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Dubai DJ Academy.
RESPECT & THANKS to C.K for letting me use his music in this video, if you would like me to possibly use your music in some of my future videos then please e mail me In return you will get links to download sites, your fan page, youtube channel and facebook.
Nothing in this video is given as legal evidence, it is provided for information purposes only


ptakiya says:

is possible, beat match 2 song one with 150bpm and onther 80bpm?

lose3111 says:

you’ve got something on your face

Matt Cantagallo says:

I spent the whole intro trying to figure out what was on his head

Patrick Bastiaensen says:

een twee drie vier. thats duch ;)

Phil Naylor says:

Thing is once you find the place you want to drop in the beat at the
transition point that’s where we make cue points so ill never have to count
again once ur ready this is the beauty of pre working your mix at home
before the gig to make ur awesomeness well…..awesome i guess lol…did u
pressthe beat match button there mate…makes no diff does it its all about
the performance…

Laïa Woods says:

Music in this video is deep house, not progressive house. Those tracks are
too slow to be progressive house (125-130 BPM), and therefore falls into
the genre deep house.

brian takumi says:


Mitchell Vorlot says:

What is that video of yours where you talk about energy in the drop and you
just drop in a slow track right after the energy unload.

I can’t find the video anymore, you had a duck in your shirt!

Psypek .3886records says:

ein zwei drei vier 😀 great tutorials dude

Andrew Wells says:

hi ellaskins i am new to this i am using dj software at the momment finding
it hard to match pitch have you or now of any way that i can match pitched
songs with out the plugging. I enjoy your videos and look forward to more
any advice in general would be great

GunsR4Cowards says:

Wow thanks chap! i can now count to four



Phil Naylor says:

Come on Girls get the footy on eh

Góði Pylsuvagninn says:

check out TempoRaid on souncloud he’s good

DJAnsy Asota says:

I love you funny Video i look many time i have no nexus 2000 pioneer you
show a perfects BPM mixing i see many dj sometime i see it by Festival i
thinks sometime omgs what a shit he mix , i thinks i dj is not born only
mixings , a DJ is for me he can show the BPM and beats groove , for me is
importan ppl feels happy and your Video show this great works and haters of
this shhhhhhhhhhh lern the same we by Video and lern we a Musican play
make one time you 1 Sound self and you see we hard is Compose and after you
mIx you the one Track you compose
and i see many DJ she have 3 part by Video i can only say hahahahahaha ,
Copy not make your one Music and feels happy ,i am happy i found you ty for
your cools Video Demo and when you have time look my Soundcloud ty best reg

Heinzfaust says:

Hey Jonathan, can you do a full mixset video of like an hour or so. I’d
like to see you mix a bunch of tunes without chatting ;). Maybe you can put
the camera above the mixer so we can see what’s going on.

nexus446 says:

I do this often on long transitions but have to plan this in advance as
part of a set with set cue points to remind me of each fade out marker etc,
is there any easy way of doing this on the fly such as if you were to throw
a track in such as a request etc? 

GeoAl09 says:

I imagine prog house is more Adam K & Soha. As well as Deadmau5’s first
album (Random Album Title). Prog house has the long intros and outros and
that side chained synth.

Ironlion NLinCS says:

Agree totally different to the progressive house you will find in most
music selling charts under the genre prog house!
But because its different does not make the “beatport” prog house shit!
Yes some is, like in any music genre, some choons are bangers others are
not so good!
I don’t mind both styles but certainly would prefer the “beatport” style if
I had to choose. A bit more going on, uplifting but yeh totally agree that
it’s more of a house trance than prog house! I honestly think they put it
in the prog house genre to keep it out the electro house genre lol

Phoenix Laforest says:

again thank you much love <3 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

sudexro says:

Many thank’s John! Appreciate that & thank you for all your work into music
domain! CK

VieirinhaJDM says:

what are your speakers?

BohemianAnarchy says:

Can you please a video on mixing the newer bigroom/electro/trap(like)
tracks which have huge drops? These tracks have like good drop and people
go crazy during the drop but many track have this very long gaps between
drops ….how can that be utilized so the energy does go down on the floor?

DJ Dave-C says:

Because Prog house usually has great breakdowns and build ups, i often wait
for the breakdown in the first tune find the first beat after the build up
in the second tune and bang it in on the first beat after the build up on
the first tune, taking the first tune out instantly on that beat…. hmmmm
is that understandable? 😉 you have to find the tunes that fit well
together but it does make a banging mix and doesn’t get boring!

Caio Balthazar says:

1, 2, 3, 4 um, dois, três, quatro

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