American DJ Revo Rave

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• LED DMX-512 Moonflower with very wide Red, Green, Blue & White Beams
• 162 total LEDs : 48 Red, 36 Green, 42 Blue and 36 White
• 5 DMX Channels
• 4-button LED DMX display on rear panel
• Linkable via XLR connections
• Wide beam spread covers a large area
• 3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active & Master/Slave
• Built-in high-energy lighting programs (Master/Slave & Sound Active)
• Beam angle: 29 degrees
• Color strobe effect (fast to slow)
• Electronic Dimming 0 – 100%
• Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable
• IEC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power
• Includes mounting bracket & safety hook
• Power Consumption: 12W max
• Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (100,000 hr. rating)
• Multi-voltage operation: AC 120-240V 50/60Hz (IEC Plug)
• Compatible with the UC3 easy-to-use controller (sold separately)
• Dimensions: 12×12.5×9.5 / 312x316x239mm
• Weight: 9 lbs. / 3.8 kg.

Specifications subject to change without notice.|NAMM%202010%20New%20Products


bigd1576 says:

@ddsc421 Its Sexy Hi Fi by Supabeatz

portnoyfan521 says:

Nevermind my last comment. I figured it out

mmania1 says:

@ddsc421 Shazam picks it right up. Superbeatz Sexy HiFi

SonidoNero says:

not bad would be great to place behind the dj or point towards da ceiling

Jasper Ibe says:

very nice… would like to see a side by side with the revo3

Daniel McDonough says:

Just received mine today and it is amazing, especially the spinning effects
5***** and along with the uc3 controller WOW 🙂 Check out my channel for
the un-boxing etc 🙂 Love it Danny

dorknlove says:

love the light but what is the name of this song its bad ass…

Joey Cyr says:

I love it! But had one that shut itself off every like, 3 minutes or so…
other then that it’s my favorit light when it works!

ddsc421 says:

So has ANYONE figured out this tune?? It’s great!

waveydaveyb says:

I have a Revo III & love it. I will def. be checking into this one.

djboentertainment says:

I really like this light! Keep’em Movin’ ~DJ Bo~

adjlighting says:

@thezone002 – Thanks for the compliment. We really like this effect too!

uptownxpress says:

This looks awesome! love the smaller footprint of the casing.

Ashley Ball says:

I have had this Light for almost a year and there is nothing I can put
wrong about it. All my Clients have loved it as well! Amazing Job

DJAdvise says:

” Very cool” Another winner!!!!

Spokes Mika says:

how do i get it to play continuosly? my goes back to a 757 on the LED
screen after about 30 seconds


whoa! i like!!!!!

Jason Rush says:

This is a badass light!!!

Blackanges says:

Revo 4 ftw 😀

Martin Leonard says:

a revo with a cool pattern that SPINS?? good job adj! I want it 😛 always
wanted to get a revo but I prefer moving lights, so this is perfect.

LimelightIA says:

look more dots everyone loves dots!

bigd1576 says:

@ddsc421 its Sexy HI Fi by Supabeatz

BBBDubb says:

This light is ballin!

Zygomaticification says:

Just recently got this light, and I love it!

portnoyfan521 says:

is it normal for the fixture to sound like a machine gun when I plug it in,
I can not tell if that is a warm up program for the motor, or if it
defective, please let me know thanks!!

Viny8u says:

first LED light that i actually want.

Dave Harris says:

nice, but 29 degrees is not a very big beam angle ;-(

Alex Ridl says:

I have this 1 ,i love it and i have dj revo 1,2,3,and 4 and the sweep and i
have to say that the 4th is the best so far. 🙂

djmarioproaudio says:

nice and small effect very good amdj

RockTheHouse4 says:

I like the fact that it spins, that has been a feature I have been looking
for in a led fixture for some time. I just might have to replace my old
chauvet vue 1’s….

venuesupply says:

At about $100 less then the Revo 4, and it too being a wide coverage
ultra-dynamic fixture for any light show, the Revo Rave is an excellent
choice to add energy and fun to any venue or mobile gig. My customers that
have bought them have all “raved” about the fixture .. heck, take a look at
the video and see for yourself! In stock now!

Matt McBean says:

I want one! To me it seems better than the Revo 4. I like the effect. Def
worth 5 stars!

Ashley Ball says:

@DJBLANC00 Sexy hi fi

Ashley Ball says:

@mmania1 its Sexy Hi Fi by Supabeatz from the Album Sexy Hi FI

bacos21 says:

@portnoyfan521 glad to hear you got it sorted and yeah it is just the motor
going through its start up cycle and aligning all the stepper motors so the
controlling circuit knows where they are and its not out of alignment

John Carr says:

Very nice. Pair this with a Revo 4, all pointed at the dance floor, and it
may look nice!

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