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DoctorGreen says:

I’m looking at getting into DJing, I’ve noticed that doing it on PC using a
controller is substantially cheaper. Any controllers you would recommend
for a newbie?

ellaskins says:
Bruce Acosta says:

Why don’t you mix to Techno trance

laxpopov says:

I have a ddj sr..600+ tax its not a bad controller considering everything
you get. Serato effect package is more than enough efx options..considering
that I do have the ns7 well as a rane62 and techniques/cdj 900..what
I see is…the power of portability vs lugging conventional hardware..the
only thing with using controllers is software and firmware updating..

Vinc Scar says:

I’m really sorry but don’t understand the title of 2nd (cause don’t knows)
song someone can help me please?

Paulo Gonçalves says:

Sorry for the inglish, I´m portuguese from Portugall. Congratulations
you’re good.

.ps.No demagoguery lol

Isaiah Furrow says:

once again, thanks much, and keep shining bro….

LuxusNerd - Minecraft What Else says:

Nice hat :D

Eric Antinoro says:


flint westforest says:

my father once said to me,”son,marriage is ok as long as it doesn’t
interfere with ur personal life” pure class……..

mixindave1 says:

where are all these cool house tunes these days?

670joedan says:

Always like the humour part. Lol. I got something to learn tho. Thanks
online DJ sifu!

NU Disco Leemacgregor says:

Great vid thanks !!

jimboburgess says:

practise or keep it real subtle while at 3am when everyone is faced

Vemond Klop says:

I love how you wear a different hat every single episode.

reyzuna says:

that’s not practice men, that is a truly Professional :)

Paulo Gonçalves says:

What I really want to know is If using sync button means I am not dj like a
pro ? and My way of mixing I think it’s different because I like to make
transitions when the sound almost just has the Beat part , can you tell me
if is that wrong ? 

Paulo Gonçalves says:

Hi! I just want to say that Electronic music is my life since 2007 . I
started to play in virtual dj making mixes and now I’m using traktor in my
pc . I just make mixes for me at home. 

jokertube74 says:

Hey there! Do you just used echo effect on the sound? I have a pioneer djm
600. Do I got a similar effekt on mine??

TechMan Yeah says:

Good video. I’d like a lighting video to come out on using simple but
effective lighting because quite a lot of djs are just using lots of
different types of lights and mushing them all together which I guess could
be alright but personally looks a bit messy. I don’t know if you’re able to
relate to that unless I just have a different personal view from everyone
else. Thanks. Keep uploading. Everything just gets better and better with

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