DJ Lesson Mobile DJ Mixing Techniques..1

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DJ Lesson Mobile DJ Mixing Techniques..1

LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Sweet Home Alabama
Biggie Smalls – Hypnotize
The music in this video has been used for the purpose of teaching.


Sam Walthers says:

dude in every video i have seen you make, you are so self deprecating about
your own skills…. which i find to be bs, i have never seen anyone with
the tempo fader control that you have. your friggin ridiculous keep this up

John Cock says:

Take.that back
That first” transition”

bob blow says:

sweet home chicago?!?!? hahaha

Mark Bailey says:

crowd is jumping around eating bananas? racist much? LMAO!

John Cock says:

Sweet home Chicago and if you don’t the other track where you been the last
some odd years… Lmao.
Good info sir but it’s sweet home alabama.

rolf rafael chuquija flores says:

thanks a lot I like and follow the lesson regularly …

djfuego la says:

i been seen your videos for a long time Allaskins for first time a like to
say thank you i have learn alot from you.

Misty Maze says:

U r da man! A zillion thanks for all the knowledge:-) and for the
anti-depression vibes too, eh,eh. 

brian takumi says:

you are an amazing master!!

Nicholas Russ II says:

Sweet home Chicago huh? Phff. And mixing two genras like that are tricky,
but those two tracks do have an harmonious qualities. 

markwhelan82 says:

any delay or echo effect on playing tune works well too,still pick your
cue,for best result for the novice.

joe Avery says:

most helpful man alive

Gio Girsang says:

Biggie smalzzz

ferhan kifle says:

How do u put the song, u download it or put in CD?

scratchedpiedmont says:

Eatin bananas haha

gwaiguy says:

lol, rap into country – that’s one mixed up crowd! Beats my crowd masher,
‘Barbara Streisand’ into AC DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ – actually a workable 16
or 32 beat match! Respect Jonathan.

MrProDJSolutions says:

Thanks for the lesson:)

Daniel's Game Vault says:

I wonder why the master level meters aren’t lighting up on the mixer

Kris Wetzel says:

Sweet home chicago Bwahahaha. Love you :’D

Jewish Montana says:

More videos like this please (y)

bmxrider8869 says:

Crowd jumping around eating bananas! ha classic

ellaskins says:

you can connect another 2 cdj and if you use rekordbox you can

oh_steve says:

you are awesome!


You havent posted any videos about the denon 3700’s 🙁 The vinyl feels so
nice. Im not very good with pitch matching..

Matt Tustison says:

what the equipment hes using?

Danny Poizen says:

“jumping around eating bananas”…???…..smooth lol

Niggly Puff says:

Good video <3 u ellaskins

Mike Clarke says:

“Hypnotize” only has vocals before the 1 when there is a verse following..
in which case the spinback would’ve been more clean. However, if you cut it
after the last chorus, there’d be no need for it, because there is no
vocals before the 1.

Angie D says:

Where can I buy that mixing table at? Do u down load music to it?

ilaria mast says:

I love the way you explain things, so clear and so helpful!


We are currently booking as many events as we feel comfortable doing. We
put alot of time into getting to know our clients to provide them with a
memorable outcome. None of our equipment was in existance in ’87. Our
oldest gear is a set of Carvin 4018 tri amp stacks which have been
retrofitted with all new drivers. We purchased all of our gear from money
made at events except for the loan we took out back in 1988 to get started.

dubekoms2020 says:

it’s cool no one likes alabama…

Sim. L says:


Brendan Wren says:

Lol sweet home Chicago…. All good man. Honestly if you haven’t heard
Sweet Home Alabama before I think you are living under the same rock as
anyone that hasn’t heard Biggy. Thanks for the lesson again Jon and you
touch on mixing in the same key a bit more this time. I just learnt about
the Camelot System harmonic key. Anyway you can touch on this quick for a
video for noobs?

tomforkan says:

I agree with what your saying about ” your not a Dj in you cant beat mix ”
anybody who is playing the music is a DJ , i do think you are not a
professional Dj if you cant beat mix !

Shaun Pearcey says:

Look at switching to digital gear, get a decent laptop and a usb controller
easily portable and modern aha, also its less baggage with carrying cds
around also.

Yan Dammit says:

Hi, I’m doing some reallllly bad farts right now. Any tips to mix them with
fresh air? 🙁 I’m struggling over here!

Андрей Зотов says:

как сюда попал?

Gunnar Swager says:

Sweet Home Chicago… lol

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