DJ Dan & Groovebox – Half Steppin (Original Mix)

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DJ Dan & Groovebox present raw house on Work. Half Steppin is here:
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Woohoo real groovy house music on Work! DJ Dan & Groovebox present ‘Half Steppin’. Uplifting beats and an old school sub bass hold down the incredible swing. Add some fast vocal work and boom, you have a festival bomb!

Cedric Gervais : ‘This is sick!’
D.O.N.S. : Good to see a label such a great history being back. Top track on top!’
Prok & Fitch : ‘Support’
Coco Cole : ‘Fun!’
Muzzaik : ‘Glad to see work back! Support!’
Adam K : ‘Yesss DJ DAN is back on it for sure!’
Oh SNAP ! : ‘Rollin vibes’
EDX : ‘Cool tool’
DMC Buzz Chart : ‘#11 Nice groove as always guys, a good nob to the old school dutch sound from the Klubheadz’


AletheAce says:

Weird and boring 

Ben Jackson says:

did i mention this is great in the clubs


buen ritmo

Spinnin' Records says:

DJ Dan & Groovebox present raw house on Work. Half Steppin is here:

ReusFuark says:

hope spinnin records uploads more songs like this

GhettoTrapMusic says:

Really nice one!

Carlos Acharán says:

da faaaaq my eyeeeeees, dat logo behind

zeles says:

que guapo…ah no que ya e oído este mismo ritmillo 100000 veces al parecer
los dj piensan igual tiene las mentes conectadas…por que eso de copiarse
unos a otros es un mito.

Mikey Yates says:


Quantum Drift says:

Dat vibes <3

sneakymode says:

Fucking big room house fuckheads disliking some difference in house music,
just shows you how some idiots here are narrow-minded in the term of

Green Geralt says:

Ez kinda Coronita,nem?

silver ghostable says:


FSousA7X says:

Banished Logo

Fran Caceres says:

i’ve been thinking… this would be great in the clubs

EDM Skorpion says:

drop -> dextro-rene amesz

Ben Jackson says:

this is great in the clubs

Michael Rick says:

like african swag by schumacher

De Mora says:

seguir hablando de el mientras el se hace mas famoso gracias a vuestra
envidia…. si es tan fácil hacerlo ustedes :D


old school & NEW SCHOOL

Orin Hampson says:

you need a big bass system to enjoy music like this to it’s fullest if you
don’t have a sub then you missing out

dastan181 says:

This song has the exact same beat as Eargasm by Groovebox & Blaqwell. Wow

TheEDM Space says:


Héctor Luengo Guerra says:

What kind of music is this? 

Alexandre Malboeuf says:

The best place for this is… In the clubs.

Filipe Bernardino says:

What’s up with the clubs here, sounds good to me, where’s the damn club?

Jose Lugo says:

suena bien 

Jent Borgstijn says:

eindelijk weer eens een lekker housenummer :D

BBM says:

Your half steppin music brah.. C’mon Spinnin Records

Nicolas Ruggirello says:

Supported by Umek

Pinggvan Pingvun says:

Szerintem ez nagyon egyhangú

Jeffrey van Doorn says:

Lovin’ this track!, keep this stuff coming !

Guille RS says:

¿Donde estás @zeles que no comentas? 

Giovanni Giusseppe says:

why so much dislikes??

y01ru13 says:

+ben Jackson, you’re awesome haha

metalmaster76 says:

i like where house music is going

Mihai Iulian says:

I think many people don’t listen to tech house. As Ben Jackson said…

BROris says:

Why so much dislikes?

quinten blokker says:

Lekker hoor

Aged Marlin says:
bruno cruz says:

24 like

ardit hoxhaj says:


Dion Nijman says:

Not the best song 

Ace1998ya says:

+Ben Jackson did u know that this is great in the clubs? Cuz it’s pree dope
in dem clubs

Juan Martín says:

Esto lo hace mi primo de 4 años :/

yoyomama yomam says:

Is it actually this easy to upload to spinnin?

KAASHU911 says:

got me moving though

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