DJ LESSON ON Beat Mixing Using EQ by Ellaskins the DJ Tutor

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DJ LESSON ON Beat Mixing Using EQ by Ellaskins the DJ Tutor


Marcelo12 says:

Hip hop beat/transitions tut?!?

Jeffrey Gruver says:

nice! going to try this when I get home.

JuanyJuanes says:

nice vid mixing with the eq makes tk sound better 

elvewizzy says:

Hey J, could you do a beatmixing tut. on EDM-Bigroom styled music. It’s
pretty easy to mix in House or Minimal. Would be awesome to see your take
on those transitions :D

Anthony White says:

Good Morning J ;)

Cobalt says:

picked up a Numark Mixdeck about a month or 2 ago and your tutorials really
help :]

ellaskins says:
Jesse Durnin says:

What is the song on the right deck?

Eduardo Vivas says:

Liking the HD Vids been a while since ive clicked on your videos

Collin Sleuth says:

Beautiful , every DJ needs to know this more than they know


What tracks are used here?

k MANN says:

am in KUWAIT near you :P

fabio rella says:

not first

John Dunbar says:

Does this matter only with house, or could it work with DNB?

Rodrigo Segura says:

God bless Ellaskins!

Cody Lee says:

You should have a tutorial on different methods of transitioning at drops/
build ups.

mcgarcia21 says:

Very Helpful. Simple but effective. Thanks!!

polak29r says:

can anyone please I.D the second track (left deck) thanks :-)

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