DJ EZ classic UK Garage set in Mixmag’s Lab

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1/ DJ EZ – Intro No.7 [Warner Dance]
2/ Done Me Wrong/Bax – Mosca [Numbers]
3/ Jon E Cash – All About The Sex (Instrumental) [Black Ops]
4/ Pied Piper & The Masters Of Ceremonies – Do You Really Like It (Acapella) [Soul Food]
5/ Woz – Reach [Black Butter Records]
6/ Jameson & Viper Selecta – Urban Hero [Selecta Instrumental]
8/ Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Element Z Remix) [Riddler Records]
9/ Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (DND Remix) [Relentless Records Limited/DUD Productions]
10/ Redlight — Basscone [Polydor]
11/ Lil Silva ft. Sampha – Salient Sarah Good Years
12/ DJ Zinc aka Jammin – Hold On [Bingo Beats]
13/ S.I.A – Little Man (DJ Q Remix) [Long Lost Brothers Records]
14/ Wookie ft. Lain – Battle [S2S Recordings]
15/ Disclosure ft. Eliza Dolittle – [You & Me Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records]
16/ Dem 2 – Destiny [Lock On]
17/ Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (Steve Gurley Remix) [Lock On]
18/ DJ Zinc – 138 Trek [Phaze: One]
19/ Todd Edwards – Fabric Intro Fabric
20/ Mutya Keisha Siobhan – Flatline (MJ Cole Remix) [Polydor]
21/ Cleptomaniacs – All I Do (Bump & Flex Dub)
22/ Breach – Jack Dirty Birds
23/ Double 99 – Ripgroove Satellite Records (UK)
24/ Cause & Affect – Social Experiment [Beatdown Music]
25/ Tina Moore – Never_ Let It Go (Kelly G Bump N Go Mix) RCA
26/ 24 Hour Experience – Together Nice ‘N’ Ripe
27/ Somore – I Refuse [What You_ Want] (Industry Standard Remix) XL Recordings
28/ DND – Diamond Rings DND Productions
29/ Hardrive – Deep Inside Strictly Rhythms
30/ DJ Zinc – Blunt Edge Bingo Bass
31/ Jook 10 – The Beginning [Vex Records]
32/ DJ Luck & MC Neat – Little Bit Of Luck Red Rose Recordings
33/ Dexplicit -Hench [DXP Recordings]
34/ Future Underground Nation [The Way Krunch Records]
35/ Maxwell D – Serious [4 Liberty Records Ltd]
36/ Wiley – Igloo (Wot U Call It Instrumental) [XL Recordings]
37/ Wookie – Down On Me [S2S Recordings]
38/ Danny Weed — Creeper Roll [Deep Recordings]
39/ Cleptomaniacs – All I Do (Bump & Flex Dub)
40/ Sticky ft. SLK – Hype Hype [StickyProductions]
41/ TRC – Oo Aa Ee (Royal T Remix) Butterz
42/ 702 – You Don’t Know (Big Ang Remix) [Motown]
43/ Ed Case – Something In Your Eyes (K Warren Remix) [Unit Five Records]
45/ DJ Bigga G – Mind, Body & Soul (4×4 Mix) [Ruff N Ready Records]
46/ Shystie – Pull It [Bad Gyal Bass] (Fabian Dubz Remix)
47/ Wildchild – Renegade Master (Don’t Know Which_ Remix) [Polydor]
48/ Todd Edwards – Saved My Life [FFRR]
49/ Disclosure ft. Sasha Keable – Voices PMR Records
50/ MJ Cole — Sincere [Talkin’ Loud]

Every week we welcome some of our favourite DJs into the club in the corner of our office. We were delighted to welcome legendary garage figure DJ EZ on to our decks.

Growing up in North London, EZ became immersed in music at an early age, hosting a slew of radio shows in the early 90s before teaming up with Kiss 100 in 1999 where he’s been a mainstay since. You can catch DJ EZ on KISS FM every Friday night from 10PM – 2AM. His deep knowledge and understanding of garage led him to be chosen by Warner Music to mix the highly acclaimed ‘Pure Garage’ compilations and his ferocious, fast-paced DJ sets undoubtedly single him out as one of the UK’s finest.

The Tottenham-born DJ has mixed the latest Fabriclive CD, which can be pre-ordered here, including old skool classics from MJ Cole, Ed Case and Sia as well as newer productions by Disclosure, SBTRKT and Royal T.


Mixmag says:

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Mixmag says:

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Mixmag says:

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Paweł Kacprzak says:

21:30 massive moment ;)

Mixmag says:

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Our fashion editor Riya Hollings and photographer Dan Medhurst taking it
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Sharde Hallsworth says:

Song at 17:40 please? 

legaliseme says:


Fredrick says:

song @ 17:00?

Hugo Davis says:

Anyone know the track name at 20:42 ??

Theichoose me says:

Thank you Mixmag for the set, DJ EZ is a true legend.

Rob McCardle says:

Track at 44 min 46 pls anyone? DJ EZ classic UK Garage set in Mixmag’s Lab

Craigey Baby says:

Yeah.. some alright tracks mixed in there.. not only mixed but done in
style, sadly ruined by ‘DJ EZ’ every few bastard seconds in some parts,
that EZ bullshit propper fucked me off real bad to be honest to a point I
had to pause and select summat else before I got forced into putting a
rather large spider style crack in my LCD monitor, Although.. I obviously
have clicked it back on at some point to remember near the end thinking ‘I
wunt mind bending a couple of them birds over the decks n creating my own
banging mix!!’ but yeah… I believe that if a DJ has the ability to mix
together n produce quality live mix/mashups the audience will seek who’s on
the decks, the difference between glad to hear/acknowledging name of DJ
rather than ‘Wish they would SHUTT THE FUCKK UPPP!!’

famousarmystudio says:

why cant i hit the like button more than once!

22calum22 says:

Wicked but too many sharp cuts, if this was live some of it would be

Richard Kosh says:

song at 19:19?

Dhananjay Mukherjee says:

Such an amazing DJ, with a great sense of rhythm

Elliot Imanpour says:

At 18:50 i thought my pc crashed EZ you tease.

israel mayo says:

see this and think that the internet is going bad or that transvestite XD

bocajrthug106 says:


Chris Kallend says:

You lot don’t know what you’re on about, maybe at a Kisstory night or on
KISS radio he’ll play a smooth set, but see him anywhere where the real
heads he loves a party mash up mix. Way more entertaining than listening to
the same garage tune for 4 minutes. Check his Boiler room sets for the real

K Mac says:

DJ EZ classic Garage set

DJ Equipment - says:

DJ EZ classic UK Garage set in Mixmag’s Lab it’s EZ time !

coziasu says:

This guy really sucks at this mixing thing

MILESY 014 says:

Absolutely brilliant! EZ is a legend, best DJ around in my opinion.

dave lee says:

song at 12 mins 14 secomds?



DJ RHitz says:

19:59 says it all really

Daryll Moto says:


Lou Ellen says:

U.K. Garage legend DJ EZ… Givin it 100% & then some !!!

Tristan Vincent says:

jeezzzzzz this guy is good

Fredrick says:

song at 16:00?

JJsickman says:

Cant wait to see him in Manchester at WHP!!

Yusuf Shah says:

omg!! its the way

Saturnine Spy says:

This is mixing! none of that juicy M bullshit!

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