Kompa Mix 2012 (Love Mix CD-2) Dj Irv

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Kompa MIX 2012
love compas (new)
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********* TRACK LIST ********
mixes @ 3:56, 5:02, 10:25, 12:18, 14:36, 19:06, 23:33, 28:00, 32:48, 37:30, 42:00, 45:56, 50:18, 54:36
Rocher – Nap Re We Anko
Kenny Desmangle – You Got Mail (I got nothing but love)
Rocher – I Want Your Body (Chak fwa mwen gade’w)
T-Micky – Pou Kisa
Ekzotik – Padone’m
Gabel – Dat’s Ok
Gabel & Oswald – Gadem Nan Je
Baby1king – Ayayayayy
Ekip La – Fe’l Pou Lanmou
Oswald – Nan Lanmou
Fidel – Ameliore’m
Dola Mizik – Show Me The Way
Black Parents – Ti Kow Bon
Dj Irv


Henry Zephirin says:
Dave Pierre says:

Whats the song at 32:48

Luna Fleur says:

For all my Haitian really all Caribbean people happy Saturday :–)

Radio Douce Fm says:
Dylan Neymar says:

Nap re we anko : c’est un pur délice de l’écouter 

Nesly Metayer says:

As I am rekindled with our music, you have done the work to make it easy to
find the best tubes year after year. Thank you for your passion of great

Negozoe moore says:

Dj irv for ever

Leitzi Loiseau says:

Man I love this song…. I need to next time hes playing in fort Lauderdale
so I could go…

Love Floreal says:

Wow make me wanna fall in love

Claire Jean Baptiste says:

I can’t stop listening to this mix!!! Kuddos to you Dj Irv

Patricia Lego says:

JM beaucoup!!!!!!!

ProfessionalLew says:

Im gonna want to marry a Haitian man after this mix. Rocher is killing me

pastorwcharles says:

Love this song

Judith Cheridor says:

this kompa is good.. every time I listen to it ,it makes me feeeel
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm loollll kisses to you :-*

need2shout says:

i fall in love everytime i hear this mix!

Russel Thanana says:

je ne suis pas des Antilles mais je me sens lié aux Antilles d’autant plus
qu’il s’agit de mon sang déporté. j’en suis très fière ils se débrouillent
très bien……….

Esperanza Guineacub says:

this is a great mix. thanks.

kompalove1 says:

nap re we anko de rocher ,c’est ma chanson pa touche rire !!!!

momoaug1342 says:

Damn wat a mix, keep it up

francesca eloi says:

nice mizik

ChanelKenel says:

Tonne Atis Fo VOTE!!!!

Divine Casimir says:

Can you please write the name of a the songs

Deejaay Irv says:

I have them on the screen. I just paste them into the description area.

angelicamignone says:

I am planning a konpa love night with my boyfriend, thank God I found you
DJ IRV!!! Wonderful mix…

johnny make says:

anmwey gade yon kompa mix….i can dance to this song everyday all day

loveson nelson says:

comment ont peut metre ton kompas mix sur mon ipod touch

Marie Louis says:

I love that mix I can’t stop playing it in my car

lilikiwi1308 says:

Quel est le titre de la chanson qui débute à 54:36?

fabulouslystyle says:

Lol I didn’t see it yesterday thx and keep up the good work

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