DJ Lesson on Mixing Hip hop tunes that are not at the same BPM By Ellaskins The DJ Tutor

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DJ Lesson on Mixing Hip hop tunes that are not at the same BPM By Ellaskins The DJ Tutor


israel hernandeztorrens says:

me siento supermal 

W.A.N.H wearenothuman says:

Wtf was that at 0:21?? Lmfao

96war1 says:

gr8 vid man

john keeney says:

nice stuff bro!


Nice! I can use this.

T Rea says:

that slower track, amazing female vocal, great job on blending it together

TheAssaschan Mixes says:

Awesome tut! Champion.

ocqrs says:


Seannov29 says:

its uncanny how whenever i have a dj dilemma You always just put up a video
for it and it is on my youtube homepage thanks for all of the help with
everything from mixing to buying gear

Dummy Productions says:

I love your set ups

Live dnbassfm says:

As a good example, listen to young buck’s – get buck.. merely from 2007 ..

sony123456789sony says:

what about master tempo on with a wide then put at the same bmp but nice
other way to do it tho will have to give it a go next time I dj

Ariel Waldman says:


LoopmachineTV says:

0:23 homer simpson? 😛

frederik davidsen says:

2.35 sounds awesome !!!!!

mohammed kassim says:

question are the v moda headphones you have worth the money ?

DJ MIRAH says:

This dude is a legend! You motivate and inspire me to keep creative. Keep
up the good work!

Dummy Productions says:

i always wanted to have pioneer gear and i might pretty soon

pegzisdead says:

neither of those two songs hes mixing there are hip hop. ones some fucking
garbage bag commercial trap shit. and i dont even wanna start thinking
about with the other mess is.

gavin nall says:

awesome tip!!! I enjoy going mixing between house and trance and this works

DjTriggz says:

Awesome!! Needed this #getpro

HallmasterDJ says:

Nice one!!!!

Alpcan Altuntaş says:

You are awesome!

Live dnbassfm says:

Sure, feel free to think about it whatever you may think. You can play
“trap” tracks in hip hop sets and vice versa anyways. If you have the need
to differ between.. fine. For me it’s more important if I like it or not,
then in what genre it fits. And if you’d check out young buck’s get buck
you’ll hear exactly what I meant with the comment before.

Markkick says:

Hi EllaSkins , Could you do a tutorial on mixing 2 hip hop tracks that read
very different BPMS , But are actually a simular speed when you listen to
them. Foe example starting on the 1 and riding the tempo until they are in
sync ? It takes practice but some people can just do it flawlessly ?

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