DJ Spoox – R.A.V.E.

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The video for my new song “R.A.V.E.” this is my first time making a music video with Windows Movie Maker (My 1st time making a video at all) I no longer make rave music but i hope to get around to doing another track like this. If you want to hear my new music visit:
By the way R.A.V.E. stands for
Radical Audio Visual Experience



Zero says:

Where is my glowsticks???

xblazedduckx says:

holy fucking shit this is the best song to just trip out on

David Price says:

Should make more

caelan chen says:

Fuckin sick, keep up the good work, soft core never gets old

marine76ification says:


08posdom says:

still enjoying it ^_^

DruBoomHS says:

This is a very sweet song. Good job. PLUR

dulciedo says:

awesome mate keep it up

EmmaSCL says:

This is the first time I herd this song! I looove IT!!

driftster99 says:

hell yea!!!

zooyork113 says:

ur fucking gay and sould learn how to spell

Lex Perri says:

this is sick. you need to be on itunes, now. i would buy this in a

BasslineSynergie says:

@RandomtacoMan -has epileptic fit- THIS IS GOOD SHIT

tecktonikfedz says:


cactusmilkrules says:

read my comment again i think you miss under stood what i meant

cactusmilkrules says:

OMG its like $1.40… £1 is 50 cents but it seems you have no sence whatso

cactusmilkrules says:

WTF? they are only like 70p

Settoi pls says:

F*cking Good (y) 5 stars

hidnshadows says:

where did you get the green/yellow guy/girl in 0:37?

djspoox says:


ShapeshifterMusic says:

When did I was going to delete the video, I could care less about 1 comment
of about 500. And I’m going to do nothing about your comment. I’ve got way
better things to be doing right now than arguing on the page of my own song.

jeremy gale says:


DGtheMinecrafter says:

nice 🙂 not entireley rave id say semi-rave but still great

Kory says:

it’s like ear-sex 😀

tuttoz says:

it needs more hardcoreness

rozzabbes says:

this song is dead gud

djspoox says:

Thank you.

Ryan Moser says:

@sumith42ith Your comment… it made me happy.

DTGeek155 says:

Dude. I listen to Rave/Techno, Classical, Opera, Showtunes, Metal, Prog
Rock, Punk, Choirs, pop, and some rap (only the good stuff, aka not
mainstream). No worries about eclectic musical tastes.

DJDRUGS020 says:

Damn, so fucking good !!!

ShapeshifterMusic says:

I don’t really have the funds for that

Man of Iron says:

@StormrageProductions critique others huh? its criticize others.

jagbirisdool says:

@assassin881188 get a youtube url converter 🙂

StormrageProductions says:

I love how people critique others on their spelling then have horrible
grammar themselves.

DevilDogz136 says:

Fuck D.j Guanzo

66AnimeKid99 says:

this is awesome… this could really sell if people buy crappy ass music
this will defo get profit in… gratz my friend you have done well XD

milfman21 says:

and you should go back to school and learn to write you fucking retard

mattyfromtheblock says:

hey this is some ligit shit man sounds great resonates throught the inner
ear when the bezzles start workin proper

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