cause of the vine

Aaron Perks says:

Jumpstyle anyone? 

HeskeyTheTerminator says:

This song just makes me wanna fuk some bitches in dah club yano 

Sin Bad says:

I like how there is something dark and sinister about those drops

GenesisGems says:

Wow….first Spinnin’ Records song I actually like.

Burn the world.

عجلان العجلان says:

والله ياصديق ميوزك كويس :)

Egils Aleksejevs says:

Joey Dale grew big in just a blink of an eye innit

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