Dj tutorial, mix lesson 1 for the beginner!!!!!

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hi, this is basicaly my phillosophy behind the pitch. I am trying to explain how it works and trying to give a comparison with the speed of two cars.It’s easy when you know how , but if you dont know how it can be a night mare.
For hundreds more dj tutorial vids go to

practise and n joy!


DJ KRED says:

is there a program or app that will calculate BPM so I don’t have to type
in every title in the search engine? I know the calculations but its nice
just knowing the BPM of a song already

rolf rafael chuquija flores says:

thank you in advance …kind regards

Luca Battaglia says:

reminds me at the early days when I was learning to mix
I have seen this video 7 years ago :’)

Greetings from italy Ellaskins !!!

Thomas Wentzel says:

Sync button 😀 Awsome tutorial. You’re now my dj guru

Jorge Castro says:

goooooooooooood shit men!

Mrgigagooga says:

you know it’s old video if Jonathan has some color on his hair

BirdOfParadise777 says:

Straight forward! To the point! Easy peasy! Awesome to be able to
understand this so clearly from an 8 min video! Only because of the
instructor though! Thank you:)

DjZipp0 says:

ThumBs uP foR thIs MaN!!! tHanx!!!

Lyra Hearstrings says:

lol I heard beanie benassie

5eleCT says:

You just got yourself a new sub. =)

errno sensimilla says:

Nice lesson!!

Meh Johnson says:

HAHA! Already done!

JulianJJM says:

What a waste of time…

victor cruz says:

Just great man thanks!

Elmen El says:

what a great tutorial, keep on mixing. thanks!

thesecretseahorse says:

wow! thanks farhan! this really helped m- shut the fuck up and stop spamming

ImOptical says:

Sync buttons can be good for beginners but this is a really good method to
have under your belt. Anyone can multiply using a calculator, but not
everyone can multiply in their head. It’s what separates the noobs from the

aWeededSumo says:

its just not as satisfying as matching the beat yourself you get a really
awesome feeling when you do it right for the first time

caleb lingman says:

you HAVE been a help, thanks !

Natheer Al Khunaizy says:

I like the way you mix but I was wondering how long does it take to be semi

Baka-San says:

he makes the best tutorials here on youtube lol..he really teaches you how
to mix..not like anyone else

Veeno C says:

Brother, I love your teaching methods. I’m just starting out myself and
this, in itself, was a huge help 🙂

DJ Valorum says:

this video taught me everything i needed to know to get started. without
him, i’m not sure i would even know how to mix today. love it!

O bEDO says:

youre awesome man

housewife music says:

whats the oher track your playing with satisfaction? they sound great

Sto Violas says:

Bro you’re a really good teacher ! thx

ayo101mk says:

thank you soooo much …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bumebi says:

Hey man ! u are a crazy teacher ! thank you !

Xyloblast says:

Why there is nothing wrong with sync…

DJ Falcon says:

you might think im crazy but i can mix mutch quiker with the sync button
but i still wanna learn how to beatmatch believe me or not i make verry
good mixes with my sync button. The fact is when you get on the level of
mixing for public than you won’t have the sync button 95% of the time.
Thats why i want to learn beatmatching and you should 2.

250Bikerboy says:

Hey has everyone seen the technics 1210 limited edition black & gold vinyl
decks they look beautifull!

4oDJezZa says:

started from the bottom now were here

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