Bon Jovi Vs Rave Radio & Chris Willis – Can You Feel A Prayer (Djs From Mars Vs Rave Radio Bootleg)

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VIDEO by Fabio Salituro MEZCAL VIDEO


Norbert Veres says:

Djs From Mars !!! :)

Mr.Biaxetto says:

Ecco Cosa sanno fare gli italiani Vi stimo

Straxit [Music Subs] says:

What sounds are comming from Chriswilles & Rave Radios’ Can you feel Love?
I don’t realy hear it.

Luki Loop says:
Jota Chuchi says:

OMG. Just thank u for this

electroFANATIC says:

Can you guys upload The Young Professionals feat. Eva Simons – Let’s Do It
Right (DJ’s From Mars Extended Mix) ?

Luis Albero Irles says:
alexalikantino123 says:


Eny Lofloy says:

pero que carajos son los mejores que haiga escuchando en mi liinda vida
..! xd

Ricardo Andreas Huscher says:

2 Love… 1 Song… Rock+DanceMusic… Top… : )

Maryan Lp says:

vayaaaa mounstrosss !! yeeaaah laaaa ostiiaa! :)

Emanuele Benvenuti says:

una parola, MAGNIFICI, non capisco come fanno dj ad avere un successo
incredibile sapendo usare un solo effetto, siete i meglio, fatevi
rispettare cazzo ! :)

Luca Borzì says:

Meritate più fama di quella che avete, bravi. 

kvajeblostari says:

another great one, gratz djs from mars :)

Will_X says:
Brandt Javier Bernardos Mólner says:

Awesome that listen my Excelent Megamix from de Djs From Mars here

Master Show Vol 05

Emilio Gonzalez says:

you guys deserve EDC heaven

Lorenzo LCgraphics says:

2:10 ahahah :’)

MLK (Official) says:

Sick mash-up… full support!!!

Roby Benassi says:
Jafet Arroyo says:

unos verdaderos genios!! muy buen trabajo

ronaldo martinez says:

Clase loquera. Jajjjajajajaj siiii (y)

B Melcsi says:


Daniel Marcelo Galvis says:

Wooo maestros muy buenos!! 

Manuel Caicedo says:

No puedo con estos tipo demasiada calidad y descarga madre mia! you are the
best! OMG

marlon quesada says:

is not the best mashup (i think) but still awesome!!! good job and keep
going!!! djs from mars RULES!!!!! :D

mikst95 says:


Filippo De Nardi says:

grandi ragazzi <3

Hugo Leonardo says:

Muito irado esse som….very good this hit

emilien mousnier says:

Excellent remix, comme d’habitude! =)

totoboy81 says:

You guys so much deserve to be better known, what you do is just amazing !!

dead mc dj says:


Nuno Oliveira says:

Bon Jovi vs Rave Radio”Like a Prayer”

Ixevor says:

Tanta roba

elcuernito1 says:

Djs From Mars is the best !!

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