DJ’ing 101 with CDJ’s, Traktor & Controllers | Lesson 1: DJ’ing Fundamentals | Pyramind

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Allen & Heath Xone 92 Mixer 1:32
Pioneer CDJ 2000 4:00
Basic DJ Set Techniques 6:49
Mixing Basics 15:07
Cueing with Headphones 24:40

Learn more about Pyramind Training here:

Course Overview:

Will Marshall is an in-demand DJ, consultant and coder who’s worked with a who’s who of top-tier talent and manufacturers. During his time as Artist-in-residence at Pyramind, he not only taught the on-campus DJing class but also found time to develop this online class, write new drivers for the Quneo (Keith McMillen Instruments), produce new tracks and consult with a dozen Intl. DJs and producers.

This ground-up look at the art of DJ’ing begins with the basic fundamentals of beat matching, followed by more advanced techniques such as 4 deck mixing, Traktor, effects, EQ, levels, stage presence and psychology, track selection, setup and more.


rio evi says:

this was good thanks

Im Muffy says:

Who the fuck buys CDJs without knowing how to be a dj?

StagsOfficialTV says:

“Two-dick mixing”

o0overspluge0o says:

whats the song at 12:56


epic shirt !

Fred Wells says:

What is the point in CDJs? The whole reason that people DJ with mp3s
instead of vinyl is so they don’t need to carry huge boxes around
everywhere, and so they can get the music affordably. CDs are basically
digital vinyls that are slightly smaller.
The only difference is that you can easily cue and skip to parts in the
track, but then why not just just mp3s…

ktfreak4jesus |DJ K-leb| says:

Thank you for going super in depth. I think I might get the whole course.

Damien95103 says:

Thank you! This is an amazing tutorial.

Bora OZUTURK says:

kemerini yerim!

DJMood Frequency says:

Good points. Thanks for the advice bruvva.

Kyle Gallagher says:

awesome tut! great job! love the tracks too.

Eric Mcdonald says:

HOLY SHIT when I saw the title I thought it said “DJ’ing with 101 CDJ’s”
hahahhaah i was sooo excited to see 101 cdjs..

trackschneebeli says:


alexnba7 says:

Is there, or going to be, any other episodes?

Star Lord says:

You just got to love the Allen & Heath mixer for the rich and full warm
sound that none of the other crap can manage to produce.

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