DJ Lesson Mobile DJ Mixing Techniques..2

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DJ Lesson Mobile DJ Mixing Techniques..2
re-wind by artful dodger and to be real by cheryl lynn

the music in this video has been used for tutorial purposes only


BooshayLIVE says:

they are the exact same

MrProDJSolutions says:

Good advise.

markybyeah says:

You could also add delay effect to a part the track press pause let it
delay out then bring the next one in

Qwerty Charlie says:

That second Mia was great

salazam says:

Buy cheap equipment, it’ll save you money in the event you determine DJing
is not for you. If it is, then you’ll upgrade to better gear before you
know it (it’s an addiction that becomes no. 1 priority, I bought serato
with the insurance money I was supposed to spend to fix my truck). Or use
credit cards with the introductory 0% interest, and then pay them off
before you get raped.

salazam says:

Then again, not all requests get played… use your judgement. If you get a
request for some of the Biebs and you’re playing a hiphop show, you’ll
obviously skip that one (and alert security). Also, you don’t have to play
the request right away. My DJ buddy does this all the time and it bugs the
shit out of me. I’ll have like a theme of 4 songs lined up that set the
mood perfectly and I turn around and Gangnam Style will be playing. “She
requested it bro!”, “Did she have a gun to your head?!”

xdjfreeakyx says:

what about transitioning electro house to like dirty dutch or something id
love to hear it

George Berszan says:

well, not completly agree with it.. is it true, u must think think and
think again, but, for example, the last mix, in my opinion, is not thing to
do… if u are a dj, as mobile as u can be, u still have to take in
consideration some things, cause, damn, u are a dj… I mean, timing, key
and all this stuffs are parts of our work, parts of what we do. respect for
your opinion, but, in my opinion, some things u can just throw it away…

Michael Di Ruocco says:

super fly

gwaiguy says:

yep, this is a really good way to transition and you keep control over the
mood of the dance floor, which is the key to good mobile work. Here’s a few
similar tips – Nelly Furtado’s Maneater/the Four Seasons Let’s Hang
On/Wham’s I’m Your Man/the Supremes love is like an itching in my heart.
Gangnam style/love is like an itching is a real floor filler! I’ve got
hundreds of transitions like this! This is the essence of DJing, really
knowing your music!

Michael Di Ruocco says:

a good song that could go well with Cheryl Lynn is El Tiburon by Proyecto
Uno. Even though it’s a completely different style (Lating Dance), it could
be interesting cuz they start the same way. Sometimes you need to make
these kind of connections.

David Arthur Hora says:

OK I have to ask Johnathan himself for the best but keep it down in price.

danieln300 says:

nice lesson.

HweeYo says:

What is the difference between mobile dj and club Dj?.

Jon Good says:

If I’m asked to jump from on genre to another, I find it easier to have a
particular song from one genre and a particular song from the other genre
in mind and play the request after about 4 songs time. for example if I’m
playing modern stuff and I’m asked to play something from the 60’s, I would
play Olly Murs Dance With Me Tonight as I know Runaround Sue by Dion goes
well with it. now I’m in the 60’s genre i will play the request. If that
makes any sense!

gwaiguy says:

Isn’t dirty dutch (mostly) electro-house anyway?

Isaiah Furrow says:

Thanks again, You must have practiced a lot to be able to do what you do…
I picked up a Newmark iM1 mixer and a pair of turntables to record/preserve
my father’s records, now I’m playing with the mixer a little, and I’m very
glad it’s a simple one…LOL +1

George Berszan says:

some things u can’t just trow away… sorry for that… and, by the way…
as u say everytime, practice… a lot of practice

salazam says:

A lot of times with request that are totally out of the genre, and dropping
it in/fading wouldn’t fit right, I’ll use a “segue-track” that will be a
sort of hybrid between both genres. Like say I gotta go from 75bpm funk to
a 130bpm pop-house track, what’s a mix of both? Disco. Some earth wind n
fire or some michael jackson will get the bpms up while still being a
little funky, then you can mash into the house track smoothly. Or so I’ve
found. Nothing helps like practice, practice, practice.

DeejayM13 says:

But only if the know what a transition is 😉

Trinivibes4u says:

U great bro

D.J. skriller says:

Love them turntables m8t good job

David Arthur Hora says:

How do you get the money to start without using the bank.

salazam says:

Thank you so much for this. I remember asking you a while ago about mixing
different genres or bpms. I’ve since gotten it down through experience, but
this will totally help the youngsters with the same questions I had!

Azazavr says:

Первый переход из трёх показанных был по моему более менее. В последнем
случае можно было метку переместить на начало женского вокала (IMO), хотя..
Anyway, good lesson!

Heinzfaust says:

omg you put a tripod on top of your DJM2000? lol

Nicolaj Ibsen says:

i would use a that echo on the leaving track to make it a little more

DJ Dioguardi says:

go to my channel for that suppu suppu mix. Good vid.

iamstd2 says:

Club DJ always plays at one location and plays one genre so they can mix
easier and the crowd gets sort of feels in the mix. A mobile DJ gets random
bookings for events and may play rock or country or house or anything, so
while it’s harder to mix, the crowd cares more about what you play.

obrian williams says:

i would like to know more about mobile dj

Star Rock says:

My experience is that the average person, say at a wedding or something,
doesn’t care about mixing but care very much about hearing the right song
at the moment.

DJIceTable says:

they may notice it but they don´t care 😉

HweeYo says:

Ahh! thank you! That was an excellent answer! 🙂

swankey2006 says:

I’m getting new tips on how to DJ changing styles thanks for the videos but
could you help me though I have the pioneer ddj sx mixer I’ve downloaded
the software but I cannot use the songs I have transferred from my iTunes
is their a way of doing this the software is sarato

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