DJ LESSON on MIXING DRUM and BASS for the DJ who can’t beat match

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DJ LESSON on MIXING DRUM and BASS for the DJ who can’t beat match
The music in this video has been used for tutorial purposes only.


Arkhade says:

sync doesn’t usually work for dnb

psy706 says:


rouncer81 says:

actually it did have hihats, i dont get why pendulum and the rest of the
pop and bass dont use em, are they too harsh for little teenagers to hear?

rouncer81 says:

your house taste is exceptional, but this isnt the… cooler… stuff, but
your my favorite dj and your mixes are good.

hedexdnb says:

this tutorial is very retarded, i understand what you’re trying to say but
this is not the way you go about mixing drum and bass, this is just beat
matching it doesnt matter what bpm it is, its the same, you’re just
explaining how to mix a basic 2/4 breakbeat drum pattern, you should mix
drum and bass atleast +3% of the original tempo to create a nice rolling
flow aswell, its not hard and when you was counting you was out of time

smokejc says:

I’ll match your beats, bitch.

Sound Of AMT says:

More Drum & Bass tutorials please! Could you talk about double dropping in
the next one? I know you have done one on double drops already but talk
about whether the tracks should be in the same key to double drop. Or which
nobs to change on both channels to create a nice blend?

Bojan Ljukovcanin says:

You’re wrong on the sync issue,try doing controllerism DJing and effects
layering with out sync,you won’t be able to.It’s really all depending on
the style of DJing the DJ does,for Scratch artists and DJs who prefer back
to basics old school mixing with no to little effect turntables will do,for
the clubber who layers a few more effects and does slightly more advanced
mixing CDJs are better,for the cotnrollerism crowd…there’s a reason it’s
called Controllerism.

bob junius says:

i don’t know if you maby can beatmatch but can’t let the crowd go bananas.
then i thinks someone who can’t beatmatch but can pick the right songs is a
lot better then a dj who can beatmatch. if you think dj is all about
beatmatching i think you’re wrong. it’s about let the crowd have fun and a
good time

Djwiggy21 says:


camco1388 says:

Yes sync is for pussies but put sync in the hands of a master and it opens
a million possibilites with what they can do without having to beatmatch.
get the fuck over it technology is advancing. embrace it and move on its
not gonna go away so why fight it

smokejc says:

you’re a moron.

LapXGaming says:

Instead of learning how to mix tunes without beatmatching, learn of to

Bojan Ljukovcanin says:

Really,you layered 6 different effect on a 10 minute track managed to beat
match and while doing that managed to mix two to five more tracks into that
one on a non digital system.First off,show me a mixer that can in fact
layer 6 different effect,most have 1 maybe 2 effects at most that can be
done at the same time and lets be generous and say you can pop in one more
trick of your own onto them.People aren’t lazy,you’re just out of touch
with reality,90’s are past for a reason.

playboy1103 says:

if you cant beat match, you shouldnt really be called a ‘DJ’ i think

Pablovgd says:

Nice tutorail. I’m going to buy some decent cdj’s soon if i have enough
money :p What do you think about the numark ndx 400? Thanks in advance!

Commander Tuvok says:

how can someone not be able to beatmatch? -.-

turkeyman321 says:

If you love drum and bass say we do? DO YOU LOVE DRUM AND BASS? WEEEEE

AfonsoSousa31 says:

does anyone actually know what does ATP mean? 🙂

gwaiguy says:

That’s a very narrow viewpoint. The term ‘DJ’ came about to describe people
who could choose the right music to excite and move a dance floor, long
before pitch faders and EDM came around. And not every DJ works in a club
or may not need to play continuously beat matched music. Non-EDM may not
even have a consistent beat to match to easily. Ever heard of live drummers?

Pitfalll2600 says:


Ludwin V says:

Make one for Hardstyle (Hard Dance) please

João Alves says:

Its really simple, if the guy just can’t beatmatch, he is NOT A DJ, its a

Erok BrewMeister says:

@ Playboy1103 I can beat match. But I will tell you what, software does it
better and faster than I could. That let’s me rock some effects and do
other things. DJ the way YOU want to. If the crowd likes it, then that’s
what matters. End of Story.

BertTrump says:

yeah but he’s made 3.5k videos. cut the guy some slack, he’s just covering
it from every possible angle. its a good enough technique that might be
necessary some time or other

Imil (Official) says:

It’s all a matter of relativity haha. I don’t really listen to much music
that’s slower than ~150 BPM. 175 is quite alright.

Bojan Ljukovcanin says:

Gotta love people who are afraid to try anything new and who’s limited
mental capacity stops them from expanding their own knowledge and denying
the growth of cultures.If we’re gonna argue this then what you did wasn’t
DJing either you horribly ignorant person and the only people that are
allowed to call them selves DJs are Radio Jocks…get a brain then an
education and grasp the concept of cultural growth…

downhell666 says:

key is the key i got it

Toribio Gómez says:

duku dujak duku dujak duku dujak duku dujak!!

Kelly J says:


57worldwide says:

Everybody has to start somewhere.

djdjdj3ful says:

Just learn to beatmatch. . Much easier

mark6836 says:

well beat matching is the first thing you learn as a dj so… if you can’t
do that you can’t be called a dj..

gundeduscharsnabbt says:

if you cant beat match then you shouldnt mix dnb at all tbh

DJSkullyZ / Chopperskull says:

Really ? Never tried mixing with it, that’s pretty fast :O

frederik davidsen says:

That is not correct !! you can mix in many ways, there are 1000 ways of
mixing, so, its all about being creative !

DJLegalizeFreedom says:

Its called a controller because youre using a controller. Lol

Yannik2511 says:

What kind of location is where you record your tutorials?

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