Juicy M showing how to mix without headphones on vinyl, DVS and CDJs

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Juicy M showing how to play without headphones using regular vinyl, Serato Scratch Live and CDJs at ProDJ Center (http://prodj.ua/)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I’m not suggesting you to play without headphones. Actually I use it all the time when I’m playing my sets in the clubs. It’s just an example of what is possible and how to do this. So you know next time – nothing really strange if DJs are not using headphones.
Let’s start with “Why do we actually need headphones when we are mixing”? First of all we need them to adjust speed of two tracks to the same BPM.
And second, we need them to set up a “CUE POINT” – point when we’re starting a transition.
1. Regular vinyl
So first things first, how to adjust speed without headphones? IT’s EASY! All you need is to know BPM of each track…You can count it and write down on your records.
For example you can use this site to count BPM on your vinyls:
The main trick here is that you have to play your set in the same certain speed all the time.
For presetting cue point on regular vinyl you will need 2 stickers, one sticker will push a needle to the groove where your cue point is and second sticker will show you position of the cue in this particular groove.
More information on placing stickers on djTLMtv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqrGf8jJlaA
There’s one problem here however – you can’t play the part with the sticker on it and glueing all these stickers will take your time… a lot of time. That’s why I would rather use this technic for competitions like DMC or if I really want to impress someone. In other situations I suggest you using headphones but keeping BPMs and pointing stickers on your records which will speed up you mixing greatly.
2. Digital Vinyl Systems
Digital Vinyl Systems, like Serato, Traktor and many others are very popular because it’s VERY easy to use and actually it’s the easiest way to mix without headphones because you have your BPM and track information on the screen of your laptop and you can preset up to 5 on Serato and up to 8 Cue points on Traktor, which gives you a great capabilities for your creativity, especially if you’re using additional MIDI-controllers like Novation Dicers.
3. CDJs
The same thing with CDJs – you can see BPM of the track on the display and you can preset up to 10 cue points plus 3 hot cue points using rekordbox or memory button on your players and instead of two channels on serato you can use 4 CDJs which doubles space for your creativity! That’s why it’s my favorite setup

Tracks used in tittles:
1. Jurassic 5 – Future Sound (Instrumental)
2. LMFAO feat. Lil Jon – Shots
3. Marcel Woods, Allure – Are You Ready (Original Mix)

Tracklist on regular vinyls:
1. Crooklyn Clan – Let’s Get Ill
2. Maliq feat. Weezy – How We Do (Partymix by DJ Van Tell)
3. Mark Ronson – Opp Medley: Mark Ronson Beatreat
4. Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Tracklist on Serato:
1. Tujamo, Plastik Funk vs. Baha Men – WHO Let The Dogs Out (Anthony Laim Mashup)
2. Steve Aoki, Tujamo & Chris Lake – Boneless (Original Mix)
3. Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump
4. Knife Party – Internet Friends
5. Bingo Players – Seven Nation Rattle (Milo & Mike Sound Famous Bootleg)

Tracklist on CDJs:
1. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky (eSQUIRE Bootleg)
2. M83 – Midnight City (DJ Tool)
3. Henry Fong & Toby Green – Revival (Original Mix)
4. Martin Solveig – I Want You (Laidback Luke remix)
5. Pelari – Cango (Original Mix)
6. Tujamo – There It Is (Original Mix)
7. Michael Woods – Clanga (Original Mix)
8. Steve Angello – Yeah (Original Mix)
9. Powers That Be vs. Roland Clark – Planet Rock (Acapella)
10. Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)

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Migle Tauraite says:

All I see some sexist guys commenting here saying just because Juicy M is a
girl and pretty she can’t play…

Pri yon Joni says:

I think it’s hilarious that even though this video exists, the status quo
of DJs have somehow convinced themselves that Juicy M is a fake. And that
is why she’s on the stage and they are in the bedrooms DJing to a wall.

tonyt23 says:

of course ya can mix without headphone any1 can if there using the lap top
it shows ya the beat and once u knw ur music ur laughing its cheating using
a laptop in the first place in my opinion 

Noel Gallagher says:

WTF is wrong with her dance moves ???? I mean like from 4:41 so ridiculous

Sam Raleigh says:

She mixes without headphones and so does Steve Angello (watch his ultra
2014 set) and others. This isn’t fake.

David beke says:

i’m sorry cant take you serious, your jumping all around “the booth” before
the drop takes place, and your more like a model then dj in my opinion

davidsegun says:

she is just using hot cues. we want to see proper mix 

Guido T says:

So she just hits the play button right everytime so she hasn’t has to
beatmatch? Seems a lil’ bit impossible if you ask me..

urbanfireblade says:

Her mixing reminds me of the mini mixes Radio 1 used to do about 6.30pm in
the evenings. ‘In The Mix’ it was called. Short 30 second clips of each
song mixed into the next. 

StekoxX says:

Tits at 2:21

04freyja says:

Haha dance/hops like a bunny she’s so cute and awesome u go girl!

Tens geriatria AIEP Talca says:

name song from 4:20 please

Freshtex Blackman says:

Not hating but anyone can mix techno with their eyes closed!

Sonny Brown says:

What idiots here… seriously… haters and idiots seem to rule the world

Alexandre Ameli says:

You know I stumbled on this girl’s videos by accident and at first I admit
I was a bit skeptical, so I really took the time to analyze all moves from
every fader to every knob, even platter movement, what is certain here is
that she’s got the beat sync, quantize and key lock on at all times, but
aside from that I really don’t see what is fake here, these are tools given
to us DJs to make the job easier and gives us more time to fool around with
effects and to mix faster for a more dynamic set. And this is exactly what
this is a fast dynamic good sounding set. Bravo, and for the haters it’s
time to start practicing more in those lonely bedroom practice sessions. 

Samuel Colley-King says:

Did anyone even notice that the crossfader (on the first transition) was on
the track that she was scratching, yet the first track she played was still
playing at the same time (i.e. we could hear it even though she made the
fader go to the other side)?

bob blow says:


laurence moore says:

headphones or no headphones id knock the ass off her!

JoKeR and Aharmlesspanda says:

Stop jumping around & dancing your in a room by yourself…Bitch

David Cohen says:

damn What’s better than a Hot Female teaching u how to Dj ;)

Desmond Everson says:

Bouncing about and hair flying everywhere… I thought this was supposed to
be a dj instructional video, not a lifestyle feminine product commercial.
and Vinyl starts with a V, not a W!!!!

TheDirtyTurk says:

why do you have to fucking dance like that

R M says:

The ending is insane! :D

Ярик Шкурат says:

Блядь снова фейк!!!

Aslan Nurain Ibrahim says:

at least she’s teaching something and it sounds great, aesthetically

Kim Runic says:

She can work the gear but the music’s fucking awful

Clifford Bestmusic says:

you ar the best!!!

shiroku73 says:

Fuck this shit

Tom Bennett says:

Nice crossfader

rikzel says:

wizout, whynyls

BassInvaders Elektronite says:

She is mixing with the mixer turned off! Are you all fucking braindead?

samantha bautista says:

What is the song for 4:29??

Romdhani Omben says:


lmsaintonge says:

Fuckin fake shit, pre recorded, syn.. faking like now most EDM artists..
Idk why pay to watch you press play and move your boobs.. shitty commercial
music ftw DISLIKE X 1000000000000000000000000000

Jason Kellner says:

shes very smart and definetely knows her stuff!! but “EDM” or progressive
festival house.. sucks. its not dance music! its fist pumping music! techno
will always live on. and there will always be the real dj’s djing to a

Everett Alexander says:

She’s very talented. Fuck the sexism. This is just another outstanding
human being. 

Jimmy Laooutsa says:

Only no skills people hate I mean honestly what can you do? Make a video 🙂
This girl gots talent.

Luis Angel Garcia says:

Como se llama la cancion del min. 1:33 ? 

gbet san juan says:

shit wala na talaga ko ma say sa idol ko… ang LUPET!!

laurent nulens says:

sync button –“

Themodels WeraMaja says:


rallycorsa1600 says:

Juicy M is great at what she does, The reality is that todays D.Js are very
different to what we did in the eighties with 7″ and 12″ vinyl. Back then
You needed a good ear and a feel for the music when mixing, The mixer in
our club didnt even have a crossfader LOL. I have Serato software and
Mixtrack Pro 2 now and it is sooooo simple to throw tracks together,
Particularly as modern club music is very very similar and easy to
beatmatch and mix

Sergio Alcalde says:


carlos lopez says:

Noel G & David B. Dare you to be as good as her doing this …. plus she’s
hot !!!!! shouldn’t hate the player …. Hate the Game ….. Are You in

Beslan Pugoev says:


LOGoltem4682 says:

Wow -.- so much fail. -.-

Frode Nilsen says:

What I’m reading out of these comments: A lot of DJ’s and DJ wannabes being
shit scared of their profession being threatened by advances in technology.
As a clubber, you know what? I don’t give a *shit* if the DJ is using
headphones, pre-cuing, beat matching live, using vinyl, CDs, MP3s or pulls
audio waves out of his fucking ass. I’m there to listen to quality music
and have a good time. Whichever DJ accomplished that wins.

mohamed hassanen says:

i love you very much i need to married you

Marcus Fortuna says:

She’s fake, look at the cross fader when she’s mixing

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