DJ Lesson. Mixing with Vinyl

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DJ Lesson. Mixing with Vinyl.


TheShufflebuff says:

Nice kids toys in background :)๏ปฟ

liquidjunglist says:

Use vinyl only vinyl anything else is cheating time coded vinyl is cheating
period vinyl rules๏ปฟ

fireflame608 says:

This looks so Much harder than normal CDJs and DDJs glad they come up with
those ๏ปฟ

justLeeroyedIt says:

Thank Allah for CDJ’s!

TheTechnostudent says:

“You dont play with sync?” “6:47”

alecman95 says:

Jay-Z said.

G Ameer says:

this is what i was looking for…. counting the bars and mix…:)

Slackii72 says:

Yep. I play play mine daily. Had mine for about 18 years now.

Dimitri T says:

no its 8.33% not bpm.. +-100% is increase of a full octave. 100%/12keys=
8.3% per key. Different song have different bpm and will result in
different key.. ex. song with 20bom need to increase +20bom for full
octave. song with 80bpm need to increase 80bpm for full octave.. // btw
thanks for the link. useful

EiBmaennchen says:

me too ๐Ÿ˜€

Abraham Peralta says:

This is where “REAL” DJ’s Come From.

EiBmaennchen says:

me too ๐Ÿ˜€

TimoNskyKG says:

6:47 !! Hi is my MASTER of all ^^

ronbeat says:

got it! Dj tutor played that tune before! it was a tutorial with blinded
eyes.. just to show us how to mix only using our ears… it was beautiful
at the end of the video with that chorus. ๐Ÿ˜€

EiBmaennchen says:

me too ๐Ÿ˜€

Albert SV says:

buy a ney fk camera mennnnn

Isaiah Furrow says:

once again, informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work! Thanks
again for what you do, making these videos must be a decent commitment of
your time. Much appreciated.

mo6meijer1999 says:

You apear to like stuff to put on your head lol

Tester2244 says:

What about digital vinyl’s? That’s how I do it nowdays.

fimpson says:

great tut – thanks for that man. But what about mixing from the end of one
song into the start of the next? same deal I guess but the counting the
bars would be different

iTomAnks says:

What with the wig? Great tutorial though

lronne says:

Great tutorial … as always!!!! Is it a dog walking around in the

weirdnessbeardness says:

So nice to see a dj on * vinyl* with not a laptop in site. : p

Dimitri T says:

Because of that I had to search it and learned something new..

ellaskins says:

we all have haters in this life. I have a few who live up the road from me,
but i don’t hate them, i just think they are very stupid ignorant people
who have no idea about “giving and forgiveness” makes life more

VJbasti says:

Hey J! Still Love your videos. But I’ve nearly watched every single one of
your videos, so it’s not soo very new for me. I would like it if you would
post more videos like bsr; talking about the psychologival aspect –
especially about the “crowd reading”. Continue what you’re doing. Much Love
from Austria! ๐Ÿ™‚

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