DJ Mixing lesson How to mix in key to keep the flow of your set.

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DJ Mixing lesson How to mix in key to keep the flow of your set.


Trini Love says:

how do I mix two different keys withouut making the blend sound messy

Trini Love says:

are they different keys (eg. one em and the other f#m)

Jake Desaire says:

best dj tutorials on the internet

Kay Hohmann says:


Christos Orphanides says:

ellaskin ,i am 21 years old i was watching your videos when i was like 15
and i learned everything from you ,i am from Cyprus an island in
medditerian sea near Greece ,i worked in various club until now ,i just
wanted to thank u for your videos and the advices and lessons,so i
appreciate what u are doing , like this comment so he can see it thank u

endesheh says:

Man it had been a while since I watched you amazing videos…Damn I had
missed you dude. You were a great teacher for me for years!!! You even made
a video for me once like in 2007ish called “3 ways of conecting your
speakers, MR/ MRS DJ.”!!! You rock man!! Keep it up and always stay young,
happy and energetic!! 😉 One of your biggest and oldest fans! Cheerssss!

Luis Fernando says:

You should make 1 mix live!

Qwerty Charlie says:

i never take notice of right and left because i dont know thenm myself

djgioc says:

@ellaskin how do you like the Qmoda headphones vs the hdj2000

Oliver Radulovic says:


Rekoyl116 says:

you literally explained nothing about mixing in key

MultiKOkice says:


TheGemicore says:

ellaskins awsome as always

ZaccfearOfficial says:

4:10 what the fuck is that !

Beatwolf says:

Still going strong ellaskins!! Keep it going, we love you!

Quinten Curtis says:

thoughts on the v-moda headphones??

sudexro says:

@ellaskins: Hello mate! Been trying to contact you over facebook: I’m
willing to ask for a 3 decks mixing tutorial; I owe 2 x CDJ 2000, 1 x CDJ
900 & 1 x Xone 92. I like the way Cristian Varela been playing @ Pioneer
DJsounds but I’d like to have a full video from you too! Kind Regards! CK

TylerInsanity says:

Dat subliminal messaging

DJ_Depopulate says:

hey ellaskins, thanks for uploading the tutorials/ help videos they do help
a lot, i’m new to the DJ scene and i was wondering if you could listen to
my mix on my channel, and maybe give me a few tips if you think there are
any improvements to be made? thanks man

Yuri Mc Conell says:

Thanks!!! Excellent!!!

Stephen Snow says:

Hey bud, nothing was explained here about mixing in key, you just mixed 2
tracks in the same key without any explanation as to how you found out they
were in the same key.

ReboyGTR says:

Are those LP’s or M-100’s?

Devynn Payne says:

YES! New video! 😀

Matt Bookbinder says:

another brilliant video. keep em coming!

187onaPigeon says:

Yes, second on Garage…

moon videoz says:


David Acevedo says:

is this outro to intro mixing plus key mixing?

Ratko Santrac says:

Use the f***ing mixed in key or Recordbox or something bro …

Tyme says:

Have not watched your videos in a while. Still as good as ever !

Zayd Bennseer says:

No it isnt unless you get a piece of equipment such as the native
instruments x1 mk2 which is one small piece of equipment about 170£ which
controls 2 decks research it

werdnarox says:

You should try do some Dubstep cutting, given that you find the right
tunes, then you can upload a tutorial on how to cut beats with up-faders/
cross fader.

Kareezy says:

Damn. You really got me picking my nose. haha

ABoyCalledThomas says:

“Pick a nose!” Haha :p

maurice kuipers says:

I like your dj lesson, greetings Maurice

QuackScoop says:

Your hands on approach to teaching is great.

ABoyCalledThomas says:

Well, he has tons of videos about that subject matter so why would he
repeat himself in this video? Don’t be lazy chap, go and check them out on
his channel!

gilboogie says:

Rock and Soul T-shirt. Niiice. Were you in NYC recently?

Gareth O Toole says:

Hey ellaskins love the videos , keep bangin them out ! I’ve been Dj’ing
since the mud nineties and I still learn something new from your videos
cheers from Dublin, Ireland 😉

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