DJ Zen mix @ Eclipse Festival 2014 (Stellar stage) [Altar Records]

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ECLIPSE Summer Electronic Music Festival ☾☼☽ Synchronicity!:
Quebec, Canada.

Many thanks to organizers and party people 🙂

Track list:

1- Master Minded “Fearless” : (100Bpm)
2- Flux Natura “The Only Thing They Carried With Them” :…inal-mix/5510360 (105 Bpm)
3- Zen Baboom “Red Frog” :…inal-mix/5510365 (110Bpm)
4- AstroPilot “Veda” : (110Bpm)
5- Astropilot ” Svar-Ga” : (112Bpm)
6- AstroPilot “Back to Midgard-Earth” : (112Bpm)
7- AstroPilot “Stellar Night” : (115Bpm)
8- Solar Fields “Levitate” : (120Bpm)
9- Astronaut Ape “Can Fly” : (120Bpm)
10-Alwoods “Blue Horizon” : (120Bpm)
11-Cabeiri “Interference” (Unreleased)
12-Cabeiri “Cosmic Light” (Unreleased)
13-Astral Waves “La Danse des Elfes” (Demo version, unreleased) (120Bpm)
14-Astral Waves “Deploie tes Ailes” (Demo version, unreleased) (110Bpm)
15-Merlin “Immortality” : (110Bpm)
16-Elea “Yatra” : (110Bpm)
17-Max Million “Skying” : (65Bpm)

[the set was played from 1:50am until 4:15am on Saturday night]


Gabriel Zen says:
Sandra Raid-Winne says:


sonkite13 says:

Amazing set. Thank you Gabriel

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