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Cengizhan Yavuzer says:

hi dude. can you help me ?
I find it hard to mix deep house tracks.
% ?? i must use to pitch ?

MafionzoR says:

can somebody tell me when DJs are listening to the thing in headphones this
is what they hear right? how can i know what does the crowd hear and what
do i hear 

Travis lynch says:

what kind of equipment is that and how much is it

Bryan Hale says:

I was just wonder what cd turntable setup you have there ?

Bob Waite says:

yow my name is dj blast bob. nice videos!!!

Nils Barth says:

awsm guy!

Alejandro Díez says:

How the hell did he counted the bars???

ElectronicMusicCafe says:

Wonderful Video! Check out ours!

Brandon Ek says:

Lol i love your vids man

RRS says:

Check out my TechHouse mix ! :D

Travis lynch says:

You know a ballpark figure?

Гуглу- нэт says:


GunsR4Cowards says:

I would be a chav for a day an go on Jeremy Kyle show for a setup like this

Gaz Hunt says:

Stick to djing man….those jokes are so tragic! :’) good tutorial btw +1

Zach Broberg says:

J, You kill me. You’re absolutely hilarious and genius! Always learn
something, be it a new word or a DJ trick

Artem Palchevskiy says:

TY for the video! Do you really count that fast? Or this is just a demo and
it really takes longer to count to 32

Paddy Kellaway says:

What are the tunes?

Eduards Liepnieks says:

when u let sec track go u had to turn ur right deck slightly on left to
straight up a beats man:) That would help u a lot on ur mixing to look 50%
better even u make some fck up trust me.And another thing u did it actually
is calling”improvisation”- that u can do only if u realy found some couple
tracks looking good for each other.All rest tracks must be mixed like
this.1.Try to Keep ur track selection that they would b no longer or
shorter then 6 min.2.simply follow the standard techinic.–>let go sec
track when u see first one have 1 min left by using ur hearing to see
connection when to push-play.3.Lift the channel up by using ur hearing
when u see 30 min left.4.On ur sec track mixer eq knobs must be turned off
on 10 a clock before u lifted a channel up.-then u slightly turn them up in
the same time by turning down eq on the first track.5.Eq L’s are most
important.Turn one eq down and another up roughly in last 4 sec–to make ur
next track look dynamically——
another part i missed—–>When u start mix 2 tracks together then u have
30 sec to straight up a beats before u lift up a channel;)

Scott White says:

This guy reminds me of Richard Hammond 

Oscar Magistra says:

i have the exact same ailien toy thing

700leinad says:

good vid, man!! inspired and motivated me to do more mixing.

KatzenjammerFuu says:

Excellent video man, can’t quite make out what you say the first track is
tho it’s an absolute cracker

HallmasterDJ says:

Nice Johnathan !!!


Johnathan why don’t you open a dj school ?

gotbudah420 says:

Tech house n techno <3

sudexro says:

Been waiting for the 3 decks mixing tutorial, for about a month now!!!

Adam Webb says:

Thanks dude for the lessons they are very informative! Keep up the good

Yo Hlze says:


letmehouseu says:

You can use your software as the mixer put that’s a pain in the booty.
check out the Z1 by Native Instruments

Feebz92 says:

Cdj on the left. fucken tune!

Bastian D. says:

When in comes to timing issues practice is the most important factor. After
Mixing for roughly 4 Years myself, i can say that you will get the “DJ
Senses” concerning timing. You will stop counting and just do stuff. You
feel when to bring in a song and when not. its just like a feeling in your
stomach 😀 But until then theres a lot of Practicing and Enjoying to do!
Big ups J, for still bringing up such good work after all these Years!

trsk says:

I actually learnt to DJ without counting, just relying on my gut and
musical instinct. Works well 🙂

msspotme says:

nice job Johnathan i loved how you finally mixed the two together in the
end seamlessly mmmm yummy!!! Lin oxoxox

Kadosa Juszel says:


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