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Close How To BeatMatch + Lessons On How To Become A DJ Fast

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TehObLiVioUs says:

he is SO “AFRAID OF 138!” ο»Ώ

nathan brown says:

what’s the song at the start of the video?ο»Ώ

beatmakervideos says:

Check out my site, we’ve put together a full course that explains pretty
much everything. From how-to’s to getting your gigs.

djkoolaid253 says:

Yes maybe so. But still it’s helping me out, once i get it down i will get
a vinyl turntable.

Patrick Pache says:

Kick me in the face nose bleed techno trance stuff… so epic man πŸ˜€

beatmakervideos says:

You can buy it online by visiting the link in the description. I’m not sure
about the payment methods for SA but you should be able to buy it.

Old Account says:

What is the first song?

trolface234 says:

How us the song on the right deck named?

hacky33 says:

why dont set a cue on a beat set the pitch and boom. that’s way easier?

beatmakervideos says:

Thnx man, appreciate the feedback. More videos on my site

djkoolaid253 says:

Right now i have Dj virtral. Not sure if you heard of it. But i need a
cheap dj turn table any suggestions, for new people?

Reflex says:

this is like the only decent beat matching tutorial on youtube

beatmakervideos says:

I see what you did there πŸ˜‰

Hein MΓΌck says:

yesss right it feels perfekt hehe. thx for the cool video

Motlogelwa Moses says:

i am in south africa dj friend how will i get it

teebeekid says:

lmao love this guy already in the first 4 min

whoknows6806 says:

Who’s afraid of 138?!

whoknows6806 says:

Jerk of a dj, bashing on a different style. 125bpm house is extremely
boring and repetitive in my opinion but I wouldn’t go around bashing it.
Also your beat matching tutorial sucks anyways lol

Aaron Dass says:

wats the tune at the start of the video great video helped alot

Abusive Sloth says:

I personally think this is more fun to do when DJ:ing, but with some genres
it’s not fun at all, and sometimes if I get into a really tight spot where
I really have to change into a song after like 30 seconds, sometimes I use
the synch button since I really can’t fuck up too much on a gig. Electro
House and progressive house is so much faster with more drops and sometimes
I don’t have time to beatmatch 100% properly unfortunately

spongestar squidpants says:

@djkooaid253 theres nothing wrong with controllers unless ur cheating. Its
a great way to start out. I reccomend a pioneer wego. It has vu meters,not
that small platters n effects buttons,n more. I started with vinyl btw.
Digital opens up the world of effects and harmonic mixing. I would. Id put
the laptop beside the controller instead of infront. I never understood why
people do that. Connect with the crowd. Dont hide behind a laptop. Happy
djing! I would an extra controller like an apc20 too

beatmakervideos says:

Word! Practice makes perfect. To many young DJ’s try and learn it all to
fast only to get frustrated and give up. To learn fast you either need a
good mentor/teacher or you grab a solid guide like we have on our site it’s not going to happen over night but the more you practice
the better you get no doubt!

Gatv77Official says:

Where is this arena at 0:00 – 0:05

Kevin Gonzalez says:


gonzalezz okombo says:

thats nice.

rainmaker6920 says:

unless you’re already quite skilled, if you start out with the readings the
same, listening to it w/ the montors/headphones, or worse, just in the
headphones… It’s very difficult to tell them apart… There’s nothing
that stands out – one over the other – that’s why you’d WANT to hear
something faster or slower in the headphones… i.e. just to hear which is
which… Granted, you may have the kill technique… Make a video.

Tomas Zinkevicius says:

Virtual dj is a bit of a cheat, where you can sinc your tracks to beatmatch
together. The only way to learn is to go for a old school vinyl turntables
or a cdj’s, and a decent mixer.

clubzen says:

lol this guy is fucking great! and i got some more insight! thanks!

Eorthil says:

You are afraid of 138? πŸ˜›

DjCalliber says:

As long as you can see the tempo and you practice everyday for an hour for
about a month you can have it down and it’s easy.

rainmaker6920 says:

Hey brother, BTW… fantastic tutorial… πŸ™‚

rick mage says:

lol, 138 bpm is “kick me in the face” speed?? :p

zoakercodfather says:

Whay genre of music is he playing

Hudson Bridge says:

What mix of intoxication is this? Great tutorial btw

Darkholicz JR says:

can you please tell me the name of the song please

Xyloblast says:

I did this, my songs are in beat for few seconds and then they go off
again? Why I thought when it is matched it is matched?

LeavingTheMicropolis says:

ur so cute πŸ˜€

nowisnever says:

What’s the name of the track at the start of the video??

Michael Hutchinson says:

i lol’d

anon typo says:

OMFG his face is he high?

rainmaker6920 says:

A thousand techniques of course, this one similar to one you’ve
illustrated, but just for the benefit of anyone it might help: A LONG time
ago, learning how to tune a guitar, my teacher said, it’s easier to hear
the vibrations sync, sneaking up on it from low to higher… And it’s true,
to make the translation: If you wanted to use the BPM counter for something
useful – say your program is @ 125… Set your cue at 120 and sneak up on
the beatmatch. One might call it “underpitching” ?? IDK

Antu Cansei says:

whats the name of the first song ??!

spongestar squidpants says:

@djkoolaid253 oh and if u find its not for u then id become a
controllerist. Its still creative but its not really hip hop. If ur an edm
guy then it wont matter. Djs use decks n a mixer or controller equivelant.
Controllerists like ean golden use controllers differently.

Peter Hill says:

good work,

Jimm uoker says:

69 likes XD

BeatMakeItClap says:

Hey disrespectful asshole that you call a DJ, just because it’s not “your
style”, doesn’t give you the right to bash on it like that. Way to look
professional you fucking jack ass, and way to bash on one of the genre’s
that pretty much started EDM. Go fuck yourself.

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