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info on hat e mail
Fran Harty
tunes are from cdpool global june 2014 kelis, rumble the beach extended mix
praxis ft kathy brown , turn me out staffan thorsell mix


Kronicilln3ss says:

Thanks a ton, not my fav songs or style prefer trance this sounds old
school 80’s-90’s-ish for my liking but without it there wouldn’t be trance
today most likely. But thanks for the tutorials as I’ve been spinning for
5yrs and learned nothin really till now and my mixes are improving
significantly due to these lessons learned thanks cheers

Milan Nemes says:

EDM is the biggest ignorant and moronic term ever. electronic dance music.
EVERY dance music is electronic, it might be performed with instruments
sometimes(daft punk, pendulum) but it was written on a friggin computer.
total bs, these muricans are ignorant fucks, spreading their shitty
festival music all across the world with pre recorded dj sets and call it
edm. smh

ellaskins says:
giannis15 says:

Nice video but get a better camera mate

loueiisthefittest says:

EDM… *sigh*

Dave Erving says:

I must say I love your videos. I’ve been a musician my whole life, but just
started dabbling with Djing. I guess it’s just habit or preference, but as
your going 1,2,3,4, I’m going 2,2,3,4,3,2,3,4, etc. I really love the fact
that you leave in your goof’s, it’s refreshing, I don’t know why most
people have to portray themselves as perfect. Sorry, I’m rambling, Just
wanted to say how great your videos are and thank you for making them.

Mashruf Kabir says:

Hahaha man even if I’m tired, your videos make my day and make me want to
learn more. Cheers mate 😀 

Top Notch says:

If I’ve been harsh on you or your hat I’ll apologise 🙂 But it’s just my
opinion for what it’s worth and that’s about two cents/p or whatever. The
counting of bars or beats could help some new aspiring DJ’s better
understand how to mix tracks or what to expect with the majority of
electronica, although the gear you are using and most software takes away
the necessity to perfectly beat match. So now every wanna be is a ‘DJ’. One
thing to point out is that not all tracks are composed to shift every
8/16/32 bars etc. But the basics of 4 beats to a bar apply with a lot of
what you call ‘EDM’ which is just electronica to me. So what happens when
finding a 3/4 beats per bar track that you want to mix with a 4/4? (It can
be done easily and without auto sync rubbish). Mixing or creating music is
something that comes from the heart and soul and maths or BPM matching
*does* have something to do with the process initially – although it’s not
everything, the rest comes from musical sensibility. At least you’re trying
to help the new school, I’ll give u props for that.

Zena Jones says:

Love the hat ..wontttt

arife dj says:

my god .. I want to be your neighbour! :D

JobooGaming DayZ says:


Bojan Ljukovcanin says:

Love the hat! On a side note this tutorial so amazingly useful! Especially
to me,being an EDM DJ things like this that just give me ideas are just the
thing i need! Thank you so much for churning out these epic tutorials.

Davester007 says:

Haha, the volume isn’t on

Chris Yakubovsky says:

Hat has a Clockwork Orange vs Mad Max theme going for it. 

dj red hare aus says:

pua hat 

dj mighty zion says:

Do you mix any oldskooll 88 / erly 90s and do you think it’s harder to mix
? Im just getting good now however I think the newer stuff is alot more
easily mixed the bpms on the real original acid house is all over the place
lol nice hat m8 

ViRtUaLmOnKeY023 says:

Nice hat……

Top Notch says:

That hat bro… Loose it. I’m trying to be helpful.

Micky ss says:

Very good video mate. Helps so much. I’ve been watching all your videos and
you have been a big help thank you :)

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