Juicy M & 4 CDJs – NEW 2014

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My new 4 CDJs live mixing video.

Tracks used in this video:
1. Showtek feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson – Booyah
2. EDX & Leventina – The Tempest
3. Syndicate of L.A.W. – Right On Time (2000 Countdown The Holy Digit) (Acapella)
4. Hard Rock Sofa vs. Eva Shaw – Get Down
5. Hardwell, W&W – Jumper
6. Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Acapella)
7. MAKJ & Henry Fong – Encore
8. New World Sound & Thomas Newson – Flute
9. ID – Escocia
10. Lil Jon – Put Your F@#!ng Hands Up (Acapella)
11. Tony Junior – Twerk Anthem
12. Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan
13. Showtek & Noise Controllers – Get Loose (Vanic Remix)
14. Michael Calfan – Mozaik (Hook N Sling Remix)
15. Justice vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends (Acapella)
16. MickMag & JustBob – Rise
17. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Moguai – Mammoth
18. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Acapella)
19. DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami
20. Juicy M & Ton! Dyson – Samurai


Tyrone Norwood says:

Juicy M don ‘t listen to the haters and naysayers you are awesome and will
get better cause youth is on your side; Just do the Damm Thing..

Mitchell Carson says:

I’m totally ok with this video and don’t want to create hate but you all
understand she is just pressing buttons? 

SuquiVlog says:

How can she possibly mix without headphones? D:

DJ Ellio says:

what is the flute from at 2:38

danny chavez says:

whats the song called at 6:50?

Paul Heyn says:

Can someone tell my why everybody whos professional uses 4 decks?

MichaelParkerPRODUCTIONS says:


Craig Mackay says:

So many people comment on the YouTube videos of her saying she’s not a real
dj and that she has no headphones and shit ,she doesn’t need headphones if
she’s planing in a empty room by herself she can hear the music through the
obvious speakers placed behind her and if she was so fake and bad she
wouldn’t be one of the best djs in the world so can te haters kindly shut
the fuck up?

Jesus Christ says:

what’s up with all the knob turning, when all you are doing is switch from
one track to the next one.

BeattieDoesGaming says:

How can people like her? It’s just a a shit mix. 

Eles Maximus says:

where is your headphones… sync girl 

Shot Through Karl says:

What more could a man ask for? She’s beautiful, knows her music, can DJ
very well… I’m in love, subbing. P.s don’t tell my girlfriend I wrote
this, she’ll cut my nuts off :(

Neo85 says:

There is no many DJ’s who can play without headphones, you’re unique….

iiExplosion Blockz says:


Cipralex Lucaci says:

OMFG,I see on every single one of her videos the same question : how does
she mix without headphones? She even has a fucking video where she explains
how to do it,she shows it. It’s fucking internet,go find out stuff instead
of being retards. 

Earl Miguel Mendoza says:

Juicy M & 4 CDJs ~ NEW 2014

Drawingunz001 says:


Raffy578HD says:

Secondo me neyhz troverà il mio commento

1marcandrew1 says:

No headphones required when using sync, bpm or harmonic (Mixed in key) beat
matching while watching beat threads. I use A&H DB4, Moog, Mashine and (2)
K2s – there is no match. I have a full Nexus setup with Pioneer 2000NXS
CDjs at home as well , they look Pro but they’re boring to me. Yes Pioneers
are club standard but you can do much much more with Traktor or Ableton.
Turntables don’t offer the same efficiency. Adding AIRA this week. I’m OG
hip hop from NYC, know my shit. Just make that $ and pay your bills. She’s
cute but needs hips though, no hips, too much slip.

Odeed says:

Remember people,you don’t need headphones with the synch button. XD

FreakyFriendzz says:

2:47 what´s the name of the song?

Luis Barbero says:

Although she does use sync button she does have talent and knows her music.
I have seen her mix vinyl but it was marked with BPM and cue sticker. Can
she match beats by ear without sync button? I don’t know. So I understand
other veteran Djs like me who mixed by ear. A true talent. We could match
beats without sync button. That is why you need headphones. Can she do all
that with 4 decks without the sync button? Heck no! But you probably can’t
either. For the idiots who said “She has monitors/ speakers so she doesn’t
need headphones”. You don’t know anything about DJing. We use headphones to
cue the other song you cant hear yet. The monitors have nothing to do with
it. Without a sync button it is not possible unless every song has same
bpm. Again, I do think she has talent. Now days…. Anyone can be a DJ
because of the sync button.

Paul Wiegman says:

Where’s your headphone? And why is there no signal output on your mixer? 

SuperninjahGaming says:

love the drop at 5 minutes really really good :)

Murat Yilmaz says:

meme dansi yapiyor pic oyssss

BpoSsku says:

5:01 please

Krokada Kada says:

Apuesto a que tocando puros botones te haces famosa, ¿no? que estupides
dios mio.

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