DVBBS & Borgeous – TSUNAMI (Original Mix)

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The highly anticipated TSUNAMI by DVBBS & Borgeous is out now. Grab your copy on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Tsunami_itunes

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Hype, anticipation and discussion were the order of the day when the teaser for ‘Tsunami’ appeared online. No artist ID was given so heavy discussion followed. Who produced it? Where did it come from? When is the release date? So now we can proudly announce DVBBS & Borgeous produced ‘Tsunami’ and it’s ready to crumble everything in its path!

David Guetta : ‘Tasty!’
Hardwell : ‘Full support in all my sets!’
Nicky Romero : ‘Big! Supporting!’
Sander van Doorn : ‘Huge record In all my sets!’
Dada Life : ‘Cool’
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : ‘Full support in all our sets!’
W&W : ‘Full support!’
Calvin Harris : ‘!!!’
R3hab : ‘AMAZING!!!’
Zane Lowe / BBCR1 : ‘Awesome!’
Pete Tong / BBCR1 : ‘Support!’
Danny Howard / BBCR1 : ‘HUGE!’


psychoticgiraffe says:

wow beautiful song

Gasparap3 says:

Quien fue el youtuber que le dio fama a esta cancion xD’?

Trance East says:

This could be the worst song aside from animals. How do people even like
big room house… Throw in some catchy lyrics and a catchy lead up and have
the same drop throught the WHOLE SONG. COMPLETE SHIT. Listen to some music
that actually takes skill to make instead of this shitty big room house.
But don’t get me wrong these guys are making a lot of money the way they
want to. But this is just my opinion. But if you disagree then thats fine. 

ZllCaCtuZ says:

llegara a 200.000.000?

muaz naveed says:

Can Someone tell me the name of the song?


a a a a a a alexby a a a a a a alexby rubius!

The Chibi NEKO ???? says:


Rosso pontios says:

Song’s name, please?!

PuP Gamer says:

Can you make a lyrics video for this one?

luis vañó says:

Que vuestra vida sea como un TSUNAMI de amor , paz y felicidad : ( feliz
domingo am@g@s) 

- EroS - says:

Hey youtubers & house music lovers, I guess you usually skip these comments
but if you are still reading this , Thanks!
I don’t have any money for advertisement, no chance of getting heard,
All that’s left is this sorry.

I’m a 18 year old producer from Italy and spending a lot of time on making
music and improving, you won’t regret visiting my channel. Give me just a
chance please take a second of your life and thumb this comment up. It will
maybe change my life

Thank you, Eros

johanna ships:pp says:

The best!!!!!!♡♡

Jeremiah Link says:

Sounds like i need to strip 

Valetina Paola Vargas Bolivar says:

A A A AAAAAA ALEXBY hay elrubius

Thiago Padoa Kazmierczak says:

Haha toma seus americanos de merda eu posso zoar vcs o quanto eu quiser pq
vcs n vão me entender! TOMA!!!

jordan salas contreras says:

a a a a a a ALEXBY
mg si viste ese video de el rubius omg

Maziom123 says:

beat is good but for me fan of electeo house … this song isnt good its
for people that dont listen this only pop … same like animals(song) there
are like 1.000views 10x better songs then this

Dragos Secrieru says:


Swizzeh says:

this type of house is trash

tamakikawaii says:

T-ara send me here. 

AngeousOP7 says:

Yo vine por mi puta vida no por un retrasado del rubuis -.-

Small PvP says:

aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa alexby11 aaaaa a a a a a a a a alexby11 XD

NobodySpecial says:

Japanese Hate This Song A lot………

peraltuki says:


suprsonicmariogalaxy says:

Part of this song was used for T-ara Sugar free.

Smith Sawant says:

it sound similar to Flute by new world!

voimyakomunizma says:

Hou can dis video hav 112 milion views if their r only 6 tousand people on

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